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1967, Jan.-Feb.

The Enchanter sailed in the New Year with a hired skipper and a novice crew of four Scientologists, including Downsborough. 

After putting in briefly at Oporto, the Enchanter arrived safely in Gibraltar. A message arrived from a Hubbard aide in Tangier saying that Ron was ill and they were to continue to Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands. (Miller: "Bare-faced Messiah", pg. 265) 

LRH: So in January and February of this year, I became very ill, almost lost this body, and somehow or another brought it off and obtained the material, and was able to live through it. I am very sure that I was the first one that ever did live through any attempt to attain that material. This material Iím talking about, of course, is very upper level material and you will forgive me if I donít describe it to you in very broad detail because itís very likely to make you sick, too..Now my task for the remainder of the year, up until now - which is to say the ensuing six months - was to find some way to safely bring through individuals. It was not enough for I myself to have lived through it. Other people would have to do so as well when they reached Clear and tried to move up from that point above. (Ron's Journal 67)

... (LRH) went to Africa and later met us in Las Palmas, when I was put into active service on the 'Enchanter', January 1st, 1967. So, in 1967, I started on the Sea Project and I've sailed as Chief Engineer on the 'Enchanter' all the way from Hull, England down through, stopping at Oporto and Gibraltar and Agadir and ending up in Las Palmas.

... Virginia Downsborough and I ... decided to stop by the post office and see if there was any mail for the 'Enchanter' or anything. And we found a telegram in there from LRH and it said "Please meet the plane". It was addressed to the crew of the 'Enchanter', you know, and it said "please meet the plane" arriving on a certain day from Tangier, at a certain time; "I will be on it". 

... we met LRH coming with his full OT III research materials ... and we set up right away into production getting the ships ready for sea and OT missions. He wanted to set up an OT Base to get OT III run.

At that time it was thought it had to be run in a special warm environment with medical service available and he later discovered easier ways to do it, but his research notes were approximately 3 feet high and handwritten and those had to be copied and sent into safekeeping back at St. Hill .

It had all the points of the catastrophe that happened on this planet 75 million years ago with, and including, Ethics Orders on those responsible for that catastrophe. And as you probably know from your OT study, beings don't really die and some of them are still around this area.

So anyway, we helped the Boss, and were totally on purpose and just working 16, 17, 18 hours a day. Got the ships ready. His main things were to set up OT Bases and do the researches into various plans for planetary control. ... And take over the various organizations that were the main, shall we say, suppressive control groups on the planet, which we all lumped under the name of SMERSH, but which included the infamous World Federation for Mental Health, and a few other World-type of organizations, that were all headquartered in Switzerland. (CBR-debrief from 1982)

'We got the Enchanter on the ways in Las Palmas,' said Downsborough, 'and we had not been there very long before Ron turned up. Bill Robertson - another Scientologist - and myself went to the post office to post some letters and discovered a telegram there from Ron saying that he was arriving in Las Palmas almost at that minute and wanted to be met. We jumped into a taxi and got to the airport just in time to pick him up as he was coming through Customs. We found him a hotel in Las Palmas and next day I went back to see if he was all right, because he did not seem to be too well. 

'When I went in to his room there were drugs of all kinds everywhere. He seemed to be taking about sixty thousand different pills. I was appalled, particularly after listening to all his tirades against drugs and the medical profession. There was something very wrong with him, but I didn't know what it was except that he was in a state of deep depression; he told me he didn't have any more gains and he wanted to die. That's what he said: "I want to die."'

Virginia Downsborough did not observe any broken limbs, but recognized that Ron needed nursing. 'I moved into an adjoining room in the hotel to take care of him. He refused to eat the hotel food, so I got a little hotplate and cooked meals for him in the room, simple things, things that he liked. My main concern was to try and get him off all the pills he was on and persuade him that there was still plenty for him to do. He was sleeping a lot and refused to get out of bed. 

'I don't know what drugs he was taking - they certainly weren't making him high - but I knew I had to get him over it. I discussed it with him and gradually took them away. He didn't carry on about it. He had brought a great pile of unopened mail with him from Tangier, a lot of it from Mary Sue, and I got him to start reading her letters. After about three weeks he decided he would get out of bed and he started taking little walks and then he got interested in what was happening on the Enchanter and after that he was all right.' 

