Sector Operations Bulletin No. 18

Modelists and Scenario Makers

190184 1300 GMT
OT Base - Germany

(See Sector Ops Bu 12 "Models and  Scenarios" for the background to this Operations  Bulletin.)

"Scientology, the Final Handling"

Since the publication of Sector  Operations Bulletin No. 12 "Models and Scenarios", a great deal of information has become available. None has  contradicted the data of "Models and Scenarios"  although there is a slight change in the final objective: instead  of immediately driving the Church of Scientology into  receivership, it was decided at a meeting in September 1983, held  in Washington D, to allow the Church to continue operating for  the "select few" under the direction of its infiltrated  agent and chairman of the board, Alan Hubbert and its  "monitored beings" of RTC, D. Miscaviage and P. Broeker  (and aliases).

The precise "final handling" instructions of course  did not originate in Washington D, but in Basel, Switzerland,  from Herr J. himself. They were given to his deputy for the  United States, Paul Volker, Chairman of the Federal Reserve  Board, and laid out at a meeting in the Office of the Secretary  of the Treasury, Donald Regan. Also present were top  representatives of the FBI, Justice Department and IRS. All, of  course, robotically agreed to comply with the instructions from  Switzerland and did so. Thus, in late September '83, the news  article appeared in which the IRS gave the Church 3 more years to  "handle" its tax situation.

To fully understand the strategy behind these actions and  indeed the whole model run on the Church and covered in Sector Ops Bu 12, it is necessary to bring  forth more of the background data on the individuals responsible  - i.e. the Modelists and Scenario Makers. Who are they? What is  their track? What is their ultimate objective? And who is this  Herr J., who seems to (and actually does) issue orders that  affect the entire world, its religions, politics, and economics?

Games - Levels of Play

To fully grasp what is and has been occurring on Earth, it is  necessary to realize that life is basically a game with freedoms,  barriers, and purposes. Also, that it is played at several levels  concurrently. These are larger and larger spheres of control and  influence, as every OT becomes aware of when expanding his  viewpoint.

Also, when viewing one's whole track, it is usually clear that  the further one goes back, the larger the game appears, until far  far back, thetans were exterior, fun-loving beings, who actually  mocked up whole games involving planets, forms, colors, sounds  and lots of action and sensation.

To deny that higher level games are going on in the present  time is only an admission of how far such a person having this  viewpoint has come down the spiral. Such a person's reality  level, confront level, ethics level and overall responsibility  level are just not up to it. Such people thus remain at effect of  any such game. Indeed, they become mere robotic pawns or broken  pieces as far as the players of such games are concerned and they  are totally incapable of affecting it in any way whatsoever. This  the position or condition that anyone who denies you knowledge or  tries to keep you from "finding out for yourself"  intends you to be in! So, in the remainder of this bulletin if  you find data of a game level you never ever suspected, please  realize that the data has been actively kept from you in  the past by the perpetrators of these models and scenarios.  Modelists and scenario makers are very secretive persons.

Game Level - Planetary Control

There is a game going on for planetary control. It has been  going on actively for hundreds of years. This is not the game of  Communism versus Capitalism, East versus West or Catholics versus  Heretics or Islam versus Infidels. Those games and others like  them are tailor made "red herrings" and are well  publicized and used by modelists and scenario makers to seem like  the biggest, most attention grabbing, problematic, dangerous,  involved, revelatory, expensive, fearful and significant games  and conflicts around.

People "believe" in them, live and die in them, hate  them, love them, try to escape from them, etc. They are very  "real" and continually made to seem so by constant  media coverage.

However, the planetary control game remains hidden behind the  glitter and blare of the latest social, political, religious, and  scientific "news".


When one attempts to penetrate the morass of misinformation,  false information and controlled release of "secret  exposes" and other tantalizing bits abounding on this  planet, it is mandatory to be well versed in and have no  misunderstoods on the Data Series Policy Letters. Otherwise an  investigator or "questing spirit" soon finds himself in  one of the "cul-de-sacs" - traps set up exactly for  that purpose: to dead-end any investigator.

(There is also a standard "handling" for any one who does manage to successfully penetrate the  "mystery", which will be covered later.)

