Technical Briefing Number 5

Captain Bill Robertson

14th September 1985


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This is the 14th of September 1985, and this is just a little  organizational and technical briefing here. The data we have here  is that people involved here are wanting to make a technical  team, all right? That's what you are here to do, make a technical  team to handle not only the point of getting guys up the bridge  and out of the soup, but the exit-point type of action here,  where we really handle people and beings of all types. So, you  want to eventually have the skill to handle the Implanter guys,  all right?

To do that, you have to confront a few things. That's a very  good purpose, by the way, because I haven't found many people  that have enough courage to even want to do it, or even admit  that they still may be around; but, of course, they are, because  we are still around, and it's silly to think that just because we  are around, the other guys aren't around; that's not the way to  think.

If you look at it logically, you look at all of why we are  doing Scientology here in the first place on this planet, and you  find out that we're doing it here because this is a real  aberrated area of the universe. And why is it so aberrated, and  why did Elron Elray - or Ron - want to make this the testing  place for the tech, is because a lot - well, all the people here  have received one or more, I would say, in most cases, more  implantings on the track, right?

And they have been very confusing and very degrading to the  Thetan, and make the Thetan very confused about who he is, what  he is doing, why does he think he is a meat body, why does he  have to live on this planet, why can't he exteriorize, and all of  that stuff; in other words, they FORGET that they are spiritual  beings, all right?

Now, THAT you all know from Scientology basics - but the rest  of it you can read in HISTORY OF MAN and basic books like  SCIENTOLOGY 8008, THE AXIOMS. Those are the things that tell you  what happened to a Thetan, and what he should be like when he's  cleaned up, all right?

But, here we are just dealing with a special thing and that  is, logically, when you look at it - now take the viewpoint of  the Implanter for a minute. This is the only way to see it  ethically, and when you are in Ethics you have to be able to  confront evil, right? You have to confront evil, to handle  Ethics. I mean, you can't just sit there and think,  "everybody is great ..."

Ok, so to do that, you have to look at: What is the game of an  Implanter, what do they want to achieve, right? Well, it's pretty  obvious that they want to achieve an enslavement or a control  over all Thetans, for their own reasons, all right? So, they want  to stay at the top and make all the other people stay down here.  That's the basic suppressive mechanism. So, it's a game.

All life is a game. This is a very serious one, of course, on  that level. It's very serious, when you first contact it; it's  here is the Implanters and they are trying to put all Thetans  down here, so they can control everything. Have all the wealth,  all the Planets, all the control-lines. Now, if you're an  Implanter and you're doing that, what would be the most dangerous  thing to your game? That's where you must set this, you see?

Well, first would be a person that understands what an Implant  is and what a Thetan is. That would be very dangerous. Because  Implanting, by it's very nature has to keep you in mystery - it  has to - keep the person confused, and keep them: "what  happened, what happened ....?", you see? It has to be  secrecy, it has to be 1.1, somebody around understood what a  Thetan really was and what an Implant really was.

And, of course, LRH understood both of those. So, of course,  they had to attack LRH and his family and Scientology. So you  know, those were really after LRH, I mean, knocking off Quentin,  throwing his wife in jail, law-suits against him, several  attempted assassinations, that were prevented in the Sea Org, a  lot of things, right? This is - would happen to anyone that tried  to say: "you know what Thetans are and I know what  Implanters are." Right?

You have to be a little careful. 'Course you don't want to  stop doing what you're doing, but just be ready to watch for  these guys trying to come along the line and stop you from doing  that, you see? Ok. Now that's the ONE thing they would be afraid  of; it's an individual that knows about Thetans and Implants, all  right?

Now, what's even more dangerous for them? You see, 'cause  they're organized... Implanters are organized - they have  Implants like you have cassette records or books in here on your  shelves. All right? I mean, if they want to say: "Ah, we're  going to handle the population of England. Ok. What's the Implant  we have here that would be very useful to restimulate in England?  Ah, here are some good ones about the coal mines, ah, here's the  'Coal Mine Implant' for instance, you know. So, let's put all  that on television. A lot of these pictures on television. Key  everybody in. HAHA, blowing up coal mines, people dying from gas  in the coal mines, that's good" - good for them, you see?