Mary Sue flew in to Las Palmas as soon as Ron was back on his feet and Virginia Downsborough was instructed to find the Hubbards a house. She rented the Villa Estrella, a pretty white-painted hacienda with a red-tiled roof on a rocky promontory facing the sea, about forty-five minutes drive from Las Palmas.'

...When the Enchanter came off the ways in the harbour at Las Palmas, Hubbard took her out on extended cruises round the Canary Islands to search for gold he had buried in previous lives. 'He would draw little maps for us,' said Virginia Downsborough, 'and we would be sent off to dig for buried treasure. He told us he was hoping to replace the Enchanter's ballast with solid gold. I thought it was great fun - the best show on earth.' (Miller: "Bare-faced Messiah", pg. 266-267) 

At first Ron thought - because I talked to him several times, and now I was pretty much talking to him every day- he thought it would be necessary to run the OT III in a warm climate, because there were several very heavy incidents to run through and if you didn't do it in a warm climate, weft, the body might get too cold and it might go into some kind of sickness or illness and so on.

So he wanted to establish a base there in the Canaries to bring OTs to in order to do OT III. A bit later he discovered a way that it could be done easier with a certain procedure which you now use. It's the exact same thing you now have on that level, where you can run it safely anywhere on the planet. Again you can see how he was concerned with the health and the welfare and the ability to go up the Bridge of the Scientologists and the public. (Capt. Bill Robertson - Lecture about LRH)

Although Scientology had been outlawed - temporarily at least - in the State of Victoria, it was still flourishing elsewhere in Australia.

The medico-psychiatric group, together with their political and press allies who were conducting the extermination campaign against Scientology, now directed their efforts towards securing a nationwide ban on the organization. Health Minister G. C. MacKinnon of Western Australia told newsmen in January 1967 that he would call for such a ban at the Health Ministers conference to be held in Perth in April of the year.

MacKinnon made no secret of his motives. Scientology, he said, was dangerous "to certain groups in the community". He then made it clear which groups he was referring to:

"This is an organization which particularly argues against the established mental health services."

True to his pledge, MacKinnon had the subject of Scientology put on the agenda of the Conference of Health Ministers. However, he was unable to get an agreement from all the ministers present to push for joint Commonwealth-State legislation against the "cult". Those in whose States there were no Scientology centres felt that it was up to the individual States to deal with the problem when and if it arose.

At the same time, for publicity purposes, a resolution was passed condemning "the harmful cult" and recommending that "a close watch should be maintained to prevent its spread".

Scientology was even made the whipping boy for crimes which came before the courts. For example, when a male nurse in Sydney appeared in Quarter Sessions, after pleading guilty of an offence against an eight-year-old boy, Dr. Emmanuel Fisher, a psychiatrist and member of the World Federation of Mental health, gave expert testimony in his defence. Dr. Fisher told the court that Scientology was 99 per cent responsible for the man's criminal behaviour. He had attended the cult's lectures.

Thereupon, showing tender concern for an aggressive, adult pederast who had sexually assaulted a child, the magistrate - a judge Monahan - released the man on a £100 bond and said he hoped his name would not be published. It wasn't.

While on the stand, Dr. Fisher was permitted to discuss two other wholly irrelevant cases in which he said he had treated two young people who had been attending lectures on Scientology."

In another case, also before the Sydney Sessions, a judge Amsberg said, after receiving psychiatric reports on an estate agent he had sentenced for fraudulently converting trust funds: "It is clear that a good deal of . your mental difficulty is due to your association with people who call themselves Scientologists. It seems like an evil cloud settles on a person."

Declaring that "he has my deepest sympathy", judge Amsberg then signed an order to have the defendant removed to a mental asylum where he would "receive proper psychiatric treatment". (O. Garrison, Hidden Story of Scientology, pg. 164-165)

1967, Jan.

Six months before Scientology's trial in the U.S. (see: 1967, 5.7.) Court of Claims, the director of AMA's Bureau of Investigation wrote a letter to David W. Meister, executive secretary of the Peoria Medical Society, in which he said: "For your confidential information, some agents of the Internal Revenue Service were in the office not too long ago and we gave them a bundle of information on 'Scientology', Hubbard and their operations."

Scientology attorneys filed a protest against the IRS ruling and asked reinstatement of their exempt status, but IRS refused.

The Church's response was to bring suit in the U.S. Court of Claims, arguing that the action taken by IRS was "arbitrary, prejudicial and erroneous".

