A Lecture by Capt. W.B. Robertson

on 5 Nov 88 at the Park Hotel Atlantis

The New Civilization

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Well, here I am, your Hauptchef for the New Civilization  Restaurant Game (Note: Bill made a joke here because they were  just coming back from dinner).

Now, I have the Sector 9  Book here and in it is a New Civilization  Game. Now the reason I'm giving this lecture is first of all  because it's the New Civilization Convention '88. And the second  reason is because so many people have read this book but very few  have ever originated to me anything about the New Civilization  Game purposes and they are the most important thing in there and  hardly anybody recognizes their importance.

Now the reason those purposes are there is because it is part  of a process on a Policy-Letter LRH wrote called  "OT-Organizations". And in that Policy-Letter there is  a statement that if you find and rehabilitate - I'm not giving  the exact quote - but if you find and rehabilitate a failed  purpose or any purpose that is a real purpose you can instantly  generate new life in an area, an organization or a person. And as  you all know from doing auditing as a PC or Pre-OT you are  rehabilitating your purposes in the game and as you do so you  feel more life and more alive. And this is a process used on the  4th Dynamic that doesn't need much of an E-Meter, it only needs  an exact observation and evaluation to find the purpose of the  area and rehabilitate it. That's all you have to do.

Most of our OT-Projects and Missions - at least in the last  stages, because you may need several missions to establish all  this - but in the last stages it is to do that  "OT-Orgs" Process. Therefore, as most of you know from  doing the Bridge, every player in this game has agreed to play  the game for a certain purpose. We are talking here just about  the Physical Universe Games, this Games Universe Model, nothing  more. And just talking about the 4th Dynamic

not higher things that you may know about - but just the  people out there sitting in U3, the MEST-Universe. So, if you  know what the purposes were that they got into the game for, into  this Physical Universe, and you rehabilitate those purposes they  will start... first, life will suddenly appear and then action  and they will flow right through to the end of the game!

If you heard the lecture by Niels Kjellerup from Denmark you  know that he is using that type of Technology to make millions  and millions of Kroner. Now I will go over these purposes. There  are only seven here, but I will say one thing first. In auditing,  this whole series of games including the MEST-Universe has as a  purpose to improve the quality of life or Theta. And many  auditors are using this, or finding this, in their sessions...  that that was what most of the Thetans had as an original  purpose. And when they find that, it starts spreading like  wildfire on every Thetan that is encountered in auditing. And now  within a few - well, about a year and a half of that being found  - we now find that that purpose is being quoted back to us by  newspapers, television, companies and advertising. They are  saying all their products are to "improve the quality of  life". Now they didn't really understand it, as Niels said  in his lecture, and they don't really apply it to the right thing  in advertising - they think if you have their latest model  television that improves the quality of your life. But, they're  all saying it. And it is penetrating into every level of the  society. New that could be looked at as sort of an overall  purpose which everyone will agree with in the whole universe.

Now down on this planet we have the New Civilization Game  purposes which are applied specifically through the  Seven-Division Org-Board of the New Civilization to Earth. So  these are more exactly evaluated for this planet, by division:

All sounds good, doesn't it?

And many organizations out there say things just like that,  don't they? But - they don't say the second half! And the second  half is what missions and projects are all about, just like what  Arnold was saying. And here is the second half:

No earthman is capable of doing that. He can not confront it.  Only OTs can do that half. Do you begin to understand? You can't  even get people in America to turn off their television sets as a  protest, even when they are getting all kinds of garbage and  trash and lies in the news and everything. They won't turn off  their televisions. I know. I tried to get a few Scientologists  and OTs to start that, and they wouldn't even do it!

Don't you know the advertisers would leave that station  immediately if they found out people were turning it off? And the  whole program would be off the air. And that was about the 5th or  6th gradient I had cut down to try and find out where the  American cause-level was in 1980. So I've "had it" with  them. If they couldn't even turn off their television set to help  out an OT-Project I better come to Europe. Also, as it says in  the book (Sector 9) - it's from LRH's original evaluation - that  "if Scientology ever got taken over or suppressed in the  United States that Europe was the answer". That was an  evaluation he did in 1966! And it had to be applied in 1980! He  was 14 years before 1980 looking up there at the alternative  plans for the future!

The second part of this purpose - you may even find a few  people doing this - but not for the same reason: "... and to  protest loudly and refuse to co-operate with those who would keep  and use these developments for purely military , destructive or  other suppressive intentions.

Like implanting or something... ok?

