Technical Briefing Number 6


"3 rd & 4 th DYNAMIC GAMES"


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Well, hello again. I hope everybody had a very good dinner  downstairs or wherever. And it's still the Free Zone here, we've  had no problems with that, as your gentleman from Halmstad here  has said very emphatically: "That you're here to stay and it  is going to be free and remain free." However, I'd like to  bring up a few points, now that we have established that there is  to be a 3rd Dynamic of Scientologists, free, in communication,  around the planet.

We have to look also at another hat. And that hat is on the  4th Dynamic. Yes. As you remember, when we were all inside of the  church structure, we were told repeatedly that it was "all  under control", "everything is being handled",  "on the 4th Dynamic you don't need to worry about  anything", "you just go ahead and do your services and  your delivery." And that was fine, except now we know that  it wasn't all under control. And it wasn't all being handled. And  that is one of the reasons why we now have to do it all again.  Yes. Really for the first time, yes.

It is very much like the story of the airplane they're testing  out. The new Automatic Pilot in the airplane. It's a totally  automatic computer-controlled flight from Stockholm to San  Francisco. And the plane is over the North Pole and the automatic  speaker comes on - there are no pilots on board or anything, you  see, it's all automatic now, the people are sitting there,  they've been automatically served their food, they're  automatically shown a movie, they're automatically relaxing, they  have their tranquilizer - and the voice comes on and says:  "You're now 30,000 feet above the North Pole. The  temperature outside is minus 217 degrees and there is a storm  blowing around the North Pole, as you can see below you, in which  - if someone was outside in that, as you're dressed in this  airplane - they would not survive for 5 minutes. But this flight  is totally, automatically computer-controlled, and nothing can go  wrong .. go wrong .. go wrong .. go wrong .. go wrong .."

OK. So much for automaticities. Again we are called upon - as  products of Scientology - to take a viewpoint of causativeness.  The planet, in the situation it is in, cannot be handled by  automaticity. It cannot be handled by more lowering of people's  awareness, so that they will not be aware of the problem. It  can't be handled by more drugs, and more tranquilizers, and more  TV, telling them that "everything is ok", and more  telling you in the newspapers: "Let us handle it, it's all  cool, nothing will happen." More bank accounts, more number  accounts, it cannot be handled that way. It has to be handled by  live beings - Thetans - that understand the principles of  Scientology and the rights and duties of an individual and  Thetans in the society.

Now that means, essentially, that the people who can speak out  about the 4th Dynamic would be those who have some processing and  some ethical consideration.

We cannot expect a person who is going around and selling  drugs, for instance, and trying to make children into idiots by  teaching them lies or rewritten history, we cannot expect those  people to make decisions for the 4th Dynamic. They already have  out ethics. But Scientologists do have codes of ethics and it  basically comes down to the principle: The greatest good for the  greatest number of Dynamics.

Now, if you have a 4th Dynamic, you have to look at the entire  planet and people upon it. Because they're all involved in it.  Bow, you know, Sweden has a wonderful history of research and  study about the problems of what is happening in the world, and  they've had many solutions to these things - and many solutions  to these things - but not all of them have been adopted, and some  of them are not really good solutions - as you well know.

But, right now, the major line of attack on the planet, I  would say, LINE OF ATTACK, LINE OF DEVELOPMENT, on the planet is  toward a thing called - "Mental Control".

Now, that means that the people who are in power on the planet  believe that if they could control what you think, then you are  totally under control. And in actual fact, that's right, nothing  wrong with that, to believe it, it IS true. If you can control  what people think, you CAN control them. The only thing wrong  with it is: "With what INTENTION are you controlling? What  is the PURPOSE of controlling? Are you going to allow them to get  more and more able, more and more spiritually free, or do you  want them to act more and more like a white rat in a little  cage?" You know, he has his little cage there, but you give  him a little thing to run around in and makes him think he's  free, because he keeps running all day long and he never gets to  the end of it.

So, they also know that if they can give you enough problems  with your bank account and your tax man and your job and your  salary and your food and your health and all of these things,  then you're not free. You just think you have a lot of problems,  and you have to get through these, and then somewhere on the  other side you will expand, yes?

But then you realize that this is not entirely the case, not  entirely right. Somebody is setting this up for you, is setting  it up in different countries of Europe and in different countries  around the world, especially in the European and American  Civilization.

I had been researching into this because I was forced into the  research, following a data trail. The data trail was: "How  was the Church of Scientology suppressed and who did it?"  That was the data trail. And I found out HOW it got suppressed  and WHO did it. But I also found out that the guys who did it, or  the beings who did it, were not only interested in suppressing  Scientology and keeping all the knowledge for themselves, and  using the power of mental control on the civilization - because  you see, Scientologists are the one people who are very difficult  to put mental control on, it's very difficult to mentally control  a Scientologist - takes a lot of effort, a lot of money, a lot of  lawyers, hey?

So, anyway, I've found out they're not only interested in  Scientology, but other religions as well, political parties,  educational institutions, financial institutions - in other  words: there was an entire - shall we say - plan to take control  of the planet - economically, financially, spiritually and  individually - on EVERYONE.

Now, this is not such a good idea if they don't have any plan  for rehabilitating anyone, if they don't have any plan for  getting anyone more aware. And they don't. What they have a plan  for doing is: reducing your space and awareness down to about  this big, and putting you in a box about that big, so that you  think you're free. If your awareness is only this big and you're  in a box that big, you haven't found your limits of awareness  yet, so, as far as you are concerned - you're free.

The only thing wrong is: this goes totally against the purpose  of Scientology, which is to get your awareness expanded out as  far as you can expand it. And if you do that, you find yourself  rapidly running into the walls of these boxes. And I don't know  in Sweden how much of a box it is they are putting around people  here, but in other countries, they put quite small boxes around  them. And if you are anything above Grade Zero, you run right  into them! Hahaha!

And in some places, you run into them on Dianetics as well,  but let's say Grade Zero. You start to put out your comm-lines,  you see, and you put out these comm-lines and you say: "Hey,  well, Scientology, yes, that's a very good idea! Man, I'll put  out my comm-lines. I'm gonna make a new product here. New  industry. New things. I'm going to get in comm with these people  over here that are working on health food and clean atmosphere  and so on like this. I'm going to work with these people and -  aah ... yeah, we're collecting a lot of money here and we gather  this up - and then all of a sudden you find out that somebody is  against you.

