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Introduction (Nov. 1995 - The Free Zone as a Movement)
About the Free Zone Association
Free Zone Mail/Contact
Ron's Org USA
Press Release
Philosophical Corner
Dr. A. Nordenholz Scientology: Science of the constitution and usefulness of knowledge
Scientology 1934: An attempt at a summary
Dr. Nordenholz: His Life  
Scientology 1934: Additional Information  
Handbook of the Gods 
Stories of Pleople who knew L. Ron Hubbard personally
Technical Corner
Technical Briefings of Capt. Bill Robertson
Tech Briefing 1: Briefing on the OTC's operation in Frankfurt to set up a delivery center.
Tech Briefing 2: Why Organizations and Ethics are necessary to help produce those products.
Tech Briefing 3: What a product is and how that applies to what we are doing here.
Tech Briefing 5
Tech Briefing 6: Fourth Dynamic Hat
Administrative Briefings of Capt. Bill Robertson
Admin Briefing 1: The Bridge
Admin Briefing 2: False Bridges
Admin Briefing 3: Your Bridge
Admin Briefing 4: Omitted Bridges
Technical Essays
What is a Ron's Org?
By Marianne Hagen
Technical Changes in the Church of Scientology
Analysis of Auditor Training in the Church of Scientology
Historical Background
Timetrack on the Scientology Movement  
Data Sources
Structure of the Scientology Church
Greg Barnes: My recent letter to the church (Feb. 2001)
David Griffin: My Story - Theta One (March 2001, updated 17.7.01)
Virginia McClaughry: "My Story"
Someone protested against the "six month check line" for people on Solo NOTs. This is a true, recent, story of what goes on in the Church when you discover the degree to which squirreling is occuring. (22.2.2000) 
Refund Cycle
I have worked for months on a doubt condition as regards the organization of the Church of Scientology. Attached is what I hope is an informative and also interesting look at major outpoints with explanations written in the form of a Doubt Announcement. (06 Jul 2000)
Theo Sismanides: This is a piece of my track in the Sea Org (Nov. 2000) 
Agnes Hadley: Life as a Scientologist (Some Gossip from the "Old Days")
Dane Tops debrief 1982/83  
Peter Green debrief 3.6.1982
SO ED 2104 INT: US Mission Holders Conference San Francisco 1982
Debrief by Capt. William B. Robertson May 1982  
Jon Zegel debrief 1 1982  
Jon Zegel debrief 2, 2 January 1984  
Jon Zegel debrief 3, 2 July 1984
Jon Zegel debrief 4, (the recant) Spring 1987  
John Atack: So what really happened?
UK PROJECT...: The campaign against David Mayo - further data 
Merrill Mayo: Open Letter (concerning David Mayo)
OT CENTRAL COMMITTEE WW: An Open Letter to all Scientologists
unknown: Concerning the Tech Hat that LRH gave to David Mayo... 
UK PROJECT...: Credibility of the RTC 
David Mayo: Debrief: "Dear Mark.."
David Mayo: Open Letter to all Scientologists 
unknown: The Young Rulers of Scientology)
Joleen Marshall: Open Letter to all Scientologists, 1984 
Robin Scott: Taped briefing concerning the facts surrounding his arrest in Denmark, the trial, his release and attempts by Scientology to falsely incriminate David Mayo and many others in the incident.
Robin Scott: Excerpts from a deposition taken on 25th of March, 1987, in Scotland. 
(some) Old Timer: Re: Affidavit of Mary Tabayoyon (6,3 kb)
Julie Mayo: My experiences with LRH, L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Scientology 
Julie Mayo: My experiences with LRH, L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Scientology, Part II 
Julie Mayo: Letter to D. Miscavige, 19.4.1996
Julie Mayo: Re: Letter to D. Miscavige 
David Mayo: recent attacks... Unfair Game, 10.6.1996
Captain William B. Robertson (CBR)
CBR, Eulogy
Famous People I have known: CBR, about his own life and his cooperation with L. Ron Hubbard
Actions and Publications by CBR: List of publications incl. lectures, video tapes, music etc.
Sector 9 Book
Teegeeack Book
RON'S Org Bridge
Telepathy Seminar Course  
Auditor's Training Course
RON'S Org C/S Course
Case Analysis and Programming Course
Games Master Graduate Course
Upper Level Review Course
Logic Rundown Course
Video/Audio Lectures
Administrative and Technical Briefings
Famous People I have known, CBR, about his own life and his cooperation with LRH
Meeting at Crown Hotel East Grinstead, 1983
New Civilization Game: Lecture at Crown Hotel East Grinstead, 1983
Audio: Interview with Capt. Bill Robertson, 1984
Situation of Mankind, Galactic Patrol, Telepathic Communication, Xenu, Marcabian infiltraton, etc. No transcript available.
UFO's, Lecture Transcript, 1990
Your Dynamics in the Nineties (Audio + Transcript, 23.06.1990)
Improving Conditions in Life, given on 1st and 2nd December 1990
Logic in Life
Body Org Basics
Exchange and Finance
Samples from the Music-CD: "Astar"

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