They might even send out a terrorist team to blow up a coal  mine, just so they get the pictures on television. I mean, that's  the way they operate, you see? They actually think like that, you  see? "Oh, these are getting unruly, you know, they're not  paying their taxes and stuff, ah, get some coal mine implants and  let's key them in."

Or if it's rain, you know, rain, they say: "Oh, we got  any good rain pictures, rain pictures of Implants? Here, let's  key them in on rain, yeah, here's some where they get sick when  it rains. Ok, let's put this on television."

Somebody writes a story - here's a guy who wrote a story about  rain making people die from pneumonia, and all that and the 40  days of rain in the Bible - "Let's put a lot of that on  television and key everybody in." They do that! Implanters  think like that, right? "Let's get the files." They  know what pictures people have already - of course you are Clear,  you don't have pictures - but the composite case has pictures,  and the bodies might be having pictures sticking to them - ok.

Well, what's MORE dangerous than one person - that knows about  Implants and knows about Thetans - is a GROUP. Hmm? 'Cause  they're organized and they know they can't be really hurt by  anything, except an organized group, all right? And they know  also, that if it's just on the body dynamics, if it's just a  group that's out for money, if it's a group that's out for  control of the land, if it's an army, if it's, you know,  business, trying to take over their businesses, they can handle  that, 'cause they can restimulate those Thetans that were doing  that, because those guys are operating on the BODY dynamic and  they're operating on a Thetan dynamic, so they can handle them by  keying in their Thetan, and that's it.

So, they don't worry about that too much, and even print it in  the newspapers: "This guy tried to take over IBM and he  failed and we'll put him in jail" - and stuff, discourages  people from trying to do something against the Implanters.

Anyway, what they are really afraid of is a group that is on  the 7th Dynamic. In other words - Thetans that understand this,  and are organized and trying to handle it, all right? They're  afraid of that. So the first thing they try to is to make it seem  that there is not such things happening, and nobody should  believe them and they're all crazy and they're all hallucinating.  That's what they're trying to do - also all "Science  Fiction", that's it. Try to do that with Scientology, and so  on, you know, all the stories: "Oh, Scientology is just  Science Fiction" - you see? Ok.

But the group - when you look at it in present time, and right  now today - when they see a group in present time - they're also  afraid of another thing: that that group might have existed  before, ' cause they know THEY existed before, so it might be the  same group coming after them, that came after them before, and  often got them, and often won, breaking up their Implants or  arresting their top guys in it, or whatever...

Like LRH did in "Revolt in the Stars", he ended up  arresting and capturing the guys who were doing the Implants, and  the destruction of the populations - he arrested and brought them  to court, to trial. Ok. So, they are afraid of that.

Now, do you think in the long history of the universe, which  is gone on a long time, that anything that's happening now on  this planet is the first time things happened? Or the first  instance of that? It's not! Because the group, which is getting  together to fight Implanters on this particular planet NOW,  probably was the same group, one of the same groups, that did it  before, see? You understand...? Now, some of the times they won,  and some of the times they lost. Any game - you win some and you  lose some, right?

Now, we got a real good Tech, see? We can win all the time, I  guarantee you, we can win all the time now, if we just get the  Tech done.

Ok, but sometimes you did lose. Now, what happens when you  lose, what is an Implanter going to do if you're the one that  get's captured and you're one of the dangerous group members,  right? They're going to give you a special treatment, right? A  special treatment is going to be to prevent those too dangerous  from coming up, they're going to give you a special treatment,  let's call it PDH or Implant: Pain, Drug, Hypnosis, Implant - all  the same area - but they're going to make you believe, first of  all that you're not a Thetan. That you're a body or a - you know  - just something, but not a Thetan.

Second thing they're going to make you do - trying to make you  believe - is that you're very suspicious of anybody that talks to  you about Implants or anything like that, and you don't believe  them - in other words: they try to keep the group from getting  back together. They're trying to make you totally stay by  yourself, hm? They try to keep the group split apart. They might  even install false Overts & Withhold Mechanisms between the  group, you see, putting a guy here and somebody over here, that  he believes is a member of his group, and then saying: "Now  you just did this to this person, and that person did that to  you..." - and Overts and Motivators and all that -  "you're going to be punished for it now..." - and then  - zapp, zapp, zapp - with the big electricity shocks, so that the  persons then go: "Ha, ooh! I must have done something bad, I  got a really bad shock" - you see? And the next time they  meet that person in another lifetime, or on down the track, you  know, and then they go: "Huuuh, I want to have nothing to do  with that person" - you understand? That's the second thing  they're going to try to do: keep the group from getting back  together.

