Technical Briefing Number 3

Capt. Bill Robertson

November 9th, 1984, Frankfurt

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This is one of the centers of the Free Zone in Europe.

In the first talk we gave you a bit of the plan for opening up  a bridge in Frankfurt for making OTs.

In the second talk, I covered why Organizations and Ethics are  necessary to help produce those products.

In this lecture I want to go over briefly exactly what a  product is and how that applies to what we are doing here.

First I want to define a product from the Flag Executive  Briefing Course tapes by LRH.

"A product is a high quality service or article in the  hands of the being or group it serves in exchange for a  valuable."

In the Admin Dictionary that definition is stated in slightly  different words, but I think that one is in there too. That is  from the tape.

Now let's take up the various parts of that definition and see  how it applies here in Frankfurt.

"A high quality service or article:"

We know that first we are delivering a service when we are  auditing or training. And we are delivering an article or a thing  when we are selling a book or a course pack or some other  physical man-made articles. An E-Meter is an article. Now I think  you will immediately appreciate that the word high-quality has to  be there because low-quality products people will not purchase.  And if the quality is even below zero and turns into an  overt-product, people actually run away from it.

You can find many examples of poor-quality or overt-quality  products in the world. You can find them in the area of tech. I  have seen some of the write-ups and folders of people who  actually had overts committed on them by the church. They were  left in the middle of something and didn't get through it, they  were put on cycle after cycle leaving all incomplete or they were  invalidated after they had a win and tried to complete something.  And all the time the interest was not so much in the product as  it was in them paying for it.

So all these are examples in the tech area of poor-quality or  no-quality or overt-quality products.

In Frankfurt we want people to go up the bridge, so every  level or every grade or every review that gets them back on the  bridge is a little product and it must be of high quality. It  must be according to the actual grade chart and the bulletins in  the reality and the understanding level of the PC that we are  working with. We do not mechanically just give a person all the  commands and then say he is finished and have him falsely attest,  because a person can also accept, himself, an overt or poor  quality product and fool himself. And in this case, a lot of  times it has been done before for status reasons or to try and  save money or for other reasons best known only to those PCs who  have done it, and possibly students as well.

But in the long future ahead of you as a thetan, this does not  compute because the things you learn in Scientology training and  the things you realize in your auditing are forever. You're  receiving the training and auditing as thetans and a thetan does  not die, he carries on.

So, when you get your product from a high quality source you  can use it throughout your whole future. And that is the way you  should approach your training and auditing.

Scientology is the science of knowing how to know and it gives  the basics of life. So when the thetan really duplicates it, then  he uses this in his life right into his future.

When he has a no-product or an overt product or a poor quality  product, then you can state with certainty that his future will  be of that same quality, because that is the knowledge he is  using. I think you understand why it has to be high quality,  especially in the technology and science of Scientology.

The next part of the definition states that:

"It must be in the hands of the being or group it  serves".

A pile of books that are not sold, or not in the hands of  anybody that is reading them, is not a product. It may be a  product of the book publisher, because he sold them to you all  printed, but you must get them to the individuals to use them.

And that is the same when a person is trained. He becomes the  product of the people who trained him, but he really is a useful  product when he can deliver the knowledge he has of auditing to  others. So he has to be "in the hands of the being or group  he serves".

That means that he should be delivering that auditing to  preclears because he is trained to do it. Now when we have a solo  auditor trained he is in the hands of the being he services  -himself - and he has the responsibility to carry himself through  to OT.

The product must be transferred over to the hands of the  people that it is used by or it serves.

So the third part of the definition is:

"In exchange for a valuable".

The people who make the products will not be able to make them  very long even if they are doing high quality products if they do  not get exchange for it. This is very obvious.

The people who like to give away their services for nothing  don't have any support, so the exchange must be in. Of course if  they try to get too much out of reality and charge too much also  they don't get support. In the middle somewhere is a good place  to exchange.

