A lecture by

Capt. W. B. Robertson

at the

1990 OT Convention

near Paris, France

Welcome to the OT Convention 1990 !

We've had a great time so far, watching good lectures and  seeing products displayed, and a late "music night"  last night, and we have the great finale coming up where we do  the presentations.

But now - I want to tell you something about what is listed in  the programme as a lecture about "Famous People". Now  it's actually "Famous People I Have Known". Now  I've only really known one famous person in this lifetime, so I'm  going to talk about him. And you may know him as L. Ron Hubbard,  or if you're more on the wholetrack you may know him as Elron  Elray. Now the first thing I want to do because a lot of people  claim status from "knowing" famous people - so I don't  want to do that but instead prove to you that I knew him, and  that which is more important.

I have here a Flag Order Nr. 2372 from 6 March 1970, and it's  a commendation:

"The following officers and petty officers are highly  commended as missionaires in the recent public relations cruise  -period". Captain W. B. Robertson is on the top of the  list - and its signed by L. Ron Hubbard, Commodore.

I have another one here from 1970 - 6 March.

"I hereby highly commend Captain W. B. Robertson for  excellent performance of duty while Captain of the Flag  Ship." and it is signed; (also with some other people  commended,) by L. Ron Hubbard.

Bill's Mission Records: pg 1, pg 2, pg 3

I have another one here from 1975, 30 April, Flag Conditions  Order 381 1, and it says "Kha Khan" - "Captain  W.B. Robertson, right arm rank, is hereby awarded the status of  Kha Khan for excellent duty as Captain of Flag ship Apollo and a  long career of success and high statistics in the Sea  Organization." Signed L. Ron Hubbard, Commodore.

Kha Khan means - it's an old Chinese term - from the Mongols,  and it meant: You are forgiven the death penalty ten times over.

And then I have a letter, a personal letter, typed on 18  August 1980. This was just before the Ron disappeared from the  California area. It was from "R", which was at that  time the initial of "Ron", or "L. Ron  Hubbard" - he signed it just with "R.

It says: "Bill Robertson, re Sea Org Songs music and  poem - (I'd sent him some music that I had made for the Sea  Org, marching songs and go on.) It says: "Dear Bill,  Well! These certainly are impressive! Thank you very much for  sending me this copy for my library. I understand that you did a  very good job of holding the Commanding Officer of the Flag  Bureau (in Clearwater, Florida) while Kerry was training at  International. Your work there is certainly appreciated, but I am  also glad to hear that you are back home. Love, R." (Ron).

And the last one I want to show you - quote - "in the  MEST universe you have to "prove" everything a bit more  solid" - and that is the Sea Org Officers' dirk which  was only awarded to First-Class Missionaires, and it was awarded  to me by L.Ron Hubbard, Commodore.

..( the Officers Dirk is shown to the audience)...

There were less than ten of these ever awarded in the whole  history of the Sea Org.

Ok, so that's my "bona fides", my proof to  you that I did know him- but also that he knew me, so I'm not  just only claiming "status", ok?

Now, you maybe have heard of, or read, many books since 1980  written about this man L.Ron Hubbard. And perhaps you may have  been a bit, shall we say, "underwhelmed" by the data  contained in them, because you got this picture of a man who was  totally stuck on his First and Second Dynamics. However, in my  experience with C/Sing cases and knowing the people who wrote  these books, I would say really that the authors of these books  were the ones stuck on the First and Second dynamics.

And I am here to tell you that there is more about LRH that  the world has not heard about. So I am going to start, and tell  you my actual experiences with him, but on my dynamic and  especially the Third Dynamic, which, as you heard from Arnold's  speech yesterday, is a very important dynamic to all of life.

So, let's go back to 1962, the first time I heard LRH. I was  in Deaver, Colorado and I listened to his tape of 'The Road to  Truth". And afterwards I asked the Centerholder. I said: "Wow,  that was great! Did he ever make any more tapes ?" You  see, the tape had explained a lot of questions I had asked myself  about fife and what we are doing in our lives. So I was  overwhelmed, not underwhelmed, when the guy, the center-holder  told me that: "Oh, he's made nearly two thousand  tapes"! And I said, "Where are they?" And  he said, "Well we don't have them all here, but they're  all at Saint Hill, UK in England."