The Internal Revenue Service answered by denying the charges and at the same time filing a counter-claim against the Founding Church for $3,262.75, together with interest, for the fiscal year beginning July 25, 1955 and ending June 30, 1956. (Garrison, Hidden Story of Scientology, pg. 179)

1967, 6.3.

UK: ... adjournment debate concerning Scientology... (Garrison: Hidden Story of Scientology, pg. 199-200)

When Scientology was debated in the House of Commons on a motion for adjournment in March 1967, the Minister of Health had said that the Government took the view that there was little point in holding an enquiry because they already had evidence that the practice of Scientology was potentially harmful to its adherents. (Garrison: Hidden Story of Scientology, pg. 203)

1967, April

In April 1967, the Avon River steamed into the harbour at Las Palmas after a voyage from Hull.

At Las Palmas, the Avon River was hauled up on the slips recently vacated by the Enchanter and prepared for a major re-fit. (Miller: "Bare-faced Messiah", pg. 268) 

1967, 3.4.

Re. FDA raid/charges (1963): ... When the case was finally brought to trial on April 3, 1967, the federal agency still maintained the fiction that they were not taking legal action against a Church. It was that bad old E-meter that was the defendant of record.

According to FDA's complaint, the labelling for the meter (a term used to designate the whole range of Scientology literature) contained statements which "represent, suggest or imply" that the E-meter was adequate and effective for diagnosis, prevention, treatment, detection and elimination of a long list of human diseases, including arthritis, cancer, stomach ulcers and radiation from atomic bombs.

... the first trial resulted in a general jury verdict for the government, and District Judge John J. Sirica ordered destruction of the seized E-meters, together with a quantity of the printed material.

Attorneys for the Church immediately appealed the case, arguing that the E-meters were used only as part of a religious practice, to audit and process the mental and spiritual condition of adherents. (O. Garrison, Hidden Story of Scientology, pg. 136)

1967, 4.5.

Dr. E. L. Fisher (in SA Parliament): The cult, said he, could use information obtained during the "security check", made at the beginning of the course, to blackmail anyone answering the questions for the rest of his life. He also quoted the standard passages from the Anderson Report and then, on cue, called once more for an official inquiry into Scientology.

Dr. Hertzog said in reply that one could not rely solely upon the Anderson Report as a basis for launching a Government inquiry in South Africa. He needed information from people who had allegedly been victimized by Scientology. He simply did not have a prima facie case needed to justify an inquiry.

Dr. Hertzog later told a newsman: "We must be very careful not to have inquisitions against people. This is not a police state. Overseas government commission findings are not sufficient proof." (Garrison: Hidden Story of Scientology, pg. 219)

1967, middle May

Two weeks later, Dr. Fisher once again, during a debate on another Health Department issue, urged the Health Minister "to find some way of assisting persons suffering from the persecutions of Scientologists".

And once more Dr. Hertzog answered that if anyone would provide him with evidence that Scientology was harmful, an investigation would be justified; but no such evidence had been forthcoming.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Hertzog went on, when it became known that Dr. Fisher would introduce a motion against Scientology during the previous parliamentary session, the Health Minister had been astonished by the number of persons in high positions who had approached him to tell him of the benefits they were deriving from Scientology. 

...It must have occurred to T.J. Stander and associates that their failure to get official action in Parliament was attributable to the fact that they were represented by the Opposition.

Stander told a visiting French psycho-therapist that "the Government will never decide to accept a motion presented by anyone of the Opposition".

The only way to accomplish their purpose, Stander continued, would be to enlist the help of a Member who was a Nationalist. The man they had in mind was Dr. W. L. D. M. Venter, for Kimberley South.

"I would appreciate it," Stander told his visitor who, during their conversation, had demonstrated an expert knowledge of the subject, "if you could instruct Dr. Venter on Scientology because he knows nothing about it, or very little - and myself also; the only thing I know about it is what I learned in England during my travels overseas, and it's very little. Then we're going to arrange a meeting with Mr. Venter and this time it is going to be a serious business. We have two months for that, and not a minute to lose." 