And the next thing you know, you've been investigated by the  tax people. And the next thing you know they're holding your bank  accounts and you cannot move anymore, you cannot travel, you  cannot use any money. They're investigating you because of these  people you were talking to, as apparently, he was on the wrong  side of the political fence, or he might be a bad guy, he might  be a KGB-agent or something.

But this is all "Bull", you know? "Hey, that's  not true! I want to expand! So I will go somewhere here to a  lawyer and try to get this handled." And the lawyer tells  you: "No, that's not worth it. Don't fight it. That's city  hall. You can't fight city hall. What you better do is get out of  that group and go back to your business."

And the business you're in, it says: "Well, now, we don't  want you. We've heard about the scandal you were having in the  paper over there and ..., you with those crazy people that want a  clean environment, and that's against industry, and industry, you  know, if they don't have industry, they don't have jobs. Then  they are all out of work, so it's not good to have a clean  environment, even if it is killing us, I mean, ... somehow it's  logical, I don't know."

But anyway, all of that is: Gradually, you get all these  losses and you get pushed down in that little box, and you sit  there and watch the television hoping: "Well, I hope  somebody does something about it some day."

That's only what you run into on Grade Zero! And then Grade  One: "Solve! We solve all the problems of the civilization!  Ah, I got an idea. I don't like all this banking stuff. I must  set up a new way where people can have a real stable exchange  medium and currency, and they're going to be able to do free  trade and all that kind of stuff!" - and then it goes Boom  ...! - and you're in court half your life and you're wondering:  "What happened here?" - you know? And the banks are all  denying you any credit, and you can't work with them, and all  that stuff. You went against the plan. Now you're in the box.

Needless to say, as you go up the grade chart,( ARC, Service  Facsimiles....O/W's of course in there, and you go up through to  Clear and you go up on the OT-Levels), you find it increasingly  difficult to stay in your box. All right. You know? You realize,  I mean, you may even find it hard to keep your cat in the box.  But imagine: These guys are trying to work or weave a whole web  of mental control around YOU, so that YOU stay in your box. Then  you have the idea.

Now, there are certain plans that they've put in Europe to put  people in their boxes. One of them is - we have found out -  working this thing through the - what's it called - the European  Parliament. I understand that Sweden is not in this "common  market" thing and so on like that, but it doesn't matter.  This is not a "common market." The "common  market" is only the first stage. You have to think of:  "What would constitute a government? What would constitute a  world government?" Eh? It would be the same like a state  government, right?, or a country government? But, you would  expect them to come out and say: "Hey, we wanna create a  world government." "Anybody for it? "Against  it?" "How about the constitution and all that?"  You would expect that. But that isn't the way they're doing it.

They failed two times like that. Once with the League of  Nations, and once with the United Nations. So now they are doing  it a different way: They are doing the government UPSIDE DOWN.  Upside down. Backwards. Backwards! The last things first and the  first things last. This is so nobody notices.

So, the first thing that they put in was the European Common  Market, because that's the regulatory body which regulates trade  and exchange between the Nations. Believe me, they REALLY  REGULATE it! There are a lot of people mad at what they're doing.  But one thing they're doing is making agreements with every other  nation on Earth, and every other trade group on Earth, so they  have a covert connected network of trade. By the statistics in  these books, they now control 40% of the world's trade. It is  controlled by the common market, or it passes through it's hands  in some fashion or another. They're also linked up to the world  bankers who control 40% of the world's money.

Now, you know yourself, if somebody controls 40% of the  WORLD'S money and the WORLD'S trade, then they are somebody that  most people HAVE to deal with, most countries HAVE to deal with  them. Now that is just what they are promoting. That's what they  promote in here. They may control a LOT more. May be well over  50% by now.

Now, once you know these facts, you want to look at:  "What are they going to do next?" Well, what they gonna  do next, now that they have the actual bureaucracy and  administration and the government regulation part in, they are  going to put the government on TOP of it. And the government on  top of it is composed of these European Parliament people. They  meet in this building in Strasbourg, France, right? And there's  one member for every 500,000 Europeans. And they intend also to  expand "Europe" to be 21 different countries with a  total of 400 million people.

That INCLUDES Sweden, I think, as well as all the way round to  Yugoslavia. All the eastern Communist Bloc countries. Includes  Spain and Portugal. All of those. They already have it all  planned out.

Now, what they are doing is: putting in this lower assembly or  your parliament or your House of Representatives, a lower house  of the government. Over on the side of this, they will also have  a thing called the European Council which is your Head of State  of the European Nations, meeting together. Like a senate, or a  House of Lords, or a senior house of the Parliament.

However, that's not all. Once they get that done, they now  will force a little bit more on the top and they will put ... by  election from these people in the Parliament here ... they will  elect - first, they will have a President of the Parliament for  one year, rotating, and then they will have a President at the  Council over here, like that President of the senate or the Head  Chairman of the House of Representatives. They will be here. Then  they will put in a Prime Minister, a Prime Minister and a  Cabinet. All right?

Now, I can read you, exactly, the statement that says they are  gonna do that. I mean, I'm not just "making this up",  right? It says: "The Prime Minister of the Union, " -  that's the European Union - " is to be elected by the  Parliament of the Union acting on a proposal from the Council of  the Union, for the period of the future electoral term, which is  5 years. He is to propose Ministers of the Union for his Cabinet  ..." (And so on. Defense, trade, atomic energy, all that  stuff.) ".. to the President of the Union for  appointment." Now, the President of the Union, of course, is  this one year post over here - that I told you about. It's the  President of the Parliament. And the government of the Union is  dependent on the confidence of the Parliament of the Union. It  may pass a constructive vote of "no confidence" in the  Prime Minister of the Union. Votes of "no confidence"  may also be passed on individual Ministers.

Now, this means the Prime Minister will represent 400 million  people, 21 nations, and all of Europe. That will be the largest  power of the world. Larger than the Soviet Union, larger than  America, larger than the Third World. It is the biggest, it will  be the biggest, that's the way they plan it.

They will be forcing the other "smaller powers,"  like America and Russia and so on, into agreements, because, you  see, they have the power. If they sided with Russia then they can  defeat the United States, if they side with the United States,  they can defeat Russia. It's very simple. So, they can force them  into agreement, to come under control, as they wish.