First thing is going to try to make them think they're not  Thetans. Now, I know that all of us - at one point we didn't  really have the idea what a Thetan is. I didn't - early in this  life I was going along: "Yeah, but there is something more,  something more." I didn't know what to call it exactly. You  know - "ME, I feel more than just a body..." - but I  didn't know exactly what it was.

But everybody got to the State of Clear right here, so they do  understand that they're beings, right, thanks to LRH. So we got  out of that first trap. We now realized again that we are  Thetans. Second thing is, we realized that there are other  members of the team that we want to handle things with. You know,  to handle the Implanters.

Then we get into the third thing they will do - that's simply  distraction. A distraction, you know what I mean? To take your  attention away from doing this, and put it over here. Ja? Q &  A, make you Q & A, that's what it is. They say: "Well,  IF they realize they're Thetans" - 'course the Implanters  are thinking of - "IF they ever realized they're Thetans,  and IF they ever get back together as a group, and IF they run  out this stuff about having conflicts between them themselves,  well, let's get them something else to worry about, you know,  let's give them some distractions, all right?" PTPs, ARC  Breaks, Problems, Missed Withholds, you know, everything...

Now, one of the easiest things to give people to distract them  is, of course, anything to do with the body, ja? If they figure  they're going to have you in a body, or you're going to be  operating from a body after they knock you with the Implant, then  any distractions with the bodies: "So let's give them a  whole thing of programming them to get sick. Let's give them a  whole thing of programming to have 2D troubles. Let's give them a  whole thing to have them programmed - to have troubles with  eating, you know - can't eat certain foods, and ah, must  eat-can't eat, ah, food, ah, I'm worried, disease, I don't know  whether I should eat..." you know? "Let's give them a  lot of problems: food, sex, bodies, sickness - yeah - illness,  that's good. What else? How about air? Let's give them some  trouble with air. Breathing - yeah - all right, pollution - yeah  - that's a good thing." Worry, worry, worry.

They try to restimulate with all this stuff, that's all. So if  you give a person a body, enough to worry about, you know, and  you can do it many ways, by sickness or illness, good food or bad  food, good air or bad air, 2D problems, you know - should it be  this person, I'm jealous, Missed Withhold - all this kind of  stuff, you know, sex flows, all of that.

And they can also give you things to do with "bodies  killing each other", you see. So keep showing a lot of  pictures of wars, bodies killing each other, and movies and stuff  like that, and that gets people worried that they might die, you  see, that distracts them.

So, they have to buy life insurance, and then you get down to  the BIG distraction, which is they have to have money to do all  this: to go see the doctor, to go to buy the food, to have 2Ds,  to have good air around, to keep from getting in wars, you gotta  have to defend yourself, you've got to have a house to protect  yourself, you've got to have locks on the doors - all of this. So  you make an economic trap to hold all this together, you see? A  nice economic trap and then people are totally distracted. They  have to keep getting the money to handle these problems all the  time.

And if they are doing that, they can't realize - they hope,  they hope - that they can't realize that they are Thetans. They  should be working together as a group, and they should be  organizing to knock out the Implanters, you see?

Now, all this goes on all the time on planet Earth. It's going  on continually, it has been going on. When you're at the effect  of it, you don't even notice it as a plan. When you come above  the level realizing that you're a Thetan - a Clear starts looking  around and you all say: "Hey, this is crazy". And they  only do what they have to do - to do basic survival, and so on -  and then always keeping some attention going on the purpose. And  then as you get more and more ability - like as you guys all get  trained as auditors - then you can be more fulltime on the  purpose, you see, you get stronger and stronger, klar? Alles  klar?

You see, training auditors is another thing that Implanters  would not like, you see? 'Course people can't get out of those  traps by just reading a book, they have to be audited - they can  maybe get part of the way out - but they can't get all the way  out without some good solo auditing, all right? So, if you have  the purpose to get trained and so on like that, and realize all  these other distractions - or what is meant to keep you from  doing that - is the Q & A mechanisms, you know?