While preparations went forward on this new front, the South African press launched a massive assault on Scientology, making use of the traditional weapons - rumour bombardment and the poison gas of "expert opinion". Scientologists were depicted as "a back-slapping crowd", intolerant, self-righteous, vindictive, who "seemed able to disregard many traditional moral concepts and the normal community's sense of values". They broke up marriages and alienated families. They caused mental breakdowns: "The condition of a man who had suffered from schizophrenia was much aggravated. He is now completely dependent on psychiatric treatment - a Jekyll and Hyde personality." (Garrison: Hidden Story of Scientology, pg. 219/20)

1967, 27 June 

Church of Scientology of Austin, Texas founded. (CofS)

1967, 5.7.

IRS: The trial did not begin until July 5, 1967. After six days of testimony by witnesses for both sides, the court ruled that the Church was not entitled to an exemption because part of its earnings inured to the benefit of private individuals.

According to the Government's own audit, Hubbard's entire income from all Scientology sources during the taxable years in issue (June 1955 through June 1959) averaged less than $2o,ooo a year, including royalty on his books and fees for lectures given by him at various Scientology congresses. Mrs. Hubbard, an officer of the Church, received an average of less than $4,000 per year, as did L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., who held responsible jobs in the organization.

In what Church attorneys called "argument by innuendo", the Government implied to the Court that the Hubbards were receiving immense sums of money from all Scientology Churches collectively and that on that basis the exemption ought to be denied the Founding Church of Scientology. 

The Founding Church of Scientology immediately filed a petition for amendment of judgment or for a rehearing. 

A year later, the case was heard before the full court of seven judges. (Garrison, Hidden Story of Scientology, pg. 180)

1967, 18.7.

The Internal Revenue Service revokes CSC's tax-exempt status, citing three reasons:

  1. Scientology practitioners are profiting from the "non-profit" Church; 
  2. The Church's activities are commercial; 
  3. The Church is serving the private interests of L. Ron Hubbard (a practice known as inurement). 

Scientology denounces the revocation, declares its intention to ignore the decision and withholds payment of taxes for the next 26 years. (Ref: Church of Scientology of California vs IRS, 24 Sept 1984 judgement) (Timeline of Scientology versus the IRS)

1967, August

Hana Eltringham, a former nurse from South Africa, arrived in August. 'At first sight the ship looked terrible, all streaked with rust,' she said. 'You had to climb a long, shaky ladder to get up on to the deck and as I got over the side I could see everything was covered in sand from the sand-blasting and there were people sleeping on the sand, obviously exhausted. 

'Nevertheless, it was a tremendous thrill to be there. It was a great honour to be invited to join the sea project; we were an elite, like the Marine Corps. All of us were true and tried Scientologists, highly motivated, and to me it was high adventure.' 

After working as a deck hand for a couple of weeks, Hana was promoted to ethics officer. 'My job was to run round making sure the crew weren't goofing. I felt I was responsible for catching errors before he did because he would get very upset - he would literally scream and shout - if something was not being done right. (Miller: "Bare-faced Messiah", pg. 269) 

LRH:... I finally was able to make a breakthrough which brought people through the zone safely. It is relatively easy to do now, provided one is an extremely well-trained auditor, and the band of fire can be walked through, bringing one out the other side unscathed, providing he applies the exact technology. No one is in danger of colliding with this at lower levels, since it concerns the formation of the society itself in which we live. A person is Clear on the first dynamic. It is necessary, to become OT, to became cleared on all dynamics, including that of society and that of the physical universe. So I have also made this breakthrough, and I donít mind telling you, it took some doing. In all the eighteen years, this has been the toughest one that I have faced. And I faced it so that it would not be tough for you to face when you came to it. (Ron's Journal 67)

1967, 12 August

The Sea Organization (or Sea Org) officially established. (CofS)

... Then, as we carried on with our missions around the Mediterranean and trying to handle orgs and so on, we became known as the Sea Org. It was renamed - the Sea Project became the Sea Org. 

And he told us of several of his lives in the past that he was using to build up reserves and technology to prepare for the auditing of the people of this planet. And he told us that Buddhism, when he was Gautama, was the first attempt to get people to stay out of their reactive banks, but there were two main difficulties with that time in Buddhism. And one was, that the communication lines did not have good duplication on them, and the other was, that there were no instruments to detect which charge to run on a person first. So he said that the best he could do with Buddhism was to keep people away from the bank by doing the middle path and to exteriorize them if they could key out enough mass. And he said that now he also needed to save up enough resources or get enough resources to make this a worldwide movement.