And they will also set up a banking system where you don't  have Swedish Kroner anymore. You have a provision of:  "Creating a note-issuing bank which is quite independent of  the States of the Union" - which means your countries -  "or the institutions of the Union" - which means nobody  has control over this bank. And this bank will be the one that  controls all the currency. Just as they do in the United States  through the Federal Reserve Bank. In other words, the government  does not control the money in the United States. They set up an  arbitrary independent thing, and if you really don't know what  that means, it's like an independent network, like a G.O. or  something, you don't have control over it from the Org anymore.  So they set up this in the United States, and they will do it in  Europe, and no one will control the money either.

Now, why am I telling you all this? Well, this is where the  trail led. To this plan. Hey? Getting rid of Scientology - and by  the way - the influence of other religions on the planet. Oh,  they don't want religions. You understand, this is a competitive  group. The Catholics number something like 800 million Catholics  on the planet. The Buddhists number something like over a billion  Buddhists on the planet. Scientologists didn't number too much,  but they have a very powerful technology. They can find out  things.

Anyway, those guys are all getting attacked. The Mohammedans,  the Buddhists, the Catholics, everybody was getting attacked. So,  why am I telling you this? Because there's nothing wrong with a  One-World-Government. I've been on lots of planets - lots of  planets in the universe have only ONE government for the planet.  So you also experience the same, when you travel, on the time  track or whatever, and in fact, that's more usual - that they  just have ONE government for a planet. Much more usual. In fact,  you might even find several planets in a confederation of ONE  government. But here you have 160 or 170 governments on the  planet. We know why that is. It's explained in the Sector  Operation Bulletins, and it's explained in "Revolt in the  Stars". You have here the representatives of maybe 160  different planets or races or different cultures or governments  on this planet. The Thetans came from those particular areas.  Because this was a dumping ground. IT was the place where some  catastrophic events happened quite a long time ago.

However, to get this all back together is an admirable idea,  there is nothing wrong with it - AS LONG AS THE INTENTION IS  GOOD. As long as the intention is ethical, for survival. As long  as the intention is for the INCREASE OF AWARENESS, SPIRITUAL  ABILITY.

If the intention is to ENSLAVE, if the intention is to DEPRESS  AWARENESS, if the intention is to PUT PEOPLE INTO THESE LITTLE  BOXES ... then it is NOT a good idea. As you well know, if you  studied Psychology or behaviouristic Psychology, or any of the  "modern" techniques, they all work with rats and mice,  all right? And you can understand that they run experiments with  rats and mice, you know, and they put them all in cages and they  do things with them and so on like that.

Now, if we were all rats and mice right now, right? And OUR  4th Dynamic was rats and mice, and the humans were on OUR 5th  Dynamic, we wouldn't like that at all, you see?

So, I do not intend to be a human being, or a Thetan, that is  taking part in somebody's "One-World-Experiment"  treating other human beings like rats and mice, or ants, or any  small animal - that they can experiment with mentally,  physically, and through all these various methods. I don't like  that at all!

In fact, LRH didn't like it either. And one of the things that  has come about from this finding - (we found it - this is the  trace of a line that came from: "Who suppressed  Scientology?") it went right back to this One-World-Group  that's working through this principal Party here, the European  People's Party - just seems to be a big Political Party - they're  just the front guys of the conspiracy. But, when you come to  this, you say: "Hey, wait a minute!". And you look  around to see if anybody is doing anything about it, you know,  find out if any - if a few people even are protesting it. There's  a few people saying: "Yeah, yeah, I don't like that, I'm not  gonna vote for it." But there is NOBODY PROPOSING ANOTHER  GAME. And what did LRH say? "When you end off an old game,  you must give them a new game to play or the game will be getting  you."

Okay, well, we got a new game on the 3rd Dynamic. Everybody  being the source-point for Scientology in it's area and following  Tech and Policy. Well, now we have a new game on the 4th Dynamic.  We don't like the G.O. or anybody pretending to be able to handle  it - because they can't. We know that. They didn't even grasp the  hugeness, the immensity of the plan that I've uncovered here, and  that you can come and read about, if you want.

No, they didn't even come close - well they did get close to  it, it's true. They did get close to it in Germany and Austria.  Several of the agents of the Guardians Office got close to this  plan and they were immediately excommunicated from the Church by  infiltrated MI6, FBI Agent Alan Hubbert. That was in 1978.

I did not find them until just last year and they told me:  "Hey, you found out the same thing we were working on."  So, they did start to find it, but the guys got shot. They  couldn't get the data - they tried the same thing - get the data  up to LRH. Get the data to Mary Sue. Well, they didn't get it  there. Well, we have it all. There is nothing we don't know about  their plan to take over and put in a total  One-World-Dominated-Slave-Government. Believe me, it is Mental  Enslavement. They don't want you to think you're anything but an  ANIMAL. All of your thoughts will be monitored from childhood and  controlled by the idea that you're an animal. Yep, that's what  they wanna do.

And they want to further ensure, that they have an ELECTRONIC  control over your thoughts, by putting in radiation and beams and  control your actual thinking. To say nothing of the experiments  going on in the United States, where they are talking about  implanting a small chip - very small chips the size of a pinhead  - in a person's head area, or in his chest at birth, so they can  monitor them for the rest of their life.

This is already being proposed to the United States Government  and they're doing a whole project on experiments with this. I'm  sorry to say that spiritual advancement and psychic development -  you know - "development" of theta-abilities has become  a STATE-SECRET in the United States, has become a STATE-SECRET in  Russia, has become a STATE-SECRET in the most  "advanced" countries - so-called "advanced" -  they're NOT REALLY advanced. But why is it a secret?

Because it's a weapon. Just like the atomic bomb was put  behind the "Shades of Night" into the government arena,  and nobody could know about atomic bombs in the 50s, nobody can  know about psychic development now. It's the top secret stuff  going on behind the scenes, and that isn't only theta abilities  that I'm talking about. I'm talking about mind control, intention  beams, waves to control your thoughts, small electrode  implantation in the person, or in the TV or in the automobile, or  various ways to keep you all on the national computer scheme.

Ok, now, those are coming things they're using for weapons of  war. In a way, it reminds us all, of course, of the often - often  we run into them on the track, I'm sure you've run into these  guys called the "Thought Police". You know, they said  they had a Thought Police and they're controlling your thoughts,  and you better not do anything against the government, or they  will implant you or something. And you'll always find out, sooner  or later, that the "Thought Police" really were guys  with no particular ability, except they had some very clever  micro circuitry that they either implanted on you, on your  telephone, on your car, on your friend or whatever, and they  heard everything that you were saying, or they had a whole  network of spies around, and they heard what you were saying. So  they pretended to know your thoughts all the time.

