Technical Briefing Number 1

by Capt. Bill Robertson

held in

Frankfurt, 12th October 1984

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It is important to understand what LRH did during the last 20  to 30 years. His main job was to develop, research and publish  the technology. The other things he did, like starting the orgs  and doing management and so on, were secondary. That was done as  a necessary thing to protect the technology, and to keep it  expanding. But he has stated many times that whenever things got  tough in the world, or if there was a big attack on Scientology,  then he would always go back and finish the technical research  for the next level-- So that new or later developments that he  would find and put out would keep people moving up the bridge,  and they would therefore be better able to confront and handle  whatever attacks were being made against Scientology.

The last time that I have seen LRH personally, which was in  the year 1980, in the fall, he had just completed the final  technical development and research on the presentation of  standard tech by film, by pictures, so it can never be altered by  anyone in the future.

It is very interesting to note that those films are no longer  available in the church. We are trying to get copies, but the  excuses they give are that the films show people who are  declared, and that they are scratched, and some are damaged, and  that "we don't use them anymore".

Now, any one of you, that knows the HCOPL 17 Jun 70  "Technical Degrades", will realize that this is the  technical proof that LRH could not be behind RTC. Because he  would never have allowed anything that he developed --to give  exactly how the TRs and metering should be used-- not to be used  anymore. We are just talking about the technical side this time.  In the years that I worked with Ron, he explained to me a few  times what his main job was in the research. It was basically, he  said, like going into a dark room, opening a door into a dark  room, and trying to find a door at the other end. Without a light  or a guidebook. He said the only thing he would go in with would  be an E-Meter. As he would bump into things, or run into  difficulties in the "room" (or level) that he was  researching, he would then have to find out how he could get back  to the door and start again with the E-Meter. And finally, after  exploring the various ways to get through this area, he would  finally find the door at the other side, and could go into the  next level.

"Now, he said, the bulletins you see written are the  exact path through the room. There are many other things that  could be written, but they are not the direct path through the  room."

In the C/Sing of a level, we find certain remedies and  corrections which help people get back to that path through the  room-- if they go off into the wrong direction. These are the  correction programs and so on. You see that in various things  like the green form, the resistive case bulletins, the things  handling various types of things on the GF40, other list actions,  and so on. These exact things and some of the remedies, some of  the OT Correction handlings when a case caves in, these are the  various ways to get back on to that path.

Now, we have found out that, after 1980, when Ron did go off  the lines (because he disappeared from the place where he was  working at that time in California), that certain technical  bulletins have appeared. But I happen to know, and so do many  other technical terminals, that, in the materials, parts are  written by LRH. Parts of them. Other parts are not written by  him. These are parts of his research that came from his research  notes of the past which he did not want to put into the levels  because they are not the direct path to the door. Alright, this  is the reason that in the Free Zone technical centers there are  many Solo Nots Completions. I think there are 20 to 30 right now,  and so far, in the church, there is only one or maybe a few more.  But, they are only promoting that there is one.

We cannot analyze the church's technology anymore by the  policy of Scientology. We can only analyze it by the emotion of  greed in asking people to "pay, pay, pay" for more-- to  not go through the room, but wander around in it for awhile until  all the money is gone.

I hope you understand this. That describes to you what Ron  went through to do the research to give you the bridge.

His workday on the Flagship, when I was there for 6 to 7  years, that I observed him working was: every day in his whole  schedule there was approximately eight hours a day devoted to  tech and eight hours devoted to handling management, admin and  ships affairs. I never saw him work less than 16 hours a day in  that six years, never saw him get a pay-check for the week of  more than 80 dollars. I do know that when we were ready to come  to America and go off the ship that if Ron had wanted to take all  of the Sea Org reserve monies, which was at that time about a  hundred million dollars (for the Sea Org, for the churches for  making buildings and continuing expansion, that is what it is  for), that if he wanted to go and disappear with all the money,  that we would have said, "OK, fantastic, he has done a  fantastic job". But he didn't do that. He went to America  and carried on finishing the NOTs research and OT level research,  and doing the films, the technical standard films, knowing  already that there were many, shall we say people, who in the  United States were waiting to attack him and his family. This  does not sound like the actions of a man who is operating on a  basis of just money.

