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1997, 21.1.

In a January 21 interview on Inside Edition, Elliott Abelson (Scientology attorney) says of Lisa McPherson

" She rested, she slept a lot, uhh, nothing unusual, uhh, really, until the end of her stay. She did (pause) get food, uhh, water, obviously people talked to her. uhh, But she got rest and relaxation." (Brief overview of Scientology's interaction with Clearwater Florida)

1997, 3.2.

In U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, Grady Ward files a counterclaim in RTC v. Grady Ward. Evidence is presented that he and his family have been subjected to harassment. Some of it is that David Miscavige threatened his children by e-mail and Eugene Ingram telling his employer that he had been fired from his previous job, which was false. RTC attorney Helena Kobrin attempted to excuse Ingram’s actions by saying that Ingram made a "sincere error". (Criminal Time Track: Issue III, (72))

1997, 19.2.

Ken Dandar files a civil suit against Scientology and Dr. David Minkoff for wrongful death in Lisa McPherson's case on February 19. (Brief overview of Scientology's interaction with Clearwater Florida)

1997, 1.3.

... the head of security at the Clearwater church, Bill Johnson, allegedly chases a former member through the streets, screaming death threats. He stops only when she ducks into a martial arts academy and he is barred from following. Scientology Attorney Paul B. Johnson explains that the threats were only a figure of speech. (Brief overview of Scientology's interaction with Clearwater Florida)

1997, 8.3.

March 8 critics of Scientology picket the Ft. Harrison Hotel. Church members surround picketers and taunt them during the day. At the candlelight vigil that evening, hundreds of Scientologists taunt the mourners and even blow out candles. (Brief overview of Scientology's interaction with Clearwater Florida)

1997, 9.6.

Church logs kept from Lisa McPherson's stay are made public. They show that Lisa is acting psychotic and that church members appear to be applying the Introspection Rundown to her, which requires her to be in isolation until she perceives why she went psychotic. (Brief overview of Scientology's interaction with Clearwater Florida)

1997, September 

Virginia McClaughry is getting a six months sec check at Flag. Something was different about the sec check. It was grueling, drawn out, engramic and caused BPC. She wrote to her SOLO NOTS C/S and said something is very wrong. She said that it should not be the case that she is running along fine on the level at home and then when she comes to Flag her case gets messed up. 

LRH wrote an HCOB giving a special handling for OT 3 and above. Someone revised it and the special handling was no longer being done on Confessional questions. This was unknown to Virginia at the time, but it was this change that was messing up the case and causing BPC. (Virginia McClaughry: "My Story")

1997, 4.12.

Protesters again hold a candlelight vigil at the Ft. Harrison Hotel in memory of Lisa McPherson. Simultanteously 3-4,000 Scientologists surround the policed department headquarters chanting "Syd Klein - what's your crime?" Klein is Chief of Police. (Brief overview of Scientology's interaction with Clearwater Florida)

1997, 30.12.

The secret agreement between IRS and C of S is no longer secret. The non profit group called Tax Analysts sued on the Freedom of Information Act, and the litigation record revealed the existence of that secret "negotiations committee", chaired by Howard Schoenfeld. (Criminal Time Track: Issue II)

The secret agreement is leaked to the Wall Street Journal, which promptly puts it on its Web site and leads with a front-page story. Newspapers across the United States report the story. Ref: Wall Street Journal, 30 Dec 1997 (Timeline of Scientology versus the IRS)

1997, 31 Dec 

The IRS announces that it is to hold an internal inquiry into how the agreement was leaked. The Church of Scientology denounces the leak. Scientologists accuse unnamed participants in the Internet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology of being involved. Ref: New York Times, 1 Jan 1998, alt.religion.scientology (Timeline of Scientology versus the IRS)

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