So I immediately started saving money and planning to go to  Saint Hill and taking all the courses necessary to enter the  Saint Hill Briefing Course. And there was the first time I saw  LRH. And met him. And the way that happened was, that I and two  other Briefing Course students were in one of the Chapels playing  the guitar at lunch-time. And, all of a sudden the door opened and  Ron came in. And we were a bit embarrassed because workers were  making some construction in the chapel and we weren't supposed to  be in there. So we sort of stopped playing and made excuses. "Excuse  us, sir" - you know, things like that. And Ron just  laughed and he came over and said: "Hey, you got a guitar  there, have you ever heard this song ?" And he just  started playing us a song, and he sang one of the old - he said  it was a pirate song. You know - from the track. And then he  introduced himself to us and said: "Welcome to the  Briefing Course! I'm glad you're here, and have a good time and a  good success with the technology".

Now that hardly sounds like the "evil messiah" that you read about in books. Ok, so then I saw him many times at  Saint Hill, because he was then lecturing and giving the last of  the study tapes. And going on his trip to and return from  Rhodesia. I was there during that whole time at Saint Hill. And  by the time I had finished the Briefing Course I had decided to  go to work at Saint Hill. I had now heard about six or seven  hundred of those tapes! So I contracted to Staff at Saint Hill  and I was supposed to be in the auditing area, because I was  Class VI at that. time. And I also started the Class VII  Internship.

And then I got my first written communication from L. Ron  Hubbard, because I was now on the Third Dynamic and he'd ordered  me in writing to take the post of the Director of Review at Saint  Hill Now we must understand his viewpoint in the Third Dynamic :  He didn't want to lose anyone off the lines. And the former  Directors of Review- there were two former ones- had allowed 173  cases to be out there in the field that were not handled.

So he gave me the job of - these big lots of folders, you see  - handline all those, and he said: "I want that entire  backlog - I want all of them handled and back on lines and I give  you three months to see if you can do it". And he also  gave me a briefing on how to get people to return if they are off  the lines. And I used all this technology and by the end of the  three months I had it down to 18 folders of people that I just  couldn't contact or they hadn't responded or whatever, so I  thought: "Oh. oh, now it's my turn- I'm going to be  removed off and he'll put another guy here".

But Ron inspected those folders and he said: "Ok, that  was a good job." Because about 163 got in- and he said: "You  can stay on post. These other guys may be out of the country for  a while or something, so you get them in when they come  back."

I was under pressure. Now, notice two things about this: I  could write that up as and he made me handle all these people.  But in actual fact Ron was concerned about anyone who had started  Scientology and didn't continue, and those 173 people were out  there that he wanted to get back on fines and fix up their  by-passed charge and have them happily on the Bridge again.

And he put me in a Third Dynamic situation where I had to  apply correct technology or I would fail. And by then I had  reviewed and audited almost everyone of those people that had  come in to handle their cases, and I had learned so very, very  much because Ron would C/S them also. So I learned a lot about  what is a Third Dynamic and the responsibilities for the people  in a third dynamic. And how to handle the public, and how RON did  not want any kind of enturbulation to get into the Fourth Dynamic  because it was already too enturbulated.

So I was then all involved in Review and doing my Level VII  Internship. And then Ron suddenly disappeared from Saint Hill for  a while. We didn't know where he really was. And we heard these  strange rumours about ships. And the Sea Project.

And suddenly Staff members were disappearing also in the  middle of the night and would never be seen again. And there was  a top security area in one of the garages with nobody supposed to  go in there. At night there were certain people in there and they  were doing something even - apparently - more confidential than  C/Sing folders on power processing! One of my auditors happened  to be passing by the garage when the door opened to let a guy out  and he got a quick look inside and he came to tell me what he  saw. He came to me and said: "Uh, I don't want to have a  missed withhold, I don't want to withhold anything, but I saw  what they were doing in there!" And I told him, I said: "Don't  worry, I don't mind sharing your missed withhold. What the hell  were they doing ?" He said: "They were all -  they had pieces of rope in their hands and they were tying knots  in there!"

