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Subject: Fw: scnists re: altered PDC 20-who is DM covering for?
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 12:16:53 -0700
From: "Virginia" <vmcc@icehouse.net>
To: "Freie Zone e.V." <freezone.de>

Hi all,

Pdc tape 20 has a pretty drastic, and rather odd alteration to it.

My version copyright L. RON Hubbard library, has this line: Here is excerpt from older version of PDC, NOTE: LRH IS actually saying this in the older version. (copyright L. RON HUBBARD)
"Therefore, we really do have the remedy before the assault weapon is produced."

Any deletion is not obvious from this right?

"Therefore, we really do have the remedy before the assault weapon is produced. Did you ever read poor old George Orwell's 1984? Yes,yes, that's wonderful. That would be--------could be the palest imagined shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence."

That's quite a chunk SEAMLESSLY EDITED out of the tape recording.


My version copyright L. Ron Hubbard library: Older version, copyright L. RON HUBBARD:
"It's a very simple remedy. And that's-just make sure that the remedy is passed along. That's all. Don't hoard it and don't hold it."


"It's a very simple remedy. And that's-just make sure that the remedy is passed along. That's all.Don't horde it, don't hold it; and if you ever do use any Black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn't available. Because he's the boy who would be electing himself "The New Order." And we don't need any more new orders. All those orders, as far as I am concerned, have been filled."

Now, WHY would DM oversee, (he says basically this in his affidavit), the removal of these parts of the tape?

Is there a "New Order" that is being covered for? Does DM think people will think of him if they were to hear this?

And from the other paragraph, "secret use of Scientology with no remedy in sight".

Is somebody trying to use Scientology secretly, ie: bullet form, with no remedy in sight? 

DM? CST?, This was removed for a reason folks, and it very much raises my curiosity as to why, and any possibility I can come up with, doesn't look good.

Not good at all.

Especially in light of that Scientology, the subject, is being painstakingly chipped at and altered away, leaving the bullet becoming more and more in use than the remedy, vis-a-vis reverse auditing, etc.

What about that project to "collect up original LRH materials from all over the world to preserve it for future generations"?

Maybe there was some OTHER reason than what was said, in doing that, because we sure aren't seeing much original, pure, unadulterated LRH anymore, so why collect it up when you are busy altering it?

Maybe the answer is in the parts of this tape that were deleted. 

If nothing else, it sure raises some ugly possibilities, none of which are sane.

People, you need to get your confront of evil up, because something is rotten in river city, as the saying goes. 

DO something about it! LOOK!

To be continued...


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