The lies spread about LRH are proportional to the overts that  those people who spread the lies have done against him and his  family.

The people who transmit or relay the lies, especially amongst  Scientologists, are merely people who probably have not made the  place on the grade chart where they are supposed to be. Because  anyone who has gains from Scientology, and real wins or  abilities, knows Ron's purpose on this planet.

His first duty was to help thetans to rehabilitate and go back  to their native state, and that it was, in fact, a way to become  self-determined and pan-determined and at cause again.

Even the last possibility of a person remaining at effect was  covered by LRH in the tech; where he said on the Class 8 course,  "the last thing you will have to run out, the last thing, is  your track of auditing, because, you realize, that from the  definition of a thetan at cause, that whenever he is sitting in  an auditing chair, no matter how good the auditing is by the  auditor's code, which puts the PC at cause over his case, and  helps him, he was still scheduled by the auditor, he was told to  pick up the cans, told to start, and to end, and he was under  control, though it is a control that is leading him in the  direction of getting him free". And Ron said even that  little bit of the person at effect has to be audited.

So, auditing is not a trap, Scientology is not a trap, but it  can be used as a trap, if the purpose of LRH is not followed.

Now, at this point I'll ask you if there are any questions  about LRH or anything I have said, because next I'm going to tell  you about what we do in Frankfurt.

Question from a person at the event:

"There are many bulletins after 1980, like data  about checking grades processes for reads and that sort of  thing. Now how do we know where the data ends?"

I covered this point with several tech people in England and  America between 1980 and 1982, and it was decided at that point  (it is arbitrary of course, but it is a decision and it works)  that we take the end of 1980 because that is the last time, we  can be sure, that LRH was there and receiving any technical  bulletins back and forth for OK, and his approval, and all these  auditors that have audited some 20 years, and when done  correctly, have great results with all the tech from before that.  So there seems to be no reason to actually change it.

Ron did that continuously as he would get feed-back. You see,  the Flagship was an experimental place also. Many of us that were  on board were asked if we would volunteer to take part in  research sessions.

I might add to that point about the research. I told you  before that Ron didn't write the bulletins immediately after  getting through the dark room himself, but would make sure that  cases of all types, difficult cases or easy cases, or people that  have gone up the bridge this way and that way, whatever, that  oldtimers, new people, could all receive the same results by  getting PCs and auditors to do it on the Flagship. So there was  continuously, as they came out, there was always the way that  every single person could go up the most, perhaps shall we  say, not particularly the easiest, but the most efficient way. It does not mean fast. It means the person would be able to  confront and handle that which came next and go up the bridge.

Now, on the Class 8 Course he made his point that it was all  conforming to the basics of Scientology. So, the only changes you  would see in the bulletin after that was if there was some pretty  large percentage of when they put the tech in the field, that  some problems arose, and it wasn't found on the Flagship, then  there would be a slight revision or something.

Now you have to realize that, since 1980, there has been  another motive in this. And that is to keep the person paying for  his auditing.

As Ron said on the Class 8 Course, there are a million ways to  do it wrong and there is only one way to do it right, and you can  make a million dollars doing a million wrong things and finally  come back to the right one, or you could put them through the  correct way the first time, and then you can make a lot of OTs.

Ron's purpose in the Tech was to get the thetans up to OT, and  we can not see this purpose in the bulletins that have come up  since 1980.

The actual additions of various rundowns, and things people  must do, some of these are merely, shall we say, special  handlings. They are not major actions. That means that not  everyone on the planet would need a R/D concerning how to better  fix an automobile, or how to handle their 2nd dynamic or  something like that, or how to handle their problems with Ethics.  Some people would need that, but the others would handle that on  their regular bridge.