Now the valuable does not have to be money because money is  only an idea, a consideration of value, something you can trade  for the necessities you need to survive. It's based on confidence  that people will accept it and give you something for it. If  somebody comes and says, (Capt. Bill shows a sheet of paper)  "that piece of paper here is money, and you should give me a  pound of coffee or a kilo of coffee for that", they laugh at  you. No confidence. But since this (the piece of paper) is an  OCA, scoring things for a personality test, somebody who is  starting up and needs one of these, he may consider it valuable  enough to give you a pound of coffee for it, because you share  the same confidence that this is valuable.

And that is the same thing with paper-money. Everybody has  this agreement that it is worth something. The valuable could be  anything however, it could be gold, silver, paper money, it could  be lodging, food, it could be something that the person needs in  exchange for his product.

LRH once mentioned that when the confidence goes out of the  money, the world will revert to a barter system or a trade system  such as that. I don't have to tell you very much about the  problems with paper money here, because I know you have all read  about the Weimar Republic, where the money was inflating so fast  that you used to have to take big thousands and thousands of  Marks to buy bread and they only were printed on one side because  they had to issue so much of it.

But that was not a situation that only happened in Germany.  The same situation with money has happened in France, America,  England, and other countries throughout history. However, they do  not much put it in history books, because it is upsetting and it  might start people thinking about it -"Why do I think that  paper is valuable today?"

So, not to get too far away from the concept of product, but  the idea is: Make sure that when you are producing, you are also  making a viable exchange. Viable means you are able to live with  it. You are able to have confidence in it, that you will survive  with it.

So your exchange should be able to help you make more  products, correct? Part of it. Part of it should be able to help  you survive in the future. And part of it should be for your  daily survival. In other words, how you eat and have to pay your  rent and the telephone and everything every day ?

By the way, that is all covered in Financial Planning Policy  of how you make reserves for your future and how you handle your  daily necessities and how you invest in service facilities for  your production.

So we have come around full circle again to why you also need  to know Policy while you are delivering tech. And you also need  to know Ethics so you do not accept an overt product and you  don't give overt products. And you have to know the basics of  Scientology so that you can help all the dynamics to survive. And  when you know the basics that will give you the confidence to  live throughout the future.

This sort of summarizes what I said in the last lecture that  you cannot just deliver tech forever without also including  Policy and Ethics.

I assume that you understand what a product is, and why it is  important.

Now I would like to give you, to end off this tape, just one  example of a very overt product and what methods have to be done  to make people accept it. And that is a product which we call  commonly in Scientology an implant. Or to make more  understandable in today's language, an attempt to control your  mind, or an attempt to influence your thinking and your  decisions.

Many, many years all the way back the track, some people,  mostly suppressives, have tried to do this. That is one reason  that Scientology is so popular amongst the people that really  understand it. It is a very worthwhile product, because it also  keeps them from falling into that trap.

Now, if you realize that an implant or mind-control operation  is a product that nobody wants and nobody needs, then you realize  that the person who is delivering that product must do it under  false pretenses or do it secretly or do it covertly and give you  a false reason why you should accept it.

This is what has happened in the past on the track and is  happening in present time. These overt products have been used to  control people and especially try to control those people and  groups who would resist that product, I should add who resist  violently this type of product. In other words, people like us.

Because many people will just accept it and go along and  reduce their awareness and just play a game at a lower level. And  thus you find people who are just interested in their first  dynamic or their second dynamic. They haven't any others. They  have all been not-ised, suppressed, with the agreement of that  person. They cannot confront it because there is force there.

So, when people start taxing you heavily, over 50% going up to  60%, there is a gradient there, you know, a product you don't  like. You see, they don't just come in and say,"there is no  taxes today, and then tomorrow there is going to be a 100%  tax". They don't do it that way. Everybody will go  "NO!".

First they say, "we have this very good  reason,"(false reason) "that we must take a little bit  of your income for your old age. And we must take a little bit  more for the people that are not working. And we must take a  little bit more to handle the bad guys over there and to make  weapons to keep them out. All for your safety, you understand.  And we must take a little bit more to run all the administration  and everything, all the people and posts and all these people who  control this money". (And make sure that you don't know  where it's gone).