So, if you want to get trained, get together, have your common  purposes and so on and just take the other stuff and laugh at it  and say: "Well, that's probably some shit the Implanters  laid on us, man, let's just go ahead and get trained. Or let's  just go ahead and enjoy life, you know, really enjoy."

First, give an example of what it's like to be a Clear, to be  more or less knowing what the game is, so that other people can  see that you're not affected by it, you see? So, you have a duty  as an auditor, and as an OT or Clear, to give an example to  people, say: "Hey, you don't have to be Qing & Aing and  restimulated by all that stuff."

Yeah, as you really get up there you know that: "Hey,  man, the attacks are getting really heavy on the 7th  Dynamic!" Take it as a win! You weren't getting attacked ten  years ago by the 7th Dynamic. They held you totally under  control, all the way pushed down to think you were a body and you  were probably going back and forth between the hospital and the  job and the foodstore and the television, you know? Now, you're  becoming an auditor, oh boy!"Hey, look man, I must be  winning, the Implanters are attacking me, that's great!" you  know?

And then you pop through that, you finally just pop right  through, and as you do the Solo Course, do the Clearing Course,  do the OT Levels, you come through that, and you're just looking  and: "These guys are crazy. They're just crazy, aberrated  Thetans that are doing this game on Earth to just keep people  keyed in and so on."

That's it, it's all it is. Then you can pick out what is the  good part of the civilization, and what is not the good part of  the civilization, and that the not so good parts are the ones  controlled by the Implanters. But they don't control everything,  'cause there's too much Theta around. There is too much Theta  because people do survive. And they survive because of their  Theta, not because of the Implanters...

So, there are some good Thetans around, you have good ARC,  good friendship, good group, good culture, good environments,  there are good places around, good things, good people.

So, you can recognize that and sort of: "call them over  to your side" so to speak - and the auditor that will be  getting PCs, ja, getting people on Comm Courses, and things like  that, you just say: "Hey, come on, you know, we can help  you." - but you want to always remember that you are the  prime subjects of the game on the Implanter's side, right?

The Implanters are looking for people popping up above the  level of confusion to become: "HEY!" - you know -  "Haha, Implanters over there, look what they're doing"  - you know - "Haha...". Do you see they will see them -  "Oh, oh, there come some people that could knock us  out" - 'cause they're easy to knock out.

All their power is obtained by restimulation of their earlier  stuff they've done with Thetans. That's all the power they have.  Everybody would laugh at them if there wasn't their ability to  key in people, you know? It's true you get to the point on the OT  Levels where anything they can throw at you, you just laugh at  it. It's so, so silly, you know?

Even if it's horrible flows, and beams, and horrible pictures,  and so on, you know? I mean, they try to key people in with  horror movies and stuff like that. Some people can sit there and  look at a horror movie and say: "Yeah! Ok. Great! That's a  good... I see how they did that in Hollywood!" you know, it  doesn't bother him. Other people go: "Aaaaagh..." -  like that. Well, they're more effect of the restim.

So anyway, when the Implanters see you coming up above the  level of the Humans, and you're now up here as a Thetan and  you're organized, then they say: "Oh, oh, those guys are  playing against us."

So, you're on a game level now: 7th Dynamic - it's like a  chess game, you know - 7th Dynamic: here's the Implanters, here's  the guys trying to free people, see? So, then you just have to  realize that once you get there, and once you realize you are  there, the best thing to do is to get more able than the  Implanters.

And you can do that very quickly. A solo auditor that goes on  through OT III and onto SuperNOTs is more able than an Implanter.  He knows more about it - I mean, just knowing LRH's data, you  know more about the mind and the Thetan than the Implanters do.  'Cause we can undo them, we can get people out of them, all  right?

But remember, you should be now, as a team, above the level of  getting restimulated by these Implants and things like that,  right? And don't fall for the silly games.

Now the other thing I want to mention is: don't try to get  somebody to Itsa about things that are above the case level or  should be handled in session. You understand? In other words:  there are some things that can only be handled in session, right?  And those are things - well, as Franz can tell you - they have to  do with the case data, and the ability of a solo auditor to  handle, and the level he's on.