So, we have a path that is very well researched, and very well  experimented, and very well taped out which does result in  increased abilities and causativeness. And I have compared the  case levels of people who have done the bridge before 1980, and  the ones who have done it since with the church, and there is a  great difference. It is a difference which can be measured in  terms of dynamic responsibility, the responsibility in life over  the various dynamics, and in the reality and communications  levels of the people involved. I think you may yourself know of  some of these examples.

I have found people in the church doing NOTs auditing, which  is now the top level of the released bridge, who were afraid to  communicate, afraid to find out everything. They kept very low  profiles, they were very effect. It did not seem to me that they  were able to cause much effect.

Another thing that people may be interested in, and this is to  finish the answer on the question, is what Ron predicted for  Scientology on the PDC tapes in 1952.

The PDC Course was an actual OT Course. It dealt with the  thetan's ability to mock up things and to make things of his  universe and to reduce his being effect of the MEST-Universe  (matter, energy, space, time).

He said in those lectures that Scientology had a short space  on Earth to flourish and prosper; between the time that man had  gained control over his environment and his machines where they  released him for a little more free time to do spiritual things,  and before those men with evil purposes would use those machines  to enslave you.

This apparently has been a repeated history on the track. We  see it happening in the world. He also said that we must get the  tech fully developed and in use before the "shades of  night" fall, and he referred to that as the "Shades of  Night" coming down, or keeping all ideas and new  developments a secret, so they could be used to control people  rather than let them gain more freedom.

You see that today with all these mysterious secrets that are  going on behind the scenes, and you never get to hear about what  is really developed. All the ideas for a New Civilization, for  instance, are kept from you, or not allowed to be developed.

I think that fully answers why we put that arbitrary date in  there.

I also might mention one other thing about the Grade chart,  since you are all on it, we are all on it.

The grade chart represents the majority of cases at the time  it was developed, how they can progress. However, as a C/S, you  do not always go by only that, because, as you know, not everyone  is average. You must do the basics of Scientology with each case  on an individual basis. This is the only way you can handle  resistive cases, or someone that comes in and has just recently  arrived, and is already a Natural Clear, and has no drugs or  medicine in this lifetime.

So each is different. There are the extremes, and there is the  middle, but no case is exactly like any others, as no thetan is  exactly like any others. In fact, you will find that if every  case was the same, all their cognitions and all their answers to  the questions on the processes would be the same. But they are  not.

The questions are the right ones, the answers are the  individual ones from that thetan to get him through that  particular ability level. And if there is something necessary to  be done to get him to that "going up the bridge in the  middle", then we must choose the exact thing that will get  him there without any problems so he has no difficulty in  continuing. Which brings me to the reason why I am giving you  this tech briefing.

We will be starting now full-time, 1st or 2nd week in  December, the moving of all cases in the Frankfurt area that can  exchange right up the bridge.

Now, you ask, "why here in Frankfurt? Because you are  supposed to be in Spain?" and all that stuff. We are doing  the same thing in Spain, but I do not speak Spanish and the cases  in Spain are all at a level where they can be handled very easily  by a lower class auditor. Many have not had much auditing at all.  I have programmed or C/Sed for each of the people there. I have  trained up a Spanish speaking auditor on the DCSI so we can keep  whichever ones that are clear going on up.

But also, there is a matter of exchange, and there is not much  exchange in Spain. The people there do not have any extra money  to do anything under the socialist government, and to tell you  the truth, I couldn't survive on just doing tech in Spain. In  fact, I was not even going to do any tech anywhere. I was  depending on David Mayo's and the other AACs to expand quickly.  But, something a bit upsetting to me has occurred in the last 4-5  months that is despite all our advice to them on policy.