Now at that point I was, well: "Wow, this is really  getting mysterious !" I mean, was it some new higher  level OT process they were doing ? I didn't know. Remember,  actually later he did come out with something called NOTs.  [Laughter from the English speaking audience - but the German and  French translations did not produce the same joke as the words  are different.] (I'll remember about translations and not tell  any more English pun-type jokes like that).

So I applied - I was on the Clearing Course by that time and  you had to be on the Clearing Course and you had to be Staff  member contracted in Saint Hill before you could apply to join  the Sea Project so I did that.

And after a couple of weeks I got an acceptance letter signed  by the LRH communicator at Saint Hill because Ron was still  disappeared, we didn't know where he was. So I was called into  the office of the LRH communicator at Saint Hill. It was in Ron's  office that he was sitting, and he told me, he said: "You're  now under Sea Project Orders." And he told me, "don't  go back to pick up your E- meterand your things in Qual  division, meet tonight at midnight at this person's house (who  was already in the Sea Project). We will take care of all your  things you left in Qual and you just close up where you live and  pay the rent and go to that place at midnight tonight". And  he showed me a telex order signed by Ron, it said: "Robertson  to be assigned as Chief Engineer, Enchanter." This was  high adventure at that time !

So I did what he said and I was then put on a train from  London to a town called Hull in England that night. And there I  found two ships of the Sea Project and a lot of the disappeared  Staff members from Saint Hill working on them ! The one I was  assigned to soon sailed and we had - at that time it had an  English captain who was not a Scientologist - to take it down to  Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, which is south of Spain. It's an island  out in the Atlantic. And that was a very adventurous, but that  will be the subject of another lecture.

We finally arrived there. I still hadn't seen Ron, we didn't  know where he was. We arrived there and went to the post office  to see if there was any communications for us. And there was a  letter for the Enchanter. And it was from Ron. And it said: "I am arriving at Las Palmas airport." And the date  was that night at 7.30 ! "Please meet me."

We just had enough time to take a taxi cab to the airport and  the plane was there. And out of the gate came LRH with big boxes  of paper and a suitcase. I don't need to tell you what was in  those boxes, because you've heard many stories about it. That was  the OT III research material, He had researched the OT III in the  area of Teegeeack where the major city of the planet had been,  which was on the north coast of Africa. And so, for some time  then, he was involved in putting together the course, the OT III  course, and working ways to make it easier to handle and to run  through all those materials. Meanwhile we were busily refitting  the ships, arranging exactly the way that he wanted to use them  for perfect safety, seaworthiness and ability to navigate. And he  was also hatting us on how to handle ships and how to handle  navigation in the oceans.

At first Ron thought - because I talked to him several times,  and now I was pretty much talking to him every day- he thought it  would be necessary to run the OT III in a warm climate, because  there were several very heavy incidents to run through and if you  didn't do it in a warm climate, weft, the body might get too cold  and it might go into some kind of sickness or illness and so on.

So he wanted to establish a base there in the Canaries to  bring OTs to in order to do OT III. A bit later he discovered a  way that it could be done easier with a certain procedure which  you now use. It's the exact same thing you now have on that  level, where you can run it safely anywhere on the planet. Again  you can see how he was concerned with the health and the welfare  and the ability to go up the Bridge of the Scientologists and the  public.

Then, as we carried on with our missions around the  Mediterranean and trying to handle orgs and so on, we became  known as the Sea Org. It was renamed - the Sea Project became the  Sea Org. One of the important meetings I had with other officers  and with Ron was in his office after we bought the Flagship  Apollo - the big ship you've seen on all the pictures. And we sat  around his desk (in a room, about half the size of this), in that  cabin, and he told us of the history of the planet all the way  since the times of 75 million years ago, and some other more  recent history where he'd been involved, in the last 2000 to 3000  years.