So, the first 2 purposes have to do with the establishment of  your Home Planet and your communication lines for expansion and  exchange. Now you've got to have products and services on those  lines and that's the 3rd purpose:

Now you see what we are doing here. We are drawing the line.  We are saying - "Here is the New Civilization over here, and  here is a big barrier and all you guys that are doing this -  out!" And that's putting in the Ethics while you're putting  in the Tech. You are rehabilitating a purpose and putting in  Ethics at the same time and pointing out who are the real  enemies of the people playing this game. You see the power of  these purposes? That's why we want to spread them around. OK.

Here is the next one: "To develop, standardize and get  in use a stable mediums) of exchange so that the New Civilization  can confidently flourish and prosper without inflations,  deflations and depressions."

OK, here is the ethics and education part. Remember, that  misunderstoods are underlying the overts:

I tell you this: That if I ever hear of an OT again who is  saying "Yeah, I support the New Civilization but my cheque  won't clear for 3 weeks." I am telling him to "Read the  second half of that purpose, baby, and find yourself another  bank. Don't you know that every day they are delaying your  cheque, man, they are making money on yours and 5000 other guys?  They can claim that as an asset in the bank and loan it out.  Every day, you are getting fucked!"

Ok, next one: "To recognize, validate and support all  types of creative endeavors and pro-survival and pro-expansion  activities, cherishing one's own freedom as the key to  achievement of ALL the New Civilization's purposes."

And here is the second half - which is right down the track of  OT-Projects and Missions:

Do you know something? As OTs and Missionaires, you only have  to do the second half of each of these purposes and give the  first half to everybody else on the planet and the whole planet  will boom. You see? Everybody else on the planet can't  confront those big "reads" they get on the second  half. You see? But OT-Missionaires and so on, they love that.  That means somebody is "in session" - and needs a  "case-handling"!

Now, notice that you don't see a negative intention in there.  And you notice that even Marcabians have their own art and music,  you know? It's called "modern expressionism" and things  like that. Even Implanters have their own "aesthetics",  you know? "Boom, boom - zzzit!" - like that, you know?  And: "The machines are working good tonight, we got a lot of  thetans in there, ja?" And actually those give us a good  indicator of exactly what the tone-level of the society is.

And you don't handle that by opposing those artists. You only  handle that by auditing those artists that are doing that  kind of stuff. Because they are following the art-formula.  They are communicating what their reality is at the moment.  They are saying: "Help! I'm stuck in an implant", or  they are saying: "The Marcabians are suppressing the shit  out of me, and nobody else will pay me for this shit." Well,  you don't try to restrain those artists, you just audit them.  That will bring them upstairs and their art will come upstairs  too. (And - maybe they need a Drug-Rundown too!)

OK. Now, where is the negative side to that one? mean, where  is the ethics side to that one?

That comes on the next page (Sector 9 Book) where it says:  "The New Civilization - Why?" And it tells about (as  you probably have read) to people are giving their power  to the guys who suppress them!

And that's what is known in an evaluation as "the  individual why for each person - something he can do  something about." And you notice how I evaluated the  cause-level of most people on this planet? I did not evaluate  that they would do anything. But I could count on them to stop  doing something. Anyone knows that people under suppression a  long time take on the valence of the SP and the SP specializes in  stopping. So they are going to be hatted to stop things. So, you  ask them to stop supporting the SPs!

And the next page is giving the guy sort of an "ethics  rehabilitation." So if he does some of this or actually  agrees to it then you give him back what the SP has taken away  from him. That is sort of like a "PTS-Rundown". You  make him un-PTS by saying:

These are the Rights of a Thetan coming in there. You give him  those and then say: "You will enjoy the New Civilization  Game if you decide to play. And if you decide to play you and all  of us on this planet will win."

See? That will make him un-PTS. I'm just giving you as an  auditor and C/S here the whole processing line here in this New  Civilization Game. The "auditing" of it


Now, as planetary coordinator and Senior-C/S I hope have just  checked you out on the C/Sing on the 4 Dynamic and the processes  to run on them.

Does anybody recognize now what they didn't before about the importance of the New Civilization Game?

Did anyone recognize the value of it as a 4th Dynamic  process?

And do you understand that the only people who can actually  confront and handle those ethics purposes in there are you - each  of you?

If you don't have any misunderstoods on that please raise your  hands on the whole thing which I've been saying. Everybody in  agreement? Everyone think they understand it? You understand it?  I'm just checking for understanding here - sehr gut, sehr  gut.......


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