The thing is: To know everybody's thoughts, you'd have to have  an auditor for every citizen on the planet in session with him 8  hours a day, right? And if they did that, hell, we could clear  the planet very quickly. So they can't do it that way.

In other words, don't worry about people knowing your  thoughts, because, you know, they would have to have auditors and  an incredible computer to take all this session data in every  day. And then, they'd have to know rudiments to clean up the guy  for the next day and they would have to do something with him,  sooner or later, or the guy would ARC-break and blow session. So  they might have to just put in the bridge, you see, so they won't  do it that way. They don't really know your thoughts. They don't  really want to know them. All they want to know is that you're  doing what they say, and that your actions are controlled.

Ok, sorry to make it so blunt, but that's what's happening in  the world, and it's going on very quietly behind the scenes. I  found out that the secret studies of the psychic events and  psychic war affairs, and all that, is a phenomenon that is  receiving increasing notoriety in the newspapers and so on. You  get little bits and pieces of it, but never very much.

They're way far ahead of anything you see put out in the  papers. We know, for instance, that the Russians are using  telepathic control on their spy lines right now. They are funning  agents over hundreds of miles distance by telepathic control. In  other words, they're sending their messages back and forth  telepathically, and nobody can intercept them, except another  telepath.

How do I know that? Because when I was over in Germany, I  picked up a few of them going by. I said: "Hey, what's  that?" You know, you're used to having Ron talk to you, or  maybe another Scientologist says: "Hey man, I'm coming  over." You know? "Ok man, I'll go down and open the  door," and he's there, you know? That happens all the time  with Scientologists.

But I had this weird feeling, you know, just getting up in the  morning, and: "Agent Cherenko report to Mogador and go to  Section B2. Agent Cherenko, repeat: Go to ...". It's coming  through, it's a thought! What was that? Picked up as a line  coming out of East Germany and going to Africa. Right? Was a  Russian thought message.

So, anyway, believe it or not. When you go over to Germany,  you can try and pick up a few yourself. But we have it from  another source. I did not - I told that to a few people, they  said: "Yeah, maybe so." - however, I'd been, before I  told anybody about that, in England, where we had a friend in the  intelligence service - and he said - (the guy was interested a  bit in Scientology, because of the stuff we're working on) - and  he said that his friend told him the other day, that the Russians  are already using telepaths in their spy work! And then this guy  came: "Hey, did you know the Russians are already using  telepathy in their spy work!?" I said: "Well, as a  matter of fact, yes, I did. I picked up some of their stuff they  were practicing with over there in Germany." "Oh."  Well, anyway, he thought he was gonna give big news to me - you  see - but I did happen to be on the line. But anyway, the funny  thing about this is, the funniest thing about all of this is: Do  you see how valuable Scientologists are gonna be in the New  Civilization? They're gonna be the only people that know what's  happening. You'll be the only people on the planet that really  understand what's happening. Because, YOU can pick up the  telepathic comms. You can understand when the government is lying  to you, and when they are telling you the truth. You know the  Overt-Motivator-Sequence, the appearance of people trying to  withhold, all of that sort of thing.

And, as you audit many, many hours you will realize that it's  very easy to pick up what people are really thinking, if you want  to. And you can also pick up emotions and various things. Well,  from Dianetics, you can learn that very easily. And you can pick  up the whole thing, mental image pictures and anything like that,  and the next thing you know, if you put your attention on it,  you'll find out whatever you want.

If you put your attention on your own file, for instance, your  own file in the government files in Stockholm, or whatever  country you're from, it will come to you where that file is. And  not only this, you start to get a feeling of what's in it, and  not only that, very soon, you will be able to see exactly what's  in it. And not only that, but you will find out who the agents  are that take care of your file. And not only that, but you find  out what's happening with your friends who are also filed next to  you.

Do you understand what I'm saying? It's OT-abilities.  OT-abilities. And what it is, the governments of the world are  AFRAID of us, you see. Why do you think they're spending so much  money trying to wipe out the "Squirrels"?

The "Squirrels" AREN'T UNDER CONTROL! The  "Squirrels" can find out anything! I know I wouldn't -  if we were doing something here and one of you guys started  playing around, you know, like running yoga into your sessions or  something like that, or drug therapy or something like that, into  your auditing sessions, we wouldn't spend thousands of dollars on  lawyers and private detectives and all that stuff.

We would just quit sending people to you. Doesn't take much.  Just: "Ok - see, you won't play that game? Go away."  Just - maybe put a little article in the magazines - you know?  "Don't go to the guy, he squirrels". We know it won't  work. And why are these guys spending millions - and believe me,  they do spend millions - to wipe out the squirrels around the  world?

Because the government is behind them, and not only the  government, but the One-World-Guys behind them are AFRAID of us.  Don't even believe anything else, they are AFRAID of us! Right.  That's where it's at.

Now that's your 4th Dynamic Game Level. WE are the people that  are responsible for the rest of humanity. To one: get them on the  bridge. Two: to sort of hat them on what the mental war is all  about. And three: to give them another game to play. And the  other game is called the New Civilization Game.

And that's - I think it's printed up in Swedish - but it has  several purposes to which everyone can agree, and are good for  survival. And those purposes are things like: well, let's clean  up the planet. It's our house, you know. Let's clean it up a  little bit, knock out the pollution, get the food good and the  water pure and let's have a stable medium of exchange. Let's not  have rates of money going up and down. Let's have a stable  currency here. Let's get a stable medium of exchange.

We've already got one by the way, it's called the  "Galactic Credit", and it's gonna be based on metal of  value, like gold, silver, platinum - that kind of thing. But it's  also gonna be underwritten by the auditing intensive. The  Standard Auditing Intensive.

Therefore, it WILL be standard, because wherever you get a  standard auditing intensive, this thing will be good. And it can  always be turned in for that amount and it will be roughly what  they are charging for a standard auditing intensive in the Free  Zone.