You realize that if all the tax money of any country or even  half of it was in vested in Scientology for each person in the  country, they wouldn't need all these things. And very shortly in  the future they wouldn't even need to tax anyone, because the  people would all be making products and getting exchange.

And they wouldn't have any reason to fight other  Scientologists in other countries. And they wouldn't worry about  growing old, because they'd know they would take another body.  And they wouldn't worry about getting sick too much, because they  could handle auditing and handle most of it right there in their  auditing. And they wouldn't have to worry about all these  insurance problems and worry about whether they'll have an  accident or not, because the people who are PTS would have been  handled and they wouldn't have accidents.

It would be quite a different world. There may be some normal,  understandable taxes such as, for instance, a little tax on the  roads or the gasoline, little ones, just to keep all the roads  going. Or a small tax on the properties to make sure that they  have the gas, electricity and everything. But that is a service  or a product or an article that you understand. And you can  understand it and you can pay it, if it is reasonable.

But how can you understand a government taking over 50% of  your working wage in addition to those. They don't tell you what  they do with all the money. And the insurance companies don't  tell you what they do with all the money they collect.

You figure it out some time by the number of people in the  country employed or driving a car multiplied by the amount you  have to pay in one year for your insurance and your taxes and  figure out, just how much money that is, going through the  government or through the insurance companies and then divide it  by the number of people in the country and see if you get that  much exchange back. You find you don't.

So, where does it go? Well, a lot of that money is going into  methods of controlling you so that you won't ask those kind of  questions. A lot of it is going in the public scenario so that  you will realize "I'm glad they have all these weapons and  somebody is taking care of it over there."

So to keep people under control when they are able to think,  they must get very clever. They must take any group that starts  to protest and make sure it is not listened to. They must make  sure that any individual who writes a book or something like that  does not get it into the bookstores. They must make sure that  anyone who comes up with a much better way of living is actually  made a terrible person with all the press and reports that they  can find.

And they must keep telling you lies. Such as "You only  live once." "You are an animal." "You are  going to get sick and you are going to die sometime in your  life." "You need protection from all the bad people in  the other countries."

These kinds of lies. Another thing is, "You shouldn't  think about the mind. It's dangerous. That's best left in the  hands of those qualified to do so." (Who have the marvelous  technologies of taking out a light bulb and inserting somebody's  hand into an electric shock, or putting the electrodes on the  head. And all done with great scientific precision.) And anyone  who believes that this bullshit works I would love to see them  hold two bare wires from a light socket in their hands for a  while to get better. Anyone could test it in their house. You  don't need a psychiatrist at a very high fee to find out that it  is a very overt product. But look how it is promoted! You see  what I mean.

The whole world, the western world especially, is sitting in a  made-up series of lies. I give you another one. What about  astrology? Anyone, who examines astrology will find out that it  could have only one purpose: and that purpose is to keep you on  this planet. Because it's nowhere else where you could get  star-charts from and your planetary movements except from this  planet. In actual fact astrology is an implant that was given to  thetans long ago on the track and it was said to predict what  your life is going to be like in a body, and you better follow or  you are getting a lot of trouble. And to follow it you have to  stay on the Earth and keep watching the stars and the planets. So  it makes a wonderful way to keep people on the planet not wanting  to go elsewhere. A great trap.

And they make you afraid, for instance, to go to some other  countries outside of Europe for instance, because it's so much  trouble out there, it's so much crime, it's so much terrible  people. You see it in the newspapers every day.

All this is created. It's a game to keep everyone's attention  firmly fixed and firmly afraid of doing anything except what they  hear and what they are told. In actual fact, when you go around  the world to different countries -I have in Africa, South  America, Central America, and of course all the countries in  Europe- you find, that people, if you treat them as a thetan plus  a body normally, (unless they are very keyed in or aberrated),  they are very much the same all around. They all like the same  things. They are trying to survive. And they are trying to make a  better life for themselves and they are very friendly. They are  not enemies.