Disagreements with the AACs

Remember what I have told you about policy. It is the 3rd  dynamic tech which protects the technology. The AACs have  actually stated in writing to me that they do not intend to use  Ethics, they do not intend to use Policy. I happen to know that  all people will not go up the bridge without those things in use.

If you understand the mechanics of PTSness, when that occurs,  it must be handled. It's Ethics, it's an Ethics handling. If you  don't have that, it's a roller coaster.

Policy and Tech complement each other. But that is not the most upsetting thing. That was the first one.

The second upsetting thing was that it is allowed and even  promoted by Div 6s and Div 2s. I do not accuse any tech people  for this because I am sure they do the right things with their  tech. But, the administrative people and publics of those AACs  are permitting extreme criticism of LRH and repeating of the  enemy's stories that are appearing in the newspapers, and were  started by known SPs, such as Nibs Hubbard-deWolfe (who was Ron's  antagonistic son from a former marriage).

They have thought it OK to keep promoting the words of Flynn,  who is dedicated to destroy the church, and Ron de Wolfe, who is  dedicated to destroying LRH and Scientology. I have that in  writing from Ron de Wolfe himself. In a letter, he stated he has  been trying to take apart Scientology, brick by brick, for 30  years. Yet, it is OK, it's allowed to say, "I think this is  right. LRH was in black magic, and he was taking drugs, and he  was doing all this, and he ripped off all this money," and  they are allowed to say that. They even write that down in their  magazines and stuff like this.

Now I ask you: If this is permitted and they send a person up  the bridge, in the future when he goes out and says "I am a  Scientologist", (by the way, they also send out letters  stating "We do not say we are Scientologists anymore".  I have a letter saying that from Harvey Haber from the AAC, who  is the DIV6 of David Mayo's.), when they say that and go out and  say, "Well, I've had my auditing" to someone they are  in communication with for business or a job or just contacts,  these people could just turn around and say, "Well, that's  very funny, because 5 years ago you told me this guy who founded  all this stuff was crazy, into black magic, and he was this and  that". To put it mildly, and in the most lightly way, they  are destroying their own future. It is like a man climbing a rope  ladder up the side of a cliff and saying, "Man, the guy who  built this ladder, he didn't know what the hell he was doing. The  things that hold the ropes are all weak, and it's going to fall  in any minute." Well, why the hell is he climbing the  ladder? Why doesn't he just stay down there? It is not  understandable.

This is why I realized that they needed a C/S in Frankfurt. I  realized, also, that many people have been, shall we say, a  little bit messed-about by the old church. I realize that people  are willing to exchange to have all this handled and go up the  bridge standardly. I can also read and speak some German,  although I must translate some of it. Also, Frankfurt and Germany  are a very key part in the 4th dynamic, which I also take  responsibility in my universe for handling so that we do not  become slaves. So, for all of these reasons I decided to actually  start some very standard going up the bridge for people from any  level, because at first it was going to be OT levels. But, there  are not enough people just there yet. But we will get them all  the way up and then carry them up to the very standard OT  abilities.

As I say, I can recommend any technical person that anyone  wants to ask on the planet that is doing the tech standardly.  David Mayo does very standard tech, and so do all the people he  trained.

All I am stating here is that the environment which they are  in tends to make them PTS. Eventually, it will stop or hinder or  cause them to drop the cause levels or the ability levels they  have obtained.

So it is not the fault of the auditor. The fault is that they  do not have a 3rd dynamic tech in the org, and the Ethics around  it to protect it.

Now perhaps you have seen the order that Dorothee wrote with  my approval about the drug-scene over at the "Avalon".  This is an example of a gradient of ethics being applied and the  correct policy being used to handle PTSs and giving them a chance  to get back on the standard line. Do you know that there is no  AAC in the world that I have seen an issue from? That there is no  tech delivery center in the world that I have seen an issue from  to handle an ethics situation? They can't confront it. I could  handle it as a C/S with them. Because they have been hit by  incorrect ethics by RTC, they backed off from using it totally.