I didn't bring it with me, but I have colored pictures of  these things. We'll first issue them out printed as a Credit Note  on one side, and what it's all about it on the back. We'll have  the conditions and where you can turn it in, what Free Zone Place  you can get your various payment and so on. It will be - first of  all - it'll be a bond-type issue - in other words: you're buying  an investment in some OT-projects or something, and you can  always get auditing for it, or within a year or so you can get  gold or silver or whatever we have at that time. So, this will be  - we'll start them out as investment issues. But they will  eventually become currency on the planet, because they are so  stable. They won't hardly vary. They won't vary with inflation or  depression. They'll be the same. The value can be gotten from  these things. But that's another thing we need on the planet.

Another thing we need is an appreciation more of culture and  artistic-type endeavors, right? People, there are so many artists  and so many musicians given bum education on that, they don't  even know the definition of art. They're patronized by people  that want them to produce "bank-art" - you know - it's  all just stuff from the bank. You know, we went to an exposition  in Paris recently. I went in there - who is it? - the Pompidou  Museum or something like that. And, I mean, you had to hold your  nose around some of the art. Not because it, you know, was  figuratively bad, but because it PHYSICALLY stank! Right, they  were making the sculptures out of old tennis shoes and socks, and  trash, and things pulled out of the backyard, they just pasted it  all on a board, you know, it's all mess, junky stuff you know,  and they put some paint on it like that. Ketchup bottles, and old  food and old banana skins. Yes, you had to hold your nose as you  went through that. That was modern art, right?

I would say it's just BANK. It's just people's trash. You  know, it's real trash. Here it was displayed in that fantastic  building you know. "Ah!" Wouldn't it be nicer to have  some real OT art in there? You know, some people having a  fantastic viewpoint from exterior, or an outer space scene or  something? Even beauties of the planet. Something more aesthetic  and more Theta than that, my god! So, anyway, that's another  thing that's needed.

Another thing that's needed is communication and coordination  between people. And we're working on this project on the 4th  Dynamic to try to get more and more of the Free Zone people  connected up. With, like, computer links, and all that.

We're also working on inventions that will improve the lot of  mankind. Which means, things that can power your computer without  depending on electricity, so you can power from sunlight, so  you're not dependent on any electrical system by the government  that can turn you off. You may still maintain your comm line  bounced off a satellite, whatever. We want to put up our own  satellites, for instance.

We have a company that's, in a way, involved with something  like that. And if they come up with some money, well, we can put  up our own. We have several ideas, and some of them, I admit,  come off of the track. And many other Scientologists REMEMBER  things. They come up. That's one of the plus-points of auditing.  You may remember something that's a very valuable invention or  something, and run out to get a patent on it, on this planet, and  go with it.

And there are many other things that are needed to make a New  Civilization here, right? And there are things to be AVOIDED. In  other words: things that you shouldn't agree with, should NOT  agree with that will lead to the little white mouse in the cage  things. You understand? Like voting for things that will allow  babies to be implanted with a little electrode at birth or - you  know - the free use of drugs on everybody and so on like that.

That's like you HAVE TO KNOW THE GAME. You have to KNOW what  the alternative is. You have to KNOW, to be able to make a  choice. And then we come to the final thing: to be able to make a  choice, people have to have the DATA OF COMPARABLE MAGNITUDE.

You can't make a choice between a One-World mind-control  government and nothing. Although they're TRYING to make you  decide between that or atomic war. You see? Because they're  putting a horror of atomic war over you. If you don't do this,  you gonna have atomic war. No, they won't. It's false. They are  trying to make you decide between atomic war and a  One-World-Government. That is NOT the decision.

The decision IS between the One-World-Government that keeps  you like mice or a New Civilization where everybody is freely  communicating and coordinating, just like we do on the 3rd  Dynamic. And you can still be in your country. You can still be  in your city. You can still be in your own group. You don't have  to have everybody under the same control to prevent war. War is  an ABERRATION. It's NUTS. All right?

Just like you don't have to have all Scientologists under  control to keep ethics in. You don't have to put them all into a  cage to have ethics in because most people ARE ethical. All  except about 2%. That's the figures and we know these data.

So, who's gonna be there to make the decision between a New  Civilization and a mind-controlled Civilization? WE have to be  there. WE have to instruct people. WE have to let them know there  is an alternative. WE have to let them know they have a choice,  not only on this planet for their own survival and their own  expansion, but very soon they're gonna be linked up to  Intergalactic Civilization.

And that is another thing, which I know you all have been  waiting for. And you may have some back pay - do you? - in some  organization out there. You may have an old home or an old  hunting ground you would like to go and see. But it is true. Very  soon there WILL be a link-up again with the old Galactic  Civilizations.

Now, it's not just because I say so. Because we found out that  these guys are ALSO planning a link-up. They are planning a  link-up on the basis that it would be better if everybody joins  this ONE PARTICULAR group operating in nearby space. If they  would join this one particular group because they are in the SAME  agreement. They like implanting and they like to keep people  under control.

So, if Earth comes to the awareness in a few years that there  IS another Civilization out there, and: "Hey, look at that!  Wow! It's the only one we know about." AGAIN they'll be  faced with the choice for which they have no comparable magnitude  datum. They have no datum to compare.

So they say: "Oh, look at that! Hey, these guys out  there, they have airplanes! Wow! They wear clothes just like they  do in New York City! Wow! Look at that! They have spaceships and  .. wow .. they say they'll help us, and .. wow .. we gonna trade  with them and .. aah .. that'll be very good, they want to  actually get in a big agreement with us and have our world  government join up with theirs! Oh, fantastic! You know! That'll  be really great, ... haha ...".

The funny thing is, you know, the guys are not - when you  really look at them - they're not very friendly, they look a bit  - thetanwise - they look a bit "dark". But who's gonna  notice that if there aren't any Scientologists around to say:  "Hey, look! That's a Marcabian. Those fuckers are  implanters!" You don't want to mess around with them!"

So, unless they hear from us: "Look! There's at least, I  mean just in the NEAR space here, you know, there's at least a  hundred different systems and races around. I mean if you don't  believe so, look at the planet here. Look at the planet here. How  many races and so on are around? So, there's also the same  duplication of it out there because that's where they usually  came from in the beginning, you see?

And we know for instance: The Japanese have been working for  centuries now, and especially since World War II to be able to  get back to their own Home Civilization. Well, as you might  expect, they have a civilization very similar to modern day  Japan, and very similar to the beliefs and the customs of working  together as an enormous 3rd Dynamic, you know, production and  industry and all that.