Man is basically good, LRH said. He said also a very  interesting thing on an OT briefing tape in 1952. I don't know if  I quote it exactly, but you will get the meaning. He said that if  someone wanted to control you, they would have to lie to you. And  then he said, "If someone is lying to you, or more, anyone  who is lying to you, is trying to control you." That's a  very deep statement.

Anyone who is lying to you is trying to control you. So when a  person says, "hey, this newspaper story, I know, that's not  true, it's only a little bit, some is true, but the rest is  totally false." Then, who ever wrote that story or their  senior or their boss is trying to control you. That's how that  goes.

And you have used it in your daily life, I bet. Somebody is  upset. You go over to him and say, "Oh, that's alright, it's  going to be alright. You are OK." You know that it is not  OK. The truth is that it is not OK. That the person has an  ARC-break or something that has to be handled. But using all that  "OK, relax" and "all will be alright", what  do you think you are trying to do? You are trying to control it  to stop that dramatization. You are trying to control it.

That's why Scientology is so valuable. Because a Scientologist  will look at it, and say "tell me more about it", and  he can talk about it and get rid of the charge. Or, if he is an  auditor he can get in session and say, "Do you have an  ARC-Break, present time problem," and get the data from that  person, because that person has the truth.

And that is the difference between a control operation and a  freeing operation. In the control operation they will lie to you  and they will evaluate for you, and they will tell you, what is  true for you. "Oh, you are getting old, take it easy... you  must go to a doctor two times a year for a check-up." I  haven't been to the doctor in 20 years. What for?

So the thing is, in a freeing operation, they will tell you  the truth. But more importantly, they will ask you what your  truth is. Moreover, the communication is free, is open. And you  learned that in auditing to tell the difference between what is a  person's own communication and which communication they are  repeating, that comes from somebody else.

There is an interesting policy about this called "The  Third Party Law", where LRH even says that this is one of  the major policies that in ancient civilizations has been out. No  one understood the third party law. And that is one reason they  failed, because they did not spot who was doing it.

Here in Frankfurt, what we are doing is making OTs. And an OT  is a being who is at cause over matter, energy, space, time,  thought and life. Or you could also look at it as a person who is  cause over his dynamics. Because all these things are in the  dynamics as well.

And it's a gradient, because you can be more at cause, more at  cause, more at cause. And you can even get at cause over other  dynamics as well, especially when you start creating products.

So, what we want to do is create that operation that leads  towards freedom. And not one that leads you into being at effect  or being controlled.

It is unnecessary to control people when they have their own  sense of ethics. And as they go up the bridge they will develop  their own sense of ethics and apply it to all dynamics.

This is why you see different grades of OTs and phenomena on  the bridge. You have probably known OTs that don't seem very  causative. For instance, they may keep their body pretty healthy  but they are still having situations on the second dynamic or  third dynamic. And they never even moved onto the fourth or the  seventh dynamic. It's a gradient. And you find others that can do  more things on some other dynamics. Well, as you go up the levels  on the grade chart then you will find that you become more cause  on all of those dynamics and all of those areas. And the main  thing you want to see is more people doing it.

Because you always like to have a good game and good  communication, and if you don't have anybody to communicate with  it's very lonely. You have to restrict all of your areas of  information and knowledge and so on and only speak about those  things which other people can have.

So there are actually two solutions: You can Q and A and go  back downscale and become just a human being who believes he is a  body. Or you can try to get other people up to where you can have  friends across all the dynamics.

Now with these data you can start looking around you in life,  and I advise you to read more of LRH's books, especially  "Creation of Human Ability", the Axioms, and other of  his books, your dictionaries, Tech- and Admin Dictionaries, and  really get an idea what this is all about. It is something that I  have been waiting for, and I know a lot of you have been waiting  for, for a long long time in this universe.

And I believe that we should not Q and A and start reducing  our cause level just because there are still some suppressives  around and implanters who want to control your mind and your body  and your thoughts because that is the way down into succumb.

So this is what you look at when you are going up the OT  levels. You look at this very carefully and it all becomes fun.  It becomes a game. Realize that you can be, or do, or play at any  level. You can go into a place where people believe they are  bodies and play like you are a body. You don't have to agree to  it. You can just play it. But you can always be creating a better  world and a better set of dynamics for yourself and others.