So right there he had laid out the future of the Sea Organisation. You've read the book "Mission Into Time" - that was the one to recover the reserves. And you see the intensive amount of duplication and communication lines he put in in policy and in the red volumes. Everything is totally up to the of 1980- very accurate. Everybody had telex machines in their orgs and everybody was supposed to learn how to duplicate what it said and so on, so that there would be no alter-is. And you have seen the intense concentration he did on developing new and improved versions of the E-meter. Teaching people how to use them. Training them to use the E-meter exactly. (And which still continues today, as you can see from the new E-meters shown at this Convention.)

Now you start to see the picture of the man who is concerned about the whole planet and the cases of all the people on it. And his entire grasp of the history of the planet and how to bring it to a better condition. Does this sound like a man who is collapsed on his First and Second Dynamics? I don't think so. Only the people who write about him who themselves are collapsed on their first and second dynamic could ignore these things.

There was one thing that he still had as a major problem in getting the technology applied on the whole planet. And he said: "In many ways I have tried to get official help for our project on this planet from several governments and it has always been refused. And we have subsequently been attacked by those same governments. They apparently do not want to see their people get more able and more free." So another aspect of our missions then was to try to find a safe place or a safe country for making OTs. And also a place to train OTs so that they could bring health to the people of the other count ries. Now that was where the pattern of the future Sea Org was laid out, in that conference. (Capt. Bill Robertson - Lecture about LRH)

LRH: I formed the Sea Organization of OTs in order to have an area where a Scientologist could come, who could safely then walk through this last wall of fire. As the road to OT has to do with confronting and confronting life and confronting both the evil and the good thereof, the people of the Sea Organization are also becoming very experienced in the handling and confronting of MEST. This, however, is not part of the program for people we put through this last barricade.

Objections to learning the ultimate truth of this universe and what happened to it and why are so deeply implanted in people that it is necessary for any extremely advanced level to be relatively out of the common area and not planted on the crossroads of the world. So therefore the Sea Organization is simply organizing bases which are off the main track of man and in these bases we will be able to push people through and also to handle situations with regard to Scientology to help it get in Ethics on this planet. (Ron's Journal 67)

1967, September

For many months two senior Scientologists, Joe van Staden and Ron Pook, had been scouring European ports for a big ship, something like a cruise liner, which could be used as the Sea Org's flagship. In September, they reported by telex that they had found, laid up in Aberdeen, just the ship that Ron was looking for. She was the Royal Scotsman, a 3280-ton motor vessel built in 1936 and most recently in service as a cattle ferry on the Irish  Channel crossing.

Royal Scotman
(Granada Television Ltd) 

LRH and a crew picked it up in Southampton.

Over the next few days, there was constant activity at the Royal Scotsman's berth. Every few hours a truck would arrive from Saint Hill loaded with filing cabinets which were humped on board. Taxis disgorged eager Saint Hill volunteers, clutching their bags and the 'billion-year contract' which Hubbard had recently introduced as a condition of service in the Sea Org. Mary Sue and the children arrived and took over the upper-deck accommodation which had been reserved for the Hubbard family.  Diana Hubbard was then fifteen, Quentin thirteen, Suzette a year younger and little Arthur just nine years old. (Miller: "Bare-faced Messiah", pg. 272) 

Hubbard had despatched Hana Eltringham on a top secret mission to re-register the Royal Scotsman in Sierra Leone. Hana first flew back to Las Palmas, where she collected a Spanish lawyer who had previously worked for the church, and then together they took a flight to Sierra Leone, Africa. In Freetown, the capital, it took thirty-six hours to complete the paperwork, during which time Hana bought a large Sierra Leonese flag. On 28 November, less than three days after leaving Britain, she was on her way back to Gatwick carrying the ship's new documents. She took a cab from the airport direct to Southampton Docks. 

'I arrived back on board at about four o'clock in the afternoon and took the papers straight to LRH, who was having tea in the main dining-room with the ship's officers. He was delighted to see me and very pleased to get the new registration, but as he was reading through the papers his eye caught something and he started to frown. I felt the familiar terror rising. "Did you notice this?" he said, pointing to the name of the ship on the papers. I looked and saw the "s" had been missed out and it was spelled "Royal Scotman". I began to stammer an apology, but he suddenly smiled, grabbed my hand and began pumping it. "Double congratulations," he said. "Now the ship has a new name as well."' He instantly ordered painters to black out the second 's' in the name on the bows, stern, lifeboats and lifebelts. (Miller: "Bare-faced Messiah", pg. 274) 

1967, 8 September 

Church of Scientology of Toronto, Canada founded. (CofS)

1967, 18 September 

Church of Scientology of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe founded. (CofS)

1967, 20 September 

In "Ronís Journal 67" (a recorded message to Scientologists) the major breakthrough level, OT III, the "Wall of Fire," is announced and released. (CofS)

LRH: And this is a tape of 20 September 1967, made on an island in the sea, and it is addressed to all staff and students of Scientology organizations... 