And he told us of several of his lives in the past that he was  using to build up reserves and technology to prepare for the  auditing of the people of this planet. And he told us that  Buddhism, when he was Gautama, was the first attempt to get  people to stay out of their reactive banks, but there were two  main difficulties with that time in Buddhism. And one was, that  the communication lines did not have good duplication on them,  and the other was, that there were no instruments to detect which  charge to run on a person first. So he said that the best he  could do with Buddhism was to keep people away from the bank by  doing the middle path and to exteriorize them if they could key  out enough mass. And he said that now he also needed to save up  enough resources or get enough resources to make this a worldwide  movement.

So right there he had laid out the future of the Sea  Organisation. You've read the book "Mission Into Time"  - that was the one to recover the reserves. And you see the  intensive amount of duplication and communication lines he put in  in policy and in the red volumes. Everything is totally up to the  of 1980- very accurate. Everybody had telex machines in their  orgs and everybody was supposed to learn how to duplicate what it  said and so on, so that there would be no alter-is. And you have  seen the intense concentration he did on developing new and  improved versions of the E-meter. Teaching people how to use  them. Training them to use the E-meter exactly. (And which still  continues today, as you can see from the new E-meters shown at  this Convention.)

Now you start to see the picture of the man who is concerned  about the whole planet and the cases of all the people on it. And  his entire grasp of the history of the planet and how to bring it  to a better condition. Does this sound like a man who is  collapsed on his First and Second Dynamics? I don't think so.  Only the people who write about him who themselves are collapsed  on their first and second dynamic could ignore these things.

There was one thing that he still had as a major problem in  getting the technology applied on the whole planet. And he said: "In  many ways I have tried to get official help for our project on  this planet from several governments and it has always been  refused. And we have subsequently been attacked by those same  governments. They apparently do not want to see their people get  more able and more free." So another aspect of our  missions then was to try to find a safe place or a safe country  for making OTs. And also a place to train OTs so that they could  bring health to the people of the other count ries. Now that was  where the pattern of the future Sea Org was laid out, in that  conference.

So that's what we were doing for the next 16 years. I might  add that during that conference when he told us the stories of  his times on the time-track, what he was doing and so on, he  would put the mock-up of that beingness' 'whoever he was at that  time, around him in an energy field and actually mock it up so  that everyone could see it. For instance, when he talked about  the Buddha you saw an Easterner sitting at the desk. He had  changed to a whole eastern type mock-up with a different face and  everything like that, sort of shimmering out in front of his  body. When he talked about his time in the Roman navy legions of  Julius Caesar you could see the brass helmet and the breast-plate  and a different Roman-looking face in front of his body. And of  course we weren't surprised - we knew he was an OT!

cbr_10And most of the people at that time had continued telepathic  communications with him as auditors or whenever they needed help.  I will just tell you again that all people in the Sea Project at  that time were above Clear. And nearly all of them were Briefing  Course Graduates. Later on, to increase the volume of what we  were doing, as there was more and more activity, the recruting  requirements were lowered until finally there were people coming  in that didn't have much training and they didn't have this  reality. I just want to point that out because a lot of the  stories you hear are from those people's viewpoints later on. And  they were most often stuck on their First and Second Dynamics.

So, as we were working through these 16 years, I will just  tell you another couple of meetings I had with Ron that were  important. I was seeing him nearly every day for several years  and talking about the condition of the ship - at that time I was  the Captain and I did meet with him on a couple of more important  occasions which I will tell you.

And one of these was when it was a New Year's Eve - supposed  to be a holiday, and I was going down to the party they were  going to have, and I walked past the office of Ron. And he was in  there on his holiday with a stack of case folders about this  high, (3 feet) - C/Sing to keep the cases of the crew in good  shape so that everybody could operate better, and handling a  whole pile of dispatches on the other side of his desk having to  do with organisational matters. I felt a little bad going down to  the party while Ron was working, you know? But, as I went down  the afterdeck ladder I saw that one of our boats coming back from  the shore was in trouble. They were taking water over the side.  And so I started an emergency handling with some of the crew and  took off all my clothes down to my underpants and went over the  side. And we finally rescued this boat and pulled it up. It took  about two hours while everybody else was in there dancing and  partying, you see.