They want to go back there. They're just waiting to get the Ok  to do space travel. And then they are going to take off. We know  that. We have a verification from them as well. They're totally  interested in the New Civilization. So there is another one right  there. I mean - to tell you the truth - I mean, instead of having  a nice implant put in your head or something when you're born, I  think I would much rather have my back walked on by a geisha  girl, you know?

So, if we've got a choice, I mean just between those two, I  already know what I would choose. And I don't even know any  Japanese very well, you know? But I already know that's better. I  mean - even though maybe we would have to - you know - slant our  eyes a little bit and put the hair down and say: "Ah -  so" - but, so what? That's better than running around with  an electrode in your brain and every time you think:  "Whing!", you know? And not being able to expand, and  if you have an idea you get it cut and suppressed. Oh no, no way!  Those guys ARE expanding, so that's okay.

But that's just another one. Well, there's a lot more than  that. And of course there is the BEST idea, just like we do it in  the Free Zone, sometimes called the Independent Scientology  Movement. Why don't we just REMAIN independent. That'll be a FREE  ZONE PLANET. Hey, now that's the BEST idea! See? Then we can make  trade arrangements with whoever we wish. From the 4th Dynamic  here to the 4th Dynamic wherever. And if people want to visit  their homes, their old homes, and see their homes and so on, they  can do that. When you're a citizen of this planet, you're on a  Free Zone Planet. And then, you know what happens to free trade  zones, don't you? You know what happens with places like  Gibraltar and Las Palmas and places that are free trade parts,  right? A LOT OF BUSINESS! Lots of business. Lots of buying,  selling, industry, prosperity and so on like that. Lots of  tourists, all kinds of them.

So, I kind of like that idea, because Earth has been out of  comm with these guys for a long time, because of it's problem.  You know - aberration. This is a very aberrated place. But it's  gonna be back in comm with them soon, so we might even make it a  kind of a festive, joyful occasion and celebrate it like:  "Hey, you know, this is a Free Zone Planet! You guys who  come here to visit: bring your money, bring your gold and, you  know, valuable things from other planets and trade them here.  We'll give you something like maybe a 25 hour Intensive! You  know, hand-made special art from the planet, you know, and so on  .." But we can set up a really good deal here and next thing  you know, we would all be running around in spaceships. We'll  have our own spaceyachts because these guys want to trade. They  WANT something.

Now, what they want is, of course, a good technology. Because  this had to be the proving ground for the technology, right here  on planet Earth. This was the worst aberrated area, and it had to  be here as you well know. I mean, look at the place.

I mean, just the fact it has 190 governments on it. And, I  mean, you have wars going on every day. I mean, you know, it's a  VERY aberrated place. The Thetans ARE basically good. Well, if  they're basically good, we must have all the bad ones here. Any  slightest chance, any little chance, of them being bad, we must  have most of them here.

No, it's not that. It's just that they've been implanted.  They've been aberrated. They've been - you know - had a little  more knocking around than other Thetans. But they can all come  right. They can all come right, if we do the 3rd Dynamic game  together with the 4th Dynamic game.

So let people know: "Hey, look, it's gonna be a choice.  When you come up to decide, decide between Mental Slavery and a  Free Zone Planet." There is no atomic war there. That's off  the schedule. Nobody is gonna be allowed to do that anyway. So,  this is totally outlawed in this Sector. Don't have to worry  about it. Somebody might try it, but they're not going to get any  agreement, and you're not going to get any wholesale atomic war  or biological or chemical war. But what there WILL be - is a  gradual enslavement of people's thoughts and mental control,  where they're forced to decide to join up with these guys here,  called Marcabians.

And if we don't get in there and say: "Hey, look, this  isn't gonna be the only alternative you have. There are plenty of  other people you can join up with! The Japanese, you know, or the  Moslems. Or you can join up with these guys the Buddhists go back  to. Or you can join up with these guys that the Polynesians go  back to. Because there is a big Sea Planet up there. Because they  like a lot of water and so on like that. Take the canoes for a  long time, you know, eat off of the trees. That's right, there's  a whole planet for that."

You can join up with any of these guys, but my god, let's just  not join up with guys who just want to crunch you down further.  Because you have the 1-2 punch that will handle this planet in  the future, and that 1-2 is of course: the 3rd Dynamic with the  Scientology Tech, and your 4th Dynamic with the New Civilization.

And once you know all that, you know everything that is  necessary to know for your survival in the coming next 10-20  years. I mean, that's what we've been able to uncover by using  the Data Series and using the Investigator Tech of HCO, applied  to the situation of: "Who's attacking the Church and  why?" You understand?

And when we came out of it, that's what the data showed us.  That's what it was. It's evaluated. It's been verified now by 5  different sources - by 5 different people. They were also trained  in the Data Series and didn't believe my evaluations. Then they  did it and they can't get to another conclusion, because that's  where the data leads them.

So, anyway, we're going along that line and we give you the  data free. And the idea is - because we need resources to handle.  And we need Scientologists: people who are free, thinking  clearly, understanding Policy and Tech, who can be able to advise  the 4th Dynamic, who can be able to see where it's going and say  to you: "Hey, wait a minute. No, you don't wanna vote for  that law about that little chip. No, no. I know, it's confusing  and all, and it sounds like a very good thing. But don't vote for  the law that says about the little chip. You .. no .. you didn't  get it .. no, no, no .. it says .. it .. no, no, no .. it didn't  say what you thought it said. You thought it said it was going to  help you to get better food at the supermarket, but it didn't say  that. It said: "Intracostal Biological Implantation".  Yeah, but you didn't understand that, did you? No, no! What they  mean by that is they're going to put an electrode in your chest -  right here, above your heart, right? And if you get out of line,  they put a pain signal through it, and you have a heart  attack!"

"Oh, really! I thought it meant that they were gonna  irradiate the milk, so that my baby would be healthier."

"Hoho, no, no, no, no, no. They were going to put the  electrode in there, right there, you see? And if that law passes  ... Bye-bye!"

"Oh, no! Now I understand it. Ok!"

You see, people have so many misunderstoods today, right? Very  many misunderstoods. They don't even understand what a Thetan is.

And that is the first one. They don't really or don't even  understand that they ARE a Thetan! Well, that's this planet! We  need more PE courses around here. Personal Efficiency Courses and  Basic Courses. Well, that will come. That will come. But now we  know how to handle it.