And if you look at yourself at the top of the freeing  movement, then you realize that it is our job to make sure the  others don't Q and A. The people who are believing in control,  let them make Q and A. Because they are all thetans as well. They  just became so used to it over the centuries and years and years  of the track they can't see any bigger. It's like people who are  totally in astrology. They will tell you how wonderful it is. And  they also won't have any idea or hope or any purpose of leaving  the planet.

The implanters who are putting these overt products on the  thetans for so many years and so on, added to the own overts of  everyone on the track of knocking out other people's dynamics  just brought the whole game down to a rather dull level.

LRH states in Volume 2 of the Red Volumes in an HCOB on  randomity, he says "the randomity level of Earth is somewhat  like a snail crawling across a lawn on a hot summer day." He  also stated on a Briefing Course tape, that "you haven't  done anything in this life that could aberrate you". You may  have restimulated something that you did get aberrated by in the  past, but you haven't done anything in this life that is really  aberrative.

Because your cause level back the track was a lot higher than  it is now. And the things you did that brought you from OT all  the way down to where you just became a PC some time in this life  were much more powerful than the things you have done in this  life. Realize your state of ability before was without all the  knowledge and the data we now have.

So when you move back up toward OT it is not only the  abilities you gain back, but you have the technical data, the  basics, the axioms and the knowledge to use it correctly. And use  it for the betterment of the games and improvement of dynamics,  and to get more people able to play. So that's what it is all  about, that is what we are doing here. And that is what LRH  intended to do when he started writing his books and to audit.

He never has changed that purpose. The people, who are lying  to you about him, about LRH, they are lying in the newspapers, in  the RTC, and so on... are trying to control you. The people who  are writing the stories about him in the papers are trying to  control you. If you want to find out what LRH really intended for  this planet read his books. If he had any other purpose he  wouldn't have written those books. He wouldn't have given you  2000 tapes about how to get free. In other words, he was trying  to free you. It is only people that are lying to you that are  trying to control you.

So this, I hope, gets spread out widely through the Free Zone,  and people take another look at all these rumors and stories and  everything they hear and go back to source and read what LRH  wrote and what he said on the tapes.

You have also heard, "if it isn't written, it isn't  true". But the opposite isn't necessarily true either. If it  is written it does not always mean it is true. There have been  many lies written.

That was only stated in policy as the first point to consider  to avoid rumor lines. It was first to get in writing, and then  check it out. See if it was true, if it really came from LRH or  not. And you can always tell wether something came from LRH or  not, because if it did come from LRH it would be in line with his  basic purposes and goals given in his books and tapes.

So, I hope that I have been able to tell you, one, what a  product is, two, what making a product called an OT is all about,  and three, what the overt product makers and the control  operations are all about as well.

I think I have made it pretty clear there and always, when I  come to those points I realize that I couldn't have been standing  here talking unless I had absorbed and duplicated a lot of this  knowledge during this lifetime. That is the certainty of it, from  having used this and applied this and seen it work, knowing it is  a high quality product.

The knowledge applies, it works. And again, we have to  acknowledge that LRH has put it there for us to learn and to use  and play a better game.

So on that note, I would like to end this Tech Briefing No. 3  and encourage anyone or any auditing group that is around the  planet, if they want to connect up with the Frankfurt group  -which we are calling Ron's Organization and Network for Standard  Technology, which abbreviates to RON'S- if they want to be part  of that network which believes, or let's say knows or has  confidence in these very some things (because believe is a little  bit lower on the scale than knowingness). If you really apply  that and you really apply that and you really see it works, then  you know it works. Then those people will join in that agreement  and that understanding and that confidence and I believe we can  create in the coming year a very strong new civilization based on  the truth and based on the creative abilities of the thetans and  OTs we are making. And improving their abilities to where they  can have a New Civilization.

And with the full confidence and other people supporting these  postulates in the coming year we can create a very strong New  Civilization which is based on freedom and people moving up this  gradient to OT. And we will all be able to play a better game and  have a lot of fun.

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