Following is a partial list of  dead-end, cul-de-sac groups, which either have been created by  the players of planetary control or have been infiltrated and taken over by them in the last 200 years:

The Masons
The Rosicrucians
The Middle Earth Society
The Golden Dawn
The Great White Brotherhood
Mensa (genius group)
Transcendental Meditation (TM)
The Church of Scientology of California
Religious Technology Center
The Isis Lodge
The Golden Centurians
The Shriners
The Knights Templar of Jerusalem
The Theosophists
Sekkulum (Student Organization)
The Church of God (of California)
The Unification Church (Moonies)
New Bhuddism of Shous
Brotherhood of Cona
Isthar (Mystic Group)
The Trogdolytes (Satanic Cult)
Temple Order of Bahomet
The Witches Guild
The Symbolists
Abrahamin (Biblical Group)
Madaer (Revelations Group)
The Order of Sufi
The Aquarians (sometimes called the Aquarian Conspiracy)
Prieure de Sion
The Bilderbergers
Better Business Bureau
Council of Foreign Relations
Scottish Rites (Masonic)
Communist Party
Red Brigades
Social Democrat Party
Socialist Party
Liberal Party
Republican Party
Labor Party
The World Council of Churches
National Council of Churches
World Federation of Mental Health
"Ban the Bomb" Groups
The World Bank
American Medical Association
London Times
New York Times
Associated Press
United Press
The United Nations
World Health Organization
Food & Agriculture Organization
Club of Rome
Central Intelligence Agency
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Harvard University
London School of Economics
The Seven Sisters (Seven Major World Oil Companies)
The Federal Reserve Board & Banks
International Monetary fund
Chase Manhattan Bank
Swiss Bank Corporation
Bank of England
Central Banks of EEC Countries
Over 150 Banks in 3rd world countries
Bank of International Settlements
Major Aerospace Companies
The Royal Families of Holland, Spain, England and Sweden
Data Resources Institute
The European Parliament
Sandoz Laboratories (LSD producers)
Flying Tiger Freight Airlines
New Economist Magazine
Omni Magazine
Der Spiegel Magazine
Der Stern Magazine
Penthouse Magazine
Playboy Magazine
National Enquirer
Los Angeles Times
Washington Post
US - USSR Trade and Economic Council
The Business Round Table
Business Council
American Bankers Assn.
Council of Europe
Council of European Industrial Federations
Fulbright Research Foundation
World Assn. of World federalists
Research Group of Public Information
Appeal of Conscience Foundation
Four Freedoms Foundation
Rho Delta Epsilon
Delta Sigma Rho
Phi Kappa Psi
Alpha Delta Phi
Phi Beta Kappa
Rockefeller Foundation
Woodrow Wilson School
Council on Foundations
Carnegie Endowment for Int. Peace
School of International Relations at Columbia University
Council for New York University Schools of Business
Royal Economic Society
Council for Science and Society
Council on Christian Approaches to Defense and Disarmament
Council for Arms Control
Stockholm Economic Club
Scandinavian Club
International Energy Agency
Permanent Court of Arbitration
Odd Fellows
Legion d'Honneur
American Philosophical Society
Academy of Political Science
American Economic Assn.
American Statistical Assn.
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Committee to Fight Inflation
International Monetary Fund
American Enterprise Institute
Bureau for Economic Research
International Institute for Management and Administration
Paris Club
European Monetary Co-operation Fund
International Finance Corporation of the U.N.
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
European Investment Bank
Ciba Geigy

Note: This is only a partial list which includes the  groups found in the course of investigation of Models & Scenarios. There are  others. If you as a reader happen to know of any, please  inform your nearest Galactic Patrol Representative.


To successfully break through the confusions and false data  proliferating on Earth, one must be able to observe  "intentions". To be able to observe intention one must  realize there is always a source of intention, which is of  course a being, thetan, "spiritual self" or source of  life.

The intention of a leader of a group will be "felt"  all the way through the organization. It may be amplified,  dimmed, altered or hidden at any point but by checking enough  data and interviewing enough members of a group, it will become  quite clear.

For analyzing of the Planetary Control Game and tracing  intention lines to the perpetrators, the following  "intentions" were used as "homing beacons".  The intention to:

  1. Suppress Pro-Survival Ideas
  2. Suppress Economics & Exchange
  3. Suppress truth
  4. Enforce conformity
  5. Control thought
  6. Suppress the true spiritual nature of man
  7. Prevent Expansion
  8. Inhibit Survival
  9. Reduce people's space and freedom
  10. Collect and use personal data for monitoring and control  purposes
  11. Take over any "free" or other groups which pose  a threat
  12. Invalidate opinion leaders not under their control
  13. Use Secrecy for power
  14. Handle affairs and people with "covert  hostility" as a "policy"

Tracing the above intentions to and thru the organizations  listed previously, anyone can find the perpetrators of  planetary suppression.

They operate from Basel, Switzerland. Using Computer Models  and Scenarios, they keep the world in a state of fear and  confusion.

Purposes & Hats

To fully understand how the planetary control game players  operate, it is not enough to know the names of their current  bodies. One must also understand their purposes and hats in the  game.

The overall purpose or goal is: "Total One-World  domination and Control".

A senior policy is: "The end justifies the  means".