To stop using it totally is like a man who has a wreck with  his car, and he never wants to drive again. Or, like a person who  has had a bad auditing session and it is very hard to get him  back into session. There are handlings for this.

LRH said the tech could be used to suppress people. Policy can  be used, Ethics can be used with Policy, but when used correctly,  no problems, you go right up the bridge. Actually, I wrote the  chapter about Ethics in "What is Scientology?". I wrote  that chapter and sent it to LRH, and he personally OK'd it. What  was written was put in the book. And in that, it states that  Ethics is a technology, and it covers conditions, it covers  getting off overts, and sec checks, and covers the PTS/SP  phenomena, and boards of investigation and other justice actions.

These are all technical tools. They should be used correctly  and for the right thing. The way RTC is using them, saying,  "I don't like these findings for the Comm Ev. You find it  this way. Now go back and do it the way I say," is totally  against policy written on it.

You think, why can't people see this. The Convening Authority,  or authority who calls the committee, cannot influence the  committee. He can only accept the findings or reject them. He can  not tell them what they should be. It is an evaluation and, in  fact, you don't even need a committee if you don't follow that  policy.

And now, you find in the writing of RTC itself stating,  "we now declare people at the finger". They even say  this themselves, no comm ev. They will even tell (we have  witnessed statements), they will even tell the person "you  can have a committee, but you will lose." The other thing  is, they are mixing the technologies again. They are alter-ising  the technology of ethics. They are confusing conditions with  justice actions.

A justice action is a 3rd dynamic action when the person  cannot get his 1st dynamic ethics in himself, so he needs the  help of the group.

Condition formulas are actually the way to expand and flourish  and prosper in the universe. They are meant to be applied  causatively by the person on an individual basis. If the wrong  one is applied, and this is stated in Policies on Ethics on a  tape, if the wrong one is applied, the person will fall down the  conditions to the one lower. Very exact. This happens all the  time.

You notice how many SP-declares have come out in the last few  years-- 2000 and more-- and from the viewpoint of the church, all  those 2000 fell to the next one lower. If you look at an SP being  an enemy - they went to treason and they resigned from the  church. It was the wrong condition. Obviously, they didn't come  up.

Ethics is to get the guy up. Some of them went to doubt and  did a whole doubt thing, and when they did that correctly, back  to treason they went again and were gone. Some of them went down  to confusion and remained there, and they didn't want anything to  do with anyone. That is an example of misapplication of ethics.  But what we have been doing in OTC WW is trying to make sure that  not only the tech survives, but the policy and ethics as well,  all those technologies.

So, in Frankfurt we will find that we will do it that way.  When, for instance, you hear someone carrying on and nattering  about this and that and the other, it should be reported to  ethics. The person is called in, and HCO justice policies are  applied. It's called Manual of Justice, where, by finding out who  told you that, you trace it back to the source. And when you get  to this source, he either agrees to have his overts and withholds  pulled on the terminal he is criticizing, or if he doesn't agree,  then a justice action is called by the 3rd dynamic to decide  where this person is sitting in relation to the group, like a  Comm Ev or whatever.

There is no condition formula which says criticisms are  handled in this condition. That's not the purpose of the  condition formulas. You can't put a person in a condition because  he is critical.

The church does this all the time. (Ha, you are critical of  us, you must be with the enemy, you are suppressive.) There is no  such thing. The technology for handling criticism is given in the  red bulletins. Also, it comes from O/Ws and M/Wh Technology.

It is very easy and everything has a basic and a way to handle  it. When you mix these up you get salt in the coffee and sugar on  the meat.

First of all, we will start this program off by making sure we  collect whatever data we have on a case, or whatever auditing you  have had. We can do that with a white form plus a D of P  interview, or you can write it up yourself and we check it with a  D of P interview, or summaries, what you had on the bridge or off  the bridge. It is up to the D of P to get the complete data now.