So, I can talk about Implants, 'cause all of you have seen  them in your folder, and you know what LRH says about them and so  on, right? But then, to go in and try to figure out very little  things that happened in that Implant, right? - let me tell you,  some of them are very, very tricky. If you got a thing F/Ning,  and it's not bothering you anymore, leave it, it'll come up  later, you handle it on a higher level. But they have - but it's  not bothering you anymore, ok, it'll still be there - if you have  attention on it - it will still be there later to handle.

You don't have to - you know, somebody comes in and says:  "You know, oh God, I've got this pain here, I think it's,  you know, from an old thing they drilled into my head or  something..."

"Yeah, well, tell me about it."

And the guy says: "Yeah, well, you know, feels like a  drill in my head, you know, oh, maybe it was an Implant, you  know, they implanted me, put me on a pole, and drilled that thing  through the body. It was...a doll body, that's what it was, and  they drilled this thing through, but something,eh..."

But you don't have to go and find out, you DON'T HAVE TO find  out ALL the details of the Implant, because that will come up  later, you'll find it. You'll be more experienced on Implanting  than anybody in the world when you run through OT III and  SuperNOTs. You'll understand Implanting better than anybody.

But you don't have to find out how they did this whole thing,  all you have to do is: date it and locate it - and it will key  out. Or a little even if some of the charge may erase and blow.  So, all the guy has to really know is: "Oh, it isn't now, it  happened back here on the track, oh yeah, over there..." -  POOM - "Ahh..." - and it relieves.

Because what they're doing is: trying to restimulate the  earlier one in present time by doing different beams, radiations,  television programs, news stories, etc. like that, they try to  keep that restimulated.

You can also, at the lower levels, key it out, not even by  D/L, but just finding when it keyed in: "Oh, when did you  start feeling that?"

"Oh, yesterday about 3 o'clock."

"Ok, yesterday, 3 o'clock. Where were you yesterday 3  o'clock?"

"Well, I was at my house and was watching  television."

"Oh, ja, ja, what did you see on television?"

"Oh, ja, ja, I saw how people get shot in their head. Oh  ja, that's what it was. Haha..."

So, at a lower level, he can get it just by getting the lock  of the restimulation off. For a person that's Clear, they can D/L  the Implant itself and that blows it even further away. It didn't  - not likely to even restim him again, you see? So, a lower level  guy gets it off as a lock, and a Clear gets it off - as a sort of  - like a date/located engram, and then on SuperNOTs and OT III  you actually can find out EXACTLY everything that happened,  right? And you erase it and anything connected with it.

And it's not advised for a lower level, 'cause you have to be  a solo auditor, you have to be trained, and you have to be able  to handle the stuff very fast and understand what it's about,  right? So, the best thing you can do when you get together as a  group is to get yourself up the bridge to that point, right?

Now, I don't want you to think that the whole of OT Levels is  "negative gain", which means only things being done to  you that go away, right? You also get a lot of abilities back,  and you find out WHY you don't - weren't able to hold those  abilities and they come back to you as "positive gain,"  as well.

So, those are the two sides of it: You find out - yes - what  has been done; but you also find out what you DID and also your  abilities come back as these things, which were blocking your  abilities, leave or get as-ised, right? So, there you come out of  it having a lot more ability.

You have all experienced telepathy and different things  turning on as you go up the bridge. You get more telepathic, more  control, you get more knowledge of your wholetrack, you get more  certainty of your beingness and your identity, you don't  particularly fear for your body anymore, you may even find you  have a "preferred name" as a Thetan, rather than as a  body, you know, so all this shows that you're coming along up the  bridge.

But I just want to caution you. Don't get too diggy into the  details of these things, because they ARE very complicated. They  HAVE to be complicated otherwise any guy walking on the street  could certainly read a funny-book about it or something, or an  LRH book and totally go out of it. But he doesn't. Why not?  Because it does need auditing and it does need training and it  does need a special handling of the whole complexity of it, all  right? THAT - then you can get through. I guarantee you, right?  So, as a group you can operate very well, just keep in comm, but  don't try to dig in on it, just date/locate - psst - blown - out.

Or: "When did you first notice that?"