Hatting materials or policy for the top players include the  following: "As 'The end justifies the means' one can lie and  spread lies about any honest man who may be against us, even the  ones who might be an obstacle one day. You can thrust them  aside, poison them, murder them, etc. In short whatever you need  to do to help the great purpose. In case you are discovered in  murdering someone, you then commit suicide - put the bullet thru  your own head - so that you are immediately out of reach of the  law. No king can protect the person who betrays us. A court will  be called on any betrayer and if found guilty, he will be decreed  to die".

Policy for executives below the top includes the following:  For the secret, behind the scenes, power executive:

"Keep out of sight, never be in the public eye. But, keep your eyes on  all the churches and religions who may pose a threat to our purposes. Work out ways  secretly to weaken and destroy them in the eyes of the world. Or devise ways to take them  over secretly for the benefit of our Order. Also watch carefully over our own Order and  report anyone who might stray from the purpose or betray us."
And for the "out front" political or power  executive: "Cultivate an attitude of knowing wisdom. Be  quiet, unselfish, humble. Use 'please' when giving orders. Be  refined so that, when giving a smiling reprimand, it cuts  like a knife. Remember, intelligence wins, so run those below  you so they don't 'feel' the yoke."
"Methods of control of 'humans' are uncountable, use them all in such a  way as to be useful for our purposes. Secrets are wonderful as a control method, so keep  the mystery going."
"High connections help to control our lines of  operation. So drop names as being 'one of us'."
"Never show weakness, but you can always put the picture that you are  'weak' where you have firm control. Where we don't have control, put the picture  that we arestrong and feared."
"Study women. Say they are beautiful and praise  them. They carry influence with men and children and can be  very useful to our purpose."
"Influence the thinking of children and young people thru schools. Also take  great care to control book suppliers and publishers. Should a writer put in a book things  which do not fit in our plan, try to get him on our own side or ruin his  reputation and get rid of him."
"Take over charitable organizations so we appear  to be 'serving humanity' and thus be unassailable by  anyone."
"Our shapes must be changed so we 'fit' into  society. If only the another organization to cover ours. For instance the Free  Masons are a good cover for our secret 'higher' purposes  because the world is used to them."
"Cut any affinity lines to leaders of opinion  which deviate from ours so they do not get public support and  devotion. Put out the story and reinforce it by evidence and  examples that 'they are only humans, make mistakes, are just  like everyone else', etc."
"To make our own people known, use all our  resources to make them a good reputation. Praise them loudly  in all our cover organizations and in the press."
"Keep secrecy about everything, but don't appear  in doubt. Answer questions with total certainty - but  carefully - so as not to give away anything. Occasionally you  can test your juniors by putting the picture there that you  are speaking 'freely' and 'slip' out some information - that  you actually want to be known or is  unimportant - so they trust you, and you see if they can be  trusted or not. Otherwise, answer as little as possible to  juniors. On big operations, consult your senior."
"Remember also that the name of Science societies  are a very beautiful mask to keep our intentions hidden from  the uneducated and the lower classes. It can be used if  anyone finds out about our secret meetings - we can always  answer that we meet secretly for ''scientific  research'."
"It is very important to study every aspect and organizational form of every  other secret society and religion. Only in this way can we rule them."  "Keep those below you in mystery as to who the real boss is so they will think  'anyone could be'."
"Publishers, bookstores, news media, schools,  academies, military schools and all organizations who  influence the government and education should be watched and  controlled and you should continually make secret plans to  take them over. Keep looking for everything we can use for  our 'perfect human government'."
"Whatever is not good for our Order should remain an eternal secret."

Finally, for the Controlling executives in each  planetary zone and area:

(Just below the top Players and just above the Power  Executive)

"You should know the whole system as if you had  invented it. You train and instruct and give approvals to  plans and operations of the 'secret' and 'open' power  executives. You are above them all."
"You must be born in the area you control. You  work full time on our purpose but not in the open or on a  public post. You give the 'apparency' of being 'retired' or  just doing 'hobbies'. In other words, you are using a totally  safe, harmless, unremarkable cover apparently connected to  nothing at all."
"You should always be in the place that you can  most easily control from. You will get a new secret name when  appointed. Your old secret name will be given to another. You  are now above your old position and your new secret name will  be only known to your seniors."
"You use your power to support all that is good for our Order and suppress all that is bad for our Order."
"Appear to have no enemies and never tolerate  nepotism."
"If you misuse the power, remember, we have the  possibilities and devices for punishing you. If you use it  well, you will be given money, land, services and other  rewards."