I'm a permanent Class 8, awarded by LRH, and I know what to do  with a case problem. You have to have the data on the case. We  get these data together, and before anything else is done, I look  it over as a C/S, and then I make sure that the next correct  action is done-- after which the person should be on the bridge.  Now, that means he may be on the bridge already, but, so far, I  haven't found anyone that is standardly on the bridge.

Some people have had invalidative sec checks, some people have  started to go into endless corrections, and some people have been  programmed to, shall we say, to do actions on the side, which are  not necessary to go up the bridge and probably not needed.

For instance, a girl asked me in Vienna, "I have this  problem of playing before an audience. I'm anxious, I'm  nervous." So, she said, "can you handle that?" I  said "yes. Well, I'm also a C/S. Where are you on the  bridge?" "Well, I think I've done  ARC-Straightwire/Life-Repair."

She really wanted this handled. Now, if I was interested in  just money I would say "sure, it will take 50 hours, I'll  handle it." No. I only want the fair exchange. But, I want  the best thing for the PC, so I told her, "First, go up the  bridge. Get your grades. You can do it here, or in Langenthal or  whatever, and when you are up the grades it should have been  handled. If it is not, then let me know and we will handle  it."

She was surprised. I said, "Well, what do you think the  grades are for?" The things like that, that the thetan can  obtain, each grade handles the different parts of these things.  If you know the grade chart, you can see all the abilities that  people achieve on those grades. If they really achieve those, I  don't think she would be nervous after Grade IV.

Well, if you look at it, it could be a problem in  communications, it could be a problem with a problem about it.  She could have O/Ws and be a little nervous about being found  out. It's right there somewhere, or an ARC break or dramatization  of a service fac, it could be anything. So honestly, as a C/S, I  have to tell her, "you go up the bridge". The church  would probably say, "ha, you need a Sunshine Rundown, so you  are happy all the time." 50 hours of that. That's a very  high price. So, you see, this is what we want to get back: the  intention of LRH in developing the Tech. And, in addition to the  intentions of LRH, we want to get back in (I say "get back  in" because it is not there now) the recognition of source.  Because there are people now in England going around and saying  that, "Ron didn't develop the tech", and they are  saying, "John McMasters developed it", and other people  like David Mayo, and some of the Class 10s, "Otto Roos  developed the Tech".

How soon they forgot that I was on the Flagship for 7 years  when he, LRH, developed everything.

From the Class 8 Course all the way through NED for OTs,  starting with the NED course, all the tech in-between and  including the Ext/Int-Rd and the Drug-Rundown, OT Drug Rundowns  and everything that was developed right in that period.

As the captain of the ship, I made a tour of the ship many  times a day, and I saw him at the office, working on the Tech 8  hours a day. I didn't see any of those other guys doing it.

So it's very strange to me, that these stories can be  circulating amongst Scientologists. That's as silly as me saying  that since I was used on a pilot process or an experimental  process of some of the Ls, (you know, the Ls, L10, L11, L12). I  was given some of those on the Flag Ship, as an experiment. But,  it's like me going around saying "I helped develop the  Ls." I didn't do any of the research on the Ls. I was a PC  or a PreOT.

You see the difference. And even then, I mean, that people  would believe this. It shows me that we are on the correct path  only here in Frankfurt, and in Spain, or wherever we are putting  the OTC WW. Because, as I said, the other areas are becoming more  and more increasingly (as they are not getting their overts  pulled), they are getting more and more critical, and spreading  these rumors and so on like that. They are false.

OK. That's my viewpoint and I hope you like it. But I think  what you are being given, if I may look at it now from another  viewpoint, what we are doing here is actually also a pilot  process in Frankfurt, right. And as a result of this, you may be  the first people to be able to promote the results of the most  standard bridge since LRH was actually running FCCIs at Flag.  That's Flag Case Completion Intensives on the Flag Ship, and he  was C/Sing all of their cases.