"Ah, this day", and you can do it by the lock, when  the lock keyed in, which restimulated the earlier one.

Or in session you can do a D/L - as you know. The  date-to-blow-locate-to-blow-thing erases all. Doesn't mean it's  totally gone - something is gone though - it does relieve it, and  erase the parts that were sticking to you.

You will find out on OT III and SuperNOTs that there may be  more to it, and then it'll be totally gone when you handle it  there. It will be totally gone, can never affect you again.  You'll never be restimulated by the Implanters again either -  that's the interesting thing on those levels. Once you handle it  on those levels, IT CAN NEVER BE RESTIMULATED AGAIN. 'Cause it  isn't there anymore. You understand?

And that's why they're afraid, and that's why they had to take  over the Church very quickly after they started getting the NOTs  tech, you see? Because if the people got through - a lot of  people came through and got onto NOTs - they wouldn't be able to  restimulate them anymore, you see? They would lose very badly,  they couldn't CONTROL THESE PEOPLE ANYMORE.

So, when you look at it from the viewpoint of an Implanter:  they want to have happen exactly what the non-optimum or the  problems or distractions you're having - they like that. They  think that's great. You know, if you were poor and don't have any  money - they like that. If we have problems with 2D or body  problems or physical injuries - they like that - that's wonderful  for THEM. All right?

So remember, in a game - look at it : what would be good for  an Implanter? "Hey, let's don't validate that around  here." - if it's a key-in, just say: "Well, that's good  for the Implanters, but now, what is the date that this keyed in?  When did it key in? Yesterday, the day before?" Get the  thing - blow it out or put him in session and do a D/L on the  actual doingness, the incident. That's a simple way to handle it  until you get up there.

I don't recommend this for everybody, but a Tech-team should  be knowing this, because they have to keep a total auditor  attitude toward the public, toward new people, toward the PCs,  etc., etc. Ok? You have to be totally able to do that, otherwise  you can't hold your position very well as an auditor, you know,  if you can't even communicate to the people you're doing the  business with, that are auditing with you, or the PCs that are on  your lines or whatever, you know?

You have to look at each of them as a person coming up there  to realizing they're Thetans, realizing they're a member of a  group with a purpose - or at least they certainly want to get  free - and then helping them get there. And that's all you're  doing in auditing, and you're doing a lot more of it on the OT  Levels than you're doing at the lower levels. That's why we want  you to get there.

I think that's the game LRH laid out very well and it is as he  says on one of his tapes on the Class VIII Course. It has  "booby-traps" at the upper levels. You should know that  no one is going to get out of the upper levels; unless they do it  the right way, they can't get through. All these guys that are  still in the Church or on OT Levels a long time and not getting  through, and so on like that, they're not going to get through -  they can't get through.You know why? Look at it from the  viewpoint of the Implanters: they can't get through because they  are not EVEN IN THE RIGHT GAME! You see? These OTs come along and  say: "Yeah, I'm OT, I've just finished my NOTs."

"Well, ah, what are you doing to help handle the 4th  Dynamic and the condition of the Planet?"

"Oh, I don't have to do anything about that, I'm totally  f r e e...!"

He's still walking around in a body, he's still on Earth, you  see? No responsibility for handling the things he should have  found out about, no responsibility for handling the situation for  other beings that are also in the same trap.

He's still in the trap himself, 'cause he's not even  confronting what an Implanter's game would be, you see? - or they  tell you: "Oh! The Implanters! Oh, no! That's all - haha -  that's Science Fiction, LRH..., yes, it was there at the track,  but it's NOT anymore, it's...(mumble)'s COOL in PT, man,  look at the Prime Minister, he's such a nice guy. And IBM, that's  a great place, man, we have water fountains and airconditioning,  it's FANTASTIC! Yeah, I know we're the biggest computer company  in the world, I mean, we've taken over everybody... ah, I mean,  ah... yeah, well... yes, well, I have my SUCCESS, I mean, my  STATUS, I... yeah."

If a guy is talking to you like this, that says that he's  finished, he finished NOTHING. He got to a release point on the  1st Dynamic and he said: "That's it! Ah... I feel g o o d  ...I wanna stay that way. I'm not gonna confront anything else,  because if I do, it might be d a n g e r o u s...!!"