... With all of this action being taken against us in the last seventeen years, I found, after the southern African matter (1966), that it was vitally necessary that I isolate who it was on this planet who was attacking us. The attacks were always of the same pattern; they always followed the same newspaper routes; they always used the same type of parliamentary member; and I thought that I had better look into this very thoroughly. 

... Our enemies on this planet are less than twelve men. They are members of the Bank of England and other higher financial circles. They own and control newspaper chains, and they are, oddly enough, directors in all the mental health groups in the world which have sprung up. Now these chaps are very interesting fellows: They have fantastically corrupt backgrounds; illegitimate children; government graft; a very unsavory lot. And they apparently, sometime in the rather distant past, had determined on a course of action. Being in control of most of the gold supplies of the planet, they entered upon a program of bringing every government to bankruptcy and under their thumb, so that no government would be able to act politically without their permission. 

Anyway, these fellows have gotten nearly every government in the world to owe them considerable quantities of money, through various chicaneries, and they control of course income tax, government finance -- Wilson, for instance, the current premier of England, is totally involved with these fellows, and talks about nothing else, actually. They organized these mental health groups which sprang up simultaneously all over the world, and anything that has mental health in it - in its name - or mental hygiene, or other things of that character, such names as that are all part of the organization which stems from these less than a dozen really men. 

... Now of course these fellows are very suppressive indeed, and they are actually quite miserable. Theyíre fighting the Martians, and everyone and anyone is their enemy. They are very badly served. Any of their people can be bought for a hundred pounds. These fellows are unable, of course, as any suppressive, really to complete a cycle of action, and they always choose the wrong target whenever they go about anything. They have failed in nearly every part of their mission except this one of making every government bankrupt and owe them fantastic sums. Now these chaps control newspaper chains through one of their number, Sir - I donít know if itís Sir - but itís Cecil King, and these newspaper chains go down into southern Africa, they go into Australia,  they go into of course all parts of the world, and this newspaper chain was what was being used to try to give us a bad name. It was very interesting that the only effort they only ever made was simply to discredit us; that is what they could be counted upon to do, simply discredit us, and discredit the workability. There is no faintest doubt in their minds but that our technology does work, because many other such activities as Subud and so forth have gone on unmolested by them. It is the only intensely workable technology of Scientology which has attracted their ire. 

They have collected rather interesting files on us, our people, and organizations, and their orders concerning what to do about this is part of their files -- all makes very interesting reading. We of course have full copies of their files. 

... I think we probably have enough to discredit them utterly if we ever published what we knew, but our position with regard to this dozen fellows - I think they number about ten, really - are - count in a couple of their major henchmen and you have a dozen - ... 

It is quite aside from the point, but maybe a slight matter of interest, that all of this recent career has been relatively hard on this poor body. I have broken its back, broken its knee, and now have a broken arm because of the strenuousness of these particular adventures. One wonders, then, well, if he is in such good shape, then what is he doing breaking up these bodies? Well, that is the trouble! I have -- I have a great difficulty in getting down to the small power level of a body and if suddenly - if something happens in its vicinity - I will suddenly move it or yank it in some direction, and it is very very difficult to keep it in any kind of condition. Iím keeping it alive because it is a symbol and because it is still needful and because it would be upsetting, at least to the wog side of the world, if a symbol of this body were to disappear.

But it certainly is hard on it and certainly is hard on me.

In searching out and forming bases, I have covered a great many sea miles and because the ships available were not yet complete, I was using a small yacht, the Enchanter, and although she is a steel vessel and very very strong, she nevertheless was operating in seas which were far beyond her class and capability, and built as she is of wog engines and technologies, it is considered -- it has taken a considerable genius to keep this vessel going. 