So, next year we can start over here the Universal Church of  Scientology somewhere in Europe, where all the training and  auditing that has been lost, all of his training, all the Policy,  all the Ethics, all the Tech come back in.

Because that has not been duplicated yet, I consider I'll take  the responsibility to start that and help start that, because no  one else, again, is doing it.

I would also like to state that when you get to your OT levels  and so on, that my main experience in missionairing in Tech was  to be the Commanding Officer in most of the AOs on the planet.

I've been the Commanding Officer for the AO at Alicante, which  was the first one on land, and the one in Edinburgh, which was  the first AO in England, and the first one in California, which  was the AO L.A., and on other missions. I have also run the AO in  Copenhagen. And believe me, I know everything that can happen  with an OT case.

Before those jobs, I was in the Advanced Org on the Flagship  on the following posts: Tech Sec, Qual Sec, Dir of Review, and  the Review Auditor for all OT cases.

And before that, when the Sea Org just started in 1967, I was  the I/C of Review, and that included sec checking, included all  of the review actions on all the persons in the original Sea  Project. Before that, I was Senior Lead Review Auditor at SH  England, and Director of Review Qual Division, and before that,  HGC auditor and also Class 7 Intern, which is Power Processing  Auditor.

So I have a lot of technical qualifications on my track for  handling these types of cases, and I can say in truth that the  AOs were never run better by anyone else except, of course, LRH.

I'm not bragging about that! I'm just telling you that because  I've duplicated what LRH wants. And, most people that have been  to those AOs and have been through them, when other people were  running them later, will tell you the same thing.

The reason they tell you that is because whenever I went to  correct an AO later, the first people who would come to me would  be the oldtimers who had been there earlier, you know, and gone  up the bridge. And they would say, "I'm glad you are back.  Now I want to tell you something." "OK," I said,  "go ahead and tell me, because I'm here on mission to handle  whatever it is." And they say, "We can't promote for  people to come here anymore. They just don't do it right  anymore."

These were the most influential and wealthy and the most known  public. And I would pull the string and get the data, and I would  find that whoever was running it, had gone into the idea,  "We are just going to make the money, we are just going to  sell Power processing and something or other, and we are not  going to get them up the bridge."

One place, at one time in Copenhagen, I even found they had a  C/S that was blackmailing PCs. I declared him, and I'll even let  you know the name, because I don't want him ever again in  Scientology. That was Belkacem Feradj, French Algerian. Maybe  he's not known in Germany, but he was at the AO in the 70s. He is  now in the US. Anyway, that is probably the most betrayal I think  you can do to LRH that someone could blackmail a PC, find out  about his W/Hs from the government or his W/Hs on his wife, or  whatever, and then say, "If you don't give me this money, I  will tell."

Now, that is about the most betrayal that I have run across on  the tech lines.

But these guys that are going around criticizing LRH, if they  keep going like that, they may reach the No.1 position in  betrayal.

We have tried as OTC, and my friends tried, Maria has gone  over to the US, Hermanns in Switzerland have gone there, John  Caban has gone over there, and every time we brought them the  same message.

"Hey, knock off this criticism and this Bla Bla Bla about  LRH, and pull their overts and withholds, and trace it down to  the source and expose who is doing it." They won't do it.

Anyway, it's time now to create the alternative for the  alternative, OK ?

I am asking you if you want to help in this. I'm going to do  C/Sing and so on, and in special cases I might even do some  Review Handlings. Because there are some people I understand have  been screwed up, messed up on the OT levels, that requires this  type of AO review auditing handling, which I can do and get  everyone back on the bridge and on up through OT. We do need more  OTs as LRH always says. Real ones.

Because, shall we say, he is feeling a little lonely. He has  left the bridge here for us. He is waiting there to say  "Hello! Glad you could make it!"

So, anyway, that's what the plan is, and I would like now to  know of any questions you have about this before the tape runs  out.

Oh yes, one other thing. My rate as a permanent Class 8 as C/S  is DM 300/hour.