That's all you got, he's a guy that has a little more 1st  Dynamic Ability to - sort of - make his own survival. But he's  not going to help anybody else. So, he hasn't really found out  what the game is yet, but he is still effect of it. Ok?

So, don't worry about it, we're making the real OT guys HERE  in Frankfurt. And the guys associate and want us, because... you  know, why? If the other areas were making OTs, they would have  come here and said: "We wanna carry on and help!"  because the Sector 9 Book has been around about a year, and  everybody knows about it in Australia, even New Zealand, America,  Canada, England...

I haven't seen anybody coming over here saying: "HEY,  I've seen what you wrote in "Sector 9", man, we wanna  help handle these guys!" You know why they haven't? Because  none of them had made it. None of them have got it. I only think  maybe they got through OT III, but I know none of them got  through NOTs, for the first thing they would have realized is:  "God, we better go and help Captain Bill, he's the only  fucking guy on the Planet that's trying to get us out of this  fucking mess!"

Because you can't handle those levels without running INTO  that game. You can't finish the levels without running into that  game, and handling that game, and it's effects on you all the way  back the track. You can't DO IT! Now, all you can get is a sort  of a guy, like I said, sliding out, and then being sort of 1st  Dynamic - "Hehe..." - but you can't finish the levels  without CONFRONTING THAT GAME! So, no one has finished those  levels, because if they had finished those levels, they would  have confronted the game and realized, that by the writings and  data I'd been putting around, that we're the guys that are  handling that game over here. And nobody has come around, except  the ones you know, like the guys in Spain, and a few in Vienna,  Harry Mason, a few other guys around - ja, there is a few.

But nobody from David Mayo's lines, nobody from the lines of  the other independent groups over there, nobody from the  Australian groups - oh, there are some good guys down there that  might be playing a game, there are a few. And they're getting  more and more in comm and so on, and really appreciating what  we're doing.

But the big groups, independents, that I don't see on that  game level yet, but will HAVE to be or they're not gonna make it,  you see? The Implanters would just say: "Haha, get  them!"

How can they handle? Only if they're not effect of them  anymore. Only way they can do that, is complete the levels,  that's it. Once you've finished our bridge of OT III up through  SuperNOTs, you won't be effect of any Implanter game at all.  You'll be able to make a game to handle the Implanters. You'll be  able to find what they're doing just by knowing what they're  doing, wherever they are on the Planet. They can't even hide,  there's no way they can hide, you know. Telepathically you can  just spot them, and then you can even audit them if you want, or  even put Ethics in on them, if you want, you know? It's very  simple, ok?

So, that's what I'm saying - it's not ok to dig in at the  lower levels until you have the tools that you get at OT III and  SuperNOTs to handle the whole effects of the Implanting, right?

It is ok to find when it keyed in - key it out - it is ok to  date/locate it, right, and a little Itsa, that's ok. But NOT to  dig in, because you're getting into something that you can only  handle with processes of OT III and above, and if you don't have  them, if you're not sitting there trained as a solo auditor and  able to do it, then it makes a lot of trouble for the auditor,  right? Ok?

And I appreciate everybody's eagerness and so on, and I know  that it's just like: take your attention off of it, and put it on  something else, pick up study, or do something, or listen to  music - good New Civilizations Music - and so on, or read a book,  or something. Get some HATTING on things you may need to get  hatted on, you see? That's another thing that's interesting.  There's a LOT of data being collected - Maria is helping me to  collect, we're reading all this stuff all the time, about all the  different scenarios that are going on on the Planet. All the ones  they're building with the Outer-Space-People, and Secret  Societies, and the Masons, and these Secret Mystery Groups, and  Black Magic, and weird Medical Practices, and Hypnotism, and  weird Mind Control Practices, there's a lot of stuff going on.

We're collecting a lot of data that shows just how corny the  old civilization is, but you get interested in that - then you  start to see that: "Hey, you don't have to get back to your  earlier incidents and find out how complicated that is, just look  at how they're trying to restimulate on this Planet" - and  you will see: "Hey man, that's all they're doing!" You  can spot all the points of restimulation on the Planet today. And  it also helps you to get released on this side. Knowing how it's  being kept in restim today, ok? End of lecture.

Thank you.

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