Anyway, it wasn't handled before. We now know what the game  is. Spread the news as far, as fast, as you want. Write it up.  Copy what I've written. I don't care. Just get it out there and  let's have a future for this planet that makes it into a Free  Zone Planet where it determines it's OWN destiny. Not a destiny  that's determined for it by a bunch of suppressive individuals  that just want to totally control it. And, I think, that all of  you are for that purpose which I just stated on the New  Civilization and for keeping it a Free Zone Planet because you're  HERE, because you're SCIENTOLOGISTS, and you've gotten to be  Scientologists because you are who you are.

Why aren't a lot of other people here? Because YOU are here.  And you are the people that got into it, all right? And I am too.  I am like that too. I got into it because I felt responsible and  I felt responsible for more than I could say at the moment. I  couldn't get anybody to listen. I finally had to get a lot of  auditing and I realized what I was being responsible for.

And that's not only me, not only different Dynamics, but also  the future, the FUTURE of this planet. Do you realize that? If  you don't take responsibility for the future of the planet, we  won't have any planet in the future to which we can come back to  safely. Which you can pick up another body in, on which your  children can live safely ...

YOU put the future there! YOU have to put it there! There's  not many people doing it - I can guarantee you - the only ones  that are, are Scientology people and a few little power groups  that are trying to take over control. And the reason they are  trying to put it there is so that they can control YOU and all  the rest. And the reason they are putting it there the way they  are, and the reason you can spot when they're doing this - these  guys at the top of these guys - not the political guys - but up  at the top - the World Bank level, Basel, the thirteen, the three  secret guys in a little group which a lot of people had heard  about in different ways. They think it's a secret society, they  think it's this - it's none of these things - it's just a group  of a few Marcabian individuals, Thetans, that know, THEY  ABSOLUTELY KNOW that they're Thetans, and they know that they are  picking up bodies down the time track and they're pushing their  scenarios to get everything under control. And they know this,  and they keep it a SECRET from everyone else - except us.

So really, when it comes right down to it, there are only two  groups on the planet. There's the Free Zoners, the  Scientologists, and there's the Marcabian One-Worlders. That's  really it. You can just break it down this way into these two  categories. And then, in that, you look for allies, and you look  for people who are not enemies, but they are "on the other  side". And you USE the allies and you say: "Ok, you  guys are against the same thing we're against. This is the  alternative. A New Civilization."

"Hey! I like that! Let's do it!" Right. The OTHER  GUYS, you say to them: "Hey, you guys, you've been  fooled!" - because they all ARE, by the way. There are so  many secrets on the other side that they fooled everyone down  below a certain level. "And you can guarantee, if you go on  in there, you'll be BETRAYED. At the end of this, you're to end  up being taken over, you're going to end up being implanted,  you're going to end up all of this stuff." They will go:  "Wait a minute, maybe you're right." Or there are also  the people that are trying to take over FROM those guys and THEY  WILL BE BETRAYED, TOO. Because they're letting them, they're  allowing them, to come along with their power groups and so on  until the top. And then, they snip off the top and they have the  group.

It's all politics, but these guys are good at playing it,  because the Marcabians are playing it from the Theta Game Level.  And the only people on the planet capable to play it back that  way are Scientologists. So that, more or less, explains what the  game is, why they are interested in taking Scientology over and  why they are so interested in spending millions of dollars to  wipe out the Free Zone.

In other words: WE ARE THE HOPE FOR THE FUTURE OF THE PLANET.  Just because we have the knowledge and we have the Tech and we  have the Policy. The more people that take their responsibility,  the easier it's going to be. And I don't know about you, but I  decided to take it when I joined Scientology. But especially  after all the troubles that happened in the Church.

And I said: "Well - to tell you the truth - you can have  a 1st Dynamic reason for taking it too, taking responsibility,  and I told you before - in the other lecture - not ALL of the  auditing you do is done in the auditing room. Some of the  auditing you do is right outside here in the 3rd and 4th  Dynamics.

Well, you can also have, if for no other reason, you can do it  for CASE GAIN. Because you will get case gain from doing it. I  can't tell you, in the last two years, how much case gain I've  had from doing this particular auditing process on the 3rd and  4th Dynamics. Things that were fearsome things, that were  horrible things, that I go: "Aaah, Uuuh, Hell, I need a  million dollars to handle that!" Things that I thought I  couldn't handle. I went and just confronted them with the  intention of handling on the 3rd and 4th Dynamic and it just  went: "Pffffsst ...".

THERE WASN'T ANYTHING THERE. All there was were the things  that I had NOT confronted on my way down the spiral. And I just  went back and confronted them all the way up and now it's very  easy, VERY easy. All right?

None of the mental control devices they have developed on the  planet can affect anyone of Scientology that understands the game  on the 3rd and 4th Dynamic and has good TRs. If you do NOT  believe the game of what is going on, well, then you are not  looking at the truth. I'm sorry, then you CAN be affected by  these things. Because if you don't believe they're there - and  they ARE there - and they are pushing in on your case or your  bank or your theta-beingness or your body, they can affect it.  Believe me, they are just as much THERE as a car running down the  street. If you walk across the street, even if you don't see the  car, and it hits you - YOU'LL KNOW IT. The same way with these  beams and telepathic devices they have invented and amplifiers  and all this stuff you read about in the bulletins, right?

They ARE there. We have some of our own scientists researching  on ways to counter them and jam them and shut them off and so on.  And we've been very successful at that. But in the meantime, if  you understand they are there and you have good TRs, they won't  affect you. Because you can SPOT what it is coming in. And you  say: "Ah, that's not from me, that's from over there!"  Zipp! - finished. Send it back to Basel. Stick it in the tower.  Whatever you want to do.

Anyway, it's a game that we CAN play because that's a 7th  Dynamic game, you see? That's not 4th. That's 7th. What is it?  7th! Eh? 7th! All right! That's a 7TH DYNAMIC GAME. Handling  telepathic things, mental rays, mental beams and so on like that.

Who can play a 7th Dynamic game on this planet?  Scientologists? Yes. Buddhists? A few, yes. A few other spiritual  people that have managed to get up there without doing their  Grades, keyed out for a little while. But not many others, I'm  sorry to say. Just the Marcabians and mostly Scientologists.