Maria is going to do the D of P stuff, D of P interviews and  also operate as what you call a tech page, getting the folders  together and doing all those things. She knows the whole line.  She has worked at Flag and in AOs and so on.

Now, I want you to realize something, right? Marianne is going  to continue auditing and so will Franz and anyone else.

Like that, I hope we will get the whole thing together and  just start a flow that will be filled by all around Europe. We  will have to train people and get them out and just bring the  whole level of technology up.

Also, I want to point out about that DM 300/an hour C/Sing.  Once the person is on the bridge right, really on the line, and  when I know what is happening in every session, then it is not  necessary to have the Senior C/S, (I'm calling it Senior C/Sing).  Anyone that is trained to run those levels can probably just C/S  the next steps on the thing. Like you have run 0A on the  communication thing, the next thing you run is 0B. So, when you  went standardly on 0A you go on to 0B.

So, I'm sure Marianne can handle that, or Franz, or any  person. What I'm trying to do is getting the person sure that he  his totally right on the bridge without any BPC, picking them up  again at the point where they go into the Solo-Assists, and then  giving them the C/Sing from there all the way to OTIII. And I'll  even state here, that anyone that wants to go on the old OTIV,V,  and VI, we have those materials as well. But, that is only once  they have finished OTIII, then they can sort of communicate back  and forth in writing to the C/S and we will see if that is the  best line. But, by that time, I think I'll probably have done my  NOTs training as an auditor and C/S, so I can carry on with that.  If not, there is always Per Schiottz in Copenhagen, so we will  work the whole bridge.

Please address any communication, if you have anybody  interested for this, to Maria. She will be keeping the logbooks  of who has paid for what. So we can give the service on the basis  of policy, you know, the service to the people that have given  exchange and buy the preference rates, and so on.

Also, the C/Sing does not take as long afterwards as it does  in the beginning, because in the beginning you have to work with  little data from the D of P and the White Form. You have to guess  at what is in the folders that the church is holding, and you  have to pick out what BPC they have missed and handle those, and  make it so that the person is ready to go.

When you have them going already, it is very easy and may take  5-10 minutes to do the C/S. If there is a little bit of trouble,  it doesn't take very long, because you have already done the  basics.

So out of DM 300,- we say that DM 150 is a half hour, and DM  75 is 15 minutes, and if it is a fast thing, 5 to 10 minutes,  it's DM 50. So that way, everybody can have their folder C/Sed by  me if they want. If they don't wish to, they can just have the  beginning done and will then be handed over to their regular tech  lines. And after they get to the Solo Assists, then I'll take it  on from there.

Now, for the auditors here, the people that are tech people, I  will tell you one other thing. Here, we are applying the policy  of Qual. OKs to audit and OKs to the C/S etc., etc. are obtained  in Qual. And this is how all tech got started on the Flagship.  That's why I'm using this, because we do not have a training  course where we can train a whole bunch of C/Ses. We will have in  the future, but until then, if there is something you want to C/S  and you have the qualifications as an auditor there, well, then  you bring the bulletins, you study the pack and so on, and as  Qual Terminal I ll give you checkouts and meter checkouts,  everything on that pack, and give you the OK to do it.

That is how it was done originally in the Sea Org. You check  out, you show me the checksheet, you've twinned, or whatever you  have done the whole check outs and so on. Like a tech training  thing on it, on the exact thing you want to do, like you want to  be able to C/S or audit on the DCSI. Well, then you do the Pack,  Bla,Bla,Bla, bring it here, I give you an exam, give you a  check-out, and so on.

Well, I think that is about the end, unless there is any other  question.

To end off, that is the purpose of this. It is to put in the  bridge like LRH originally intended. The alternative to the  alternative that will bring Europe again into a position where  LRH stated in 1966, "Europe must be ready, in case the  United States goes down the drain, to take over the entire  responsibility for Scientology in the world."

I think it is time again to do this.

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