Methods of Spiritual Control

The "devices" mentioned in the preceding paragraph  are actually high frequency wave generators that can transmit  intention over a distance. They are used to cause people to have  "accidents", to think they are "crazy" and to  restimulate people's banks. Following is a description of the  most common types in "secret" use:

  1. The Tepaphone - A high frequency wave generator  that affects the mental masses around a person's body. It  is used with intention behind it. It is portable and has  a range of 50 to 100 meters. It can change valences and  can be used to implant pictures and suggestions. It can  be used very effectively in combination with  hypnosis and drugs. It was invented in 1956 by Johannis  Older. Its existence and use is kept a closely guarded  secret by the planetary control game players.
  2. The Eckhoff Telepathyzing Machine - Based on a  patent by Nikolai Tesla and developed by Eckhoff, the  telepathyzing machine has a larger range than the  Tepaphone. It has however a similar effect and gives both  mental and physical reactions. It is used to implant  thoughts over a distance, again by influencing the masses  and entities around a thetan and his body.
  3. The High Frequency Flows Machine - Developed since  1971, another machine based on a Tesla patent, the idea  here being to narrow the beam and concentrate it over a  very long distance so it can be effective for  transmitting intention via satellite. Purpose: identical  to the former two machines - that of implanting thoughts  and suggestions over a distance.

The machines above are only effective if the victim is not  aware that there are such machines in daily use on Earth  and believes that when "beamed" on by one, it is really  his own case and thus interiorizing his attention and misowning  the effect and getting the full impact of it.

Actually TR 0 (confront) can handle any of these  machines and their operators. No effect will be felt by a person  aware enough to spot what is happening and just confront it. If  he also drives an intention back over the beam toward the  operator, the effect will be on the operator, who will  quickly turn off the machine or go play elsewhere.

The "Eternal" Secrets of the Players

As you may have noticed while reading the previous paragraphs  there are several questions which may be asked:

Q 1. Are the players aware that they are not bodies but immortal beings?
A 1. Yes.
Q 2. Have they been the same players operating through a series of bodies and keeping the game going for the last several hundred years?
A 2. Yes.
Q 3. Is this one of their "eternal" secrets?
A 3. Yes.
Q 4. Is there then some "secret" purporse behind the "total one-world domination and control" purpose?
A 4. Yes.
Q 5. Could it be that these "players" are not from Earth at all but merely regard humans as a race to be subjected and enslaved?
A 5. Yes.
Q 6. Is this another of their "eternal" secrets?
A 6. Yes.
Q 7. Is then the "secret" purpose the purpose to take over control of Earth for the benefit of some other star system?
A 7. Yes.
Q 8. Would this by any chance be the same type of beings the late son of the Founder used to refer to in his lectures; the status oriented, total control maintaining, conformity requiring beings known as the Markabians? The ones that have 7 planets out toward Polaris?
A 8. Yes.
Q 9. Is this another of the "eternal" secrets, that is, that Earth is being subjugated to the Markabians who are trying to make it Planet 8?
A 9. Yes.
Q 10. Are the Markabians also in favor of implanting and thought control and drugs and propaganda to keep populations conforming under control?
A 10. Yes.
Q 11. Are they now putting in their form of mind-control government as the "solution" to the wars-pollution-terrorism-catastrophies scenarios that they created as the "problems" which have gripped the world with fear and apathy?
A 11. Yes.
Q 12. But aren't there some Markabians who want a safe, sane productive, peaceful planet - a free one not under control?
A 12. Yes.
Q 13. Then, there must be conflict and non-conformity and betrayal even amongst the Markabians, is that correct?
A 13. Yes.
Q 14. Would this account for some notable political assassinations, bankruptcies and power plays even amongst the insiders?
A 14. Yes.
Q 15. The group currently in control in Basel must then be the ones who favor implanting and mind control, since it continues unabated since the Church of Scientology got taken over and in fact is evident even in the Church, is that correct?
A 15. Yes.
Q 16. This Herr J. who was mentioned in Models and Scenarios then must be the Chief proponent of the implanter faction, correct?
A 16. Yes.
Q 17. Is he the being Ron refers to as "Xenu" in the "Revolt in the Stars" film and III materials, the being, who ordered the nuclear blasting of Earth 75 million years ago?
A 17. Yes.
Q 18. Then he must have escaped from his imprisonment and taken a position with the Markabians to subjugate Earth for their use, right?
A 18. Yes.
Q 19. Are the Markabians and Xenu subject to any higher game level control or influence which could help get Earth out of the situation it's in? I mean, it's no fun looking forward to a future of being a slave on a slave planet, controlled by implants, drugs and computers. There must be some beings who can do something about it. Am I right?
A 19. Yes.
Q 20. Is it this group I've been hearing about, who can handle this mess and act and get the people of Earth to wake up and choose their own destiny as citizens of a Free Zone planet taking its place in the society of the Galactic Civilization and playing a survival, expansion, flourish and prosper, fun game called "The New Civilization Game". - Is not it the group known as the Galactic Patrol?
A 20. Yes.

Astar Paramejgian
Deputy Sector Commander
Sector 9
Galactic Patrol

Note: Stay alert for the next issue in this series "Markab, the final Handling".

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