If you understand the extent of it, I have worn out several crews of OTs in the progress of this search and establishment in just the last few months. It is not really not worn them out; it is just that this vessel has gone through her crews rather rapidly; and they are then returned to other work and activities to recuperate. As it has only been a very few weeks since I found a proper line through, these people have not yet been through the Wall of Fire, what is called, really, Section Three, OT, so they are having their troubles, too; and we are just now embarked on putting the entire personnel of the Sea Organization who are eligible for it through Section Three, OT. And then we wonít be wearing out so many crews.

... The mission of organizations is to form the first part of the Bridge up from the wog world up to the level of Clear. It is as far from Clear to OT as it is from wog to Clear. Organizations are performing their actions in this very splendidly. The only thing that they could improve would be holding in Ethics more strongly and getting tech more exactly rendered, having their examinations more precise, since endless trouble comes from missed declares; and expanding further into the public more quickly. This is what organizations ought to be doing. 

... In the lower grades one is mainly concerned with himself and his own case or his immediate family, but as one moves up the line, one becomes more concerned with the environment and the world in which he lives; and with this concern comes the realization that all has not been well. And it is very true that a great catastrophe occurred on this planet and in the other 75 planets which formed this Confederacy 75 million years ago. It has since that time been a desert, and it has been the lot of just a handful to try to push its technology up to a level where someone might adventure forward, penetrate the catastrophe, and undo it. Weíre well on our way to making this occur. 

... We are no longer dealing with the time span of man, which is 70 years; we are dealing with the centuries. And we have enough time at the upper levels to bring it off, providing we work quickly enough at the lower levels and within the framework of the society itself to prevent it from destroying itself before we attain our purposes and goals. It possibly it is a bit above your reality to say that we intend to salvage this sector; no one has been able to do it for 75 million years. We are the first. In that period of time, there has been nothing but suffering and misery for its populations. ... 

... Any suppressive element is bound to lean on us very hard, and where it is permitted to enter the organization and permitted to make nothing of our plans and activities, of our purposes and even our gains, we will lose to that extent. Therefore we must have a very tight ethics perimeter inside our organizations, and those people who are making slighting remarks about what is going on are simply in their own way trying to stop the forward progress. All they will really succeed in doing is stopping themselves.

... And I can assure you that anyone connected with the great catastrophe of ages back has been dead almost the same length of time; they brought about the catastrophe and they perished within six years. We do not have any enemies, except suppressive, dramatizing men, who are themselves the victims of something that happened here. 

From here on the world will change; but if it changes at all, and if it recovers, it will be because of the Scientologist, it will be because of the auditor and his technical skill, it will be because of the organization and the organization staff member and his dedication. In all the broad universe, there is no other hope for man than ourselves. This is a tremendous responsibility. I have borne it too long alone. You share it with me now. This is however he game in which everyone wins, no matter which Ethics action is taken, no matter what activities go forward; in the ultimate, everyone will win. I am very thankful that you exist. I need your help. I need your support. ... (Ron's Journal 67)

1967, Nov. (Murphy-IRS)

Let me give you a few choice examples of this philosophy in practice. One memorable one was a report Murphy created that urgently requested another government agency to not allow foreign Scientologists into the US on any basis. The report stated:

"There is evidence that LSD and perhaps other drugs are widely used by the members which assembled. There is evidence that an initiation ceremony is held for all new members at which time an electric shock is administered to them. There is evidence that members of several families in different parts of the US have been shot but not killed by unknown persons because they have objected to their teenage children becoming members." (David Miscavige's IAS speech, 8 October 1993)

1967, 27 November 

The first Scientology Publications Organization (Pubs WW) established at Saint Hill Manor, England. (CofS)

1967, 27 December 

The first Advanced Organization, offering the advanced levels of Scientology to the public, was established aboard the Royal Scotman, the flagship of the Sea Organization. (This ship was later renamed the Apollo.) (CofS)

1967, end

...And we did missions to find out more about those (suppressive control groups), who was in them, who the bad guys were, who the good guys were, all that kind of thing, and the English started attacking in the press when we started doing this stuff around the last part of 1967. You'll see some - if you research the newspapers of those times - you'll find some really heavy-duty attacks on the Sea Project and so on like that and especially when we went up to get the 'Royal Scotsman' in December of '67 - no, late in November. And he also made Ron's Journal '67 that year. That's all covered in RJ67 actually, what I'm going over now, but it lets you know this is not just your friendly little planet where everybody's just sort of "aberrated". There's actually some very evil intentions going on here. (CBR-debrief from 1982)

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