So, we have ANOTHER responsibility: to get this across to  people on the planet AESTHETICALLY as well. Because I can talk to  you like this - but you can't go out in the street and talk to  people like that because, first of all, their reality is not high  enough. I hope I'm not exceeding YOUR reality, but I always feel  an emergency like that: If you're drifting along in a ship toward  the rocks, then you ought to yell up to the crew: "Hey,  we're drifting into the rocks! I don't care if this breaks your  reality, but get the hell out here NOW and let's handle it!"  Right?

And that's the kind of situation it is on the 4th Dynamic.  Because these elections for these guys right now is on the 17th  of June and they'll be sticking in this prime minister guy and  all their political scenarios in the next few months. They have a  7 year plan, which is laid out in Sector Operation Bulletin No.  19, if you haven't read it.

That plan is going along TOTALLY as predicted. It was  predicted in, or as we found out, predicted little parts of it,  and we put it in the bulletin in February and all the  intelligence data we were getting from everywhere in the world,  from different sources, from different lines - and they're  totally from everything - from friends, radio, newspapers,  intelligence agents, Scientologists, people who work in the  place, other people, just strangers on the street - it's going  along EXACTLY ON THE SCHEDULE. 100% exactly. In fact, they're  even RUSHING to make sure that they don't go behind on that  schedule.

Now, I bet you that somebody is going to be coming around and  saying: "You know, the reason they're doing it - that's  because you put it out in the Sector Operation Bulletins. They  took that scenario and they're running it!" (Laugh) No, they  were already running it a long time. They have been running a  LONG time. And we just predicted this one because we had to  uncover the one they did on the Church. So by uncovering the one  on the Church, we learned all about how they do them, it's very  simple.

Now, on the aesthetic level, we want to get agreement. A good  way to get agreement is by aesthetics: art, music, and so on. And  I've written a symphony, a New Civilization Symphony in B-Flat,  and it's music - you understand? I want to get that played by a  symphony orchestra and put across a message to the population.

I just want to read you one thing here. I have a little  description of every movement, and to end off, I just want to  read one thing here. This is from - first of all, it covers - it  covers - I will tell you what it covers first - it covers the  "Old civilization", "The Alternative" - which  I told you about, the New Civilization Game, - "East meets  West" - because we must have a bringing together of the  Eastern spiritual ideas and the Western technological ideas - I  mean, WE know there ARE spiritual matters. WE know there ARE  technological matters. But the meeting has occurred in  Scientology, right? Many of you were probably Buddhists before,  but the meeting of East and West HAS occurred in Scientology. LRH  MADE it happen with the E-Meter connected with auditing. Theta  stuff connected with physical electronics. He did it. he brought  it together. But it hasn't been done in the 4th Dynamic yet.  We're hoping to do that between Japan and some Buddhists and some  guys over from this side.

Ok, so that's "East meets West". And then another  one is called "The Awakening" - where people cognite:  "Hey wait, I'm more than MEST, more than a body". You  know? And the other guy cognites: "Hey, the reason why we  haven't got so far in 2000 or 3000 years is, we haven't been  using any Tech, some technological things!" So BOTH sides  can cognite, and they can cognite there's a purpose for the  planet.

And then the next one is "International City", which  is of course LRH's Plan for World Peace, written in 1963 I  believe, and he has a part in there called "International  City", where it's a whole plan for the governments of Earth  to meet in a certain place, and a city built in the middle of the  Sahara Desert. Well, not in the MIDDLE. Toward the coast which is  the site of the old Capital City of this planet. Great plan. You  should read it. We have it on our computer. Maybe we can get that  out if we can get some money to publish it.

That's one thing. Then the next is "Attainment",  which means: "people when they get ON PURPOSE can attain  what they want, and they WILL attain their purposes AND their  goals on all their Dynamics.

The next is "Peace and Prosperity", because when  people ARE attaining, their exchange and everything is IN, and  they WILL get peace and they WILL get prosperity.

And the last one is called "Ad Astra", which means  of course - "to the stars" - and this is the one - I'll  just read you this - a little bit to end off. It says: "Ad  Astra" - to the stars - "the harnessed, aligned and  channeled energy of Earth's New Civilization is put to use to  expand starward. New Civilization ideas and inventions have been  encouraged and the barriers of space travel have been  overcome."

"This movement tells of the journey to the stars, with  the firm hope and confidence of all mankind supporting it. You  are invited along, musically, as the great ship lifts off into  free space and makes it's course corrections. The voyagers first  experience wonderment at the vast beauty of space, coupled with  nostalgic memories of their beloved home planet."

"Then comes the awaited discovery and communication with  another civilization far from the Solar System and the joy of  finding it to be of similar purpose and aims as the New  Civilization of Earth."

On landing, the power is shut down, and then in the finale,  the two civilizations unite to express their friendship, and to  align their future to the greatest good of both.

So - we have a 4th Dynamic game: It's called "New  Civilization". And we have a 3rd Dynamic game: It's called  "Free Zone Scientology".

And again, I want to thank Ron for this, because without him I  wouldn't be able to play the game myself. I would probably have  been killed by a motorcycle accident 30 years ago. So, I'm sure  you all have similar reasons for being here, and not being  somewhere else at this time.

Thanks to all of this, we can start doing our auditing out  there - not just in the auditing room. We can come out of the  auditing room, we can come into the society, we can come into the  groups, we can come to the 3rd and 4th Dynamic, and even to the  7th Dynamic, mind you, and 8th and 9th and 10th! We come out and  do our auditing OUT THERE.

Think of what an effect that will create! Yeah, and think back  what it says in the Factors: "The highest purpose in the  universe is the creation of an effect." So, all I can say  is, if you are going to create an effect on this part of the  spiral, make sure it's an ethical effect, because then you keep  on going UP! All right?

And if you create an UNETHICAL effect you go down. But believe  me, I think a lot of you will support me in this opinion - now  this is totally an opinion.

But in MY auditing and looking at track, I think - now correct  me if I'm wrong - I think MOST of the unethical effects that  COULD have been created - WERE ALREADY CREATED! Most of the  UNETHICAL and OUTETHICAL things - I've seen them, I have run into  it. Now it's time to say: "Hey, you wanna create a BIG  EFFECT on everybody? The big effect you CAN CREATE is an ETHICAL  EFFECT. One that guarantees MORE SURVIVAL. Oh, that's BIG! All  right?

So, you want to create an effect? Let's put a New Civilization  here! Let's put a Free Zone Planet here!

Are you with it?

Ah, yes!


Thank you!


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