Sector Operations Bulletin No. 21

The Third World War

230284 1130 GMT OTB UK

The Third World War (WW III) is now in full action. It has  been going on for many years - skirmishes, guerilla actions, and  small isolated pitched battles, with clandestine operations of  large and small scale constantly being carried out.

You won't read about this war in the newspapers or see it on  television, because the Press and TV are being used as weapons in it.

Other weapons include drugs, radiation, computers, chemicals,  microbes, propaganda, viruses, pollution, carcinogens, political  sideshows, and the threats of use of atomic and hydrogen  bombs.

Weapons that are very effective are economic pressure,  taxation, and insidious substitution of real values with paper,  cards and electrons.

Blackmail, peer-group pressure, conformity, and status  orientation are powerful weaponry also.

Added to the exoteric are several esoteric devices or weapons  for use in WW III which include covert invalidation, subliminal  pictures on TV, psychiatric recommendations, depressants,  hallucinogens, electric shock, tepaphones, intention projectors,  -biological energy field restimulators and decay producers, and  direct spiritual telepathic attack methods.

You and every person on Earth are in this war whether  you like it or not, whether you agree or not, whether you believe  it exists or not.

It is a total Worldwar.


WW III is not being directed by persons from Earth. The beings  who want your mind to be controlled, subservient, obedient, and  conforming - so that they rule the planet for their own purposes  - are not from Earth.

They are Markabians from the systems of stars near the  North Star and Big Dipper with 7 Major Planets, the senior one  being named Markab. Their own planets are held in subjugation by  the same weaponry and have been for millions of years. They  believe it is a "perfect government". The closest  analogy on Earth is the police-state Soviet Union, but Markab is  far more sophisticated and would appear to the unaware to be a  society such as the 100% socialist society of Sweden but with far less freedom.

The worst crimes in the Markabian societies are: to think for  yourself, to freely communicate your ideas, to invent or discover  things and want to prosper therefrom rather than turn them over  to the state, and to fail to CONFORM to your place in the  status-oriented hierarchy.

Of course the populations are never consulted or allowed to  organize or express their own views on the way things are done by  the government. There is and has been and will be only one government - and those who run it have and must maintain their  control over all others.

Since the 1950s, WW III has produced many, many casualties,  resulting in Millions of Earth People who THINK JUST LIKE THE  MARKABIANS. Thus they have been CONQUERED and have lost  any chance to help Earth become a truly free, self-determined,  prosperous planet in its own right under its own chosen forms of  administration and representation.

There are the slightly wounded and surrounded earthpeople in  the battle who feel and know something is happening but who can't  quite explain it or get support of their ideas and thus quietly  allow themselves to be NEUTRALIZED or "hors de  combat". They then say things like, "Well, you can't  fight City Hall.", "Nothing can be done.",  "It's just the way it is and no one can change it."

There are the mentally and physically sick, cancerous,  pollution-infested, diseased, poisoned VICTIMS of the  weapons being used and these usually get placed in the  prisoner-of-war camps under Markabian control such as Socialized  Institutions for the Mentally and Physically Ill and Old People's  Homes and Psychiatric "Rehabilitation" Centers  ("Rehabilitation" means you won t get out till you  think like a Markabian). Occasionally some of these VICTIMS  manage to crawl, wounded, to the side of the forces of freedom  and regain their health thru natural methods of eating and living  and re-enter the battle.

There are those DUPED ones, who in fighting for freedom find  what they believe are allies and enthusiastically join a group  only to find it a trap. It was a Markabian group set up to  capture them and prevent them from being effective. Their  enthusiasm on joining gradually turns to an introverted or narrow  viewpoint as they are given carefully prepared false data to make  them believe it s not "really" a war, just ignorance  and superstition, and everything will be alright if we just  "meditate", or "think the right thought", or  "believe in science", or "god" or  "auras". And all this to the exclusion of any  political or organized action against those who knowingly intend to harm or destroy them and subjugate Earth.

There are those DIVERTED ones who know all is not well,  feel the suppression, see the wounded, realize it's a war, and  stock up food and weapons and take their families to retreats and  defensible positions of safety. They are then subjected to  ridicule and rejection by the Markabian "thinkalikes"  and may actually start to believe they are indeed crazy. These  freedom-fighters have usually been given a wrong target to vent  their anger on so they too become ineffective. Thus you find the  DIVERTED ones in verbal and written conflict with  "Reds", "Niggers", "Jews",  "Arabs", "Spics", "Commies", etc.  These misdirected groups are then pointed out to the named groups  as their enemies, and the Markabians, very pleased, see  Earth-People fighting among themselves... - which gives to the  passive population furtherjustification for  becoming Markabian and "conforming". It certainly does  make Earth look crazy and make one think they have to be  controlled, doesn't it?

Also there are the religions which usually are the most  perceptive organizations of any kind concerning mental and  spiritual warfare - since many have themselves waged it in their  own histories. Markabians recognized this threat long ago and  carefully devised propaganda and plans to discredit religions or  eliminate them entirely - as in Communist Philosophy - or to  infiltrate and take them over to use for their own purposes. Thus religions become DISCREDITED and ineffective or INFILTRATED and made to work against Earth and its freedom.

Or the decision may be to render them PASSIVE so that  they preach only "turn the other cheek". Thus the WW  III take over plan rolls along without interference from these  groups.

Other freedom-fighters are BRIBED to stop doing what  they are writing or saying. Still others are BLACKMAILED into inaction.

Some very perceptive and thus "dangerous" writers or  leaders of opinion are IGNORED or CRITICIZED FALSELY and  unmercifully by the controlled media and controlled government  agencies. It is wise to find out what these people are doing that  is so threatening and dangerous to the Markabians. You  will find it usually is that they have knowledge of the  conspiracy to control the planet and mankind or have weapons that would be very effective to counter defensively the Markabian  weapons or even to positively attack and overcome Markab in this  War for the Control of Men's Minds.

Such weapons include:

Wars leave destruction in their wake. There is destruction  left after a mental and propaganda war and during it. The worst  effect, however, is the result of the war being lost. The  entire population of Earth will be SLAVES TO MARKAB - FOREVER.  Not only this lifetime, but the next and next and next through  the spiritual and genetic line generations.



You can wake up from the drugged, poisoned, brainwashed  torpor of the Markabian Control Operation. You can realize  it is happening and talk freely and do something about it. You can refuse to cooperate in the destruction of beautiful Earth and the  enslavement of its people.

Markabians are afraid of you because you outnumber them  10,000 to 1. But they easily control you if you decide not  to resist, or agree to conform.

You can assist in the creation of a New Civilization  here on Earth. You can take your rightful place in the  community of the more freedom-loving civilizations of the Galaxy  as a FREE-ZONE PLANET.


"In the broad universe
Are many civilizations.

"Only a few require Methods of control
And enslavement.

"All others love freedom,
Exchange of ideas,
Free trade,
And open communication.

"Cherish spiritual expansion. Let not  martial conquest
Be your goal.

"Your real power will create
A radiant, jeweled planet -

"For the Admiration
And Prosperity
Of All Mankind.

"Enter the Galactic Community
As a re-born Wonder -
Not as a enslaved

"The choice is yours.

"The Alternatives have been shown.

"It is up to you to decide.

"For Your Own Forevers.

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