And Ron had heard about this. Ile even came out of his office  and watched over the side to see if we were doing ok. Meanwhile  he sent an 'order to the engine-room to get the engines moving so  that he could move the ship around to put us in the lee, so that  the wind would not blow against the waves into the boat anymore.  And when he'd made sure everybody was safe, he went back to his  office and carried on his work.

So about midnight I was all wet and dripping as I came past  his office again going up to my cabin to get on some dry clothes.  And he signalled to me in the window, he said: "Come in  here!" And he ordered one of the messengers to get a  blanket and to bring brandy. And he sat down with me at a small  coffee-table in his office where he had breakfast with Mary Sue  everyday. Then he poured out the brandy for us and we sat back  and he said: "That was well done, Captain." And, "I know some stories of the sea, you know, and this is  the kind of thing you have to do as Captain." And he  told me some stories of the old sea-times back in the Roman  empire.

So, after we had a few glasses of brandy, everything was nice  and warm and dry and then he just said: "I'm sorry you  missed the party, but I think you had more fun doing that rescue  operation."

Do you understand what I'm saying? When I walked past his  office before he had read my mind, he knew I was feeling a little  bad about going to a party while he was working, so he actually  worded it in such a way where it sort of pulled the missed  withhold and made it ok.

Another time I want to tell you about is when we were in  Madeira during the "Rock Festival" where the CIA had  tried to get the communist party of Portugal to destroy our ship  and bum it to the water-line. When this started I had seen them  coming- a mob of 200 or 300 people with rocks and with Molotow  Cocktails (gasoline in wine bottles) and I had pulled up the  gangway and gotten everyone at what is called "Repelling  Boarders" stations which means an evolution to stop  unauthorized persons from getting aboard the ship. And I had  informed Ron and he came out and gave me the direction of the  defense against these people. They were throwing stones, bricks  and burning Molotow cocktails on board and we had hoses to put  out the fires and whenever they would try to climb aboard we  would hit them on their hands with rubber hoses or anything we  had available, and when they threw rocks on board, we would throw  the rocks back at them. And we held them off for an hour and a  half.

And it was very successful, not one of those guys got on board  the ship. And Ron had coordinated it so that everyone not in the  battle, (we were fighting using just the ships' crew), and so the  admin people had to stay below deck so they wouldn't get hurt.

And he had come back out on the deck right in the middle of  all this and started to take photographs of the ring leaders of  the mob out on the dock, because there were certain  "provocateurs" out there- urging all the other people  to attack while they stayed in the back, And Ron was taking  pictures of them for the evidence. Some of the people that were  working for Ron in his own area kept saying: "Sir, get  below, get below, it's dangerous!" The mob were throwing  fire-bombs and rocks and everything at us, you know! And Ron  said:"No, we've got to get the ring-leaders here, because  this must be brought before the Portugese government and these  people must be brought to trial." We had also telephoned -  using the ship's radio-telephone to the port police and they  finally came with about 50 people in jeeps with machineguns and  they finally got the mob to move away. So notice there, that this  is supposed to be a man who is a "coward", who is not  thinking "rationally". And yet he already had the  future of this incident planned out of how to take these people  to court. And he did and he won the suit.

One more time I want to tell you about before we end off, and  that is: You have probably heard these stories about Ron being  like - weird - about the kind of food he likes, and that he liked  everything to be totally clean and everything like that, and the  authors who write this try to make him out to be some kind of a  Howard Hughes crazy guy, you see? But what they fail to mention -  the people that give these stories - is that we were in the  tropical and sub-tropical seas and lands of the planet down  around Africa. And the biggest problem with human health down  there is a disease called cholera. And another very bad thing to  catch down there is called malaria. And Ron had made the whole  crew study books about the cleanliness of food and of personal  clothing and also how to keep healthy in tropical climates. And  as Captain of the ship I had to put in these rules for all the -  by this time four hundred - people on the ship. So not only just  Ron, but all of us four hundred people had very clean, hygenic  food, very clean, hygenic clothing, we washed our clothes every  day, we had air-filters put in on the ship, so that no mosquitos  or anything could get inside the ship and the air was totally  pure. All of us shared in that. And the people that wrote those  words blamed it, blamed their own health on LRH, because they  didn't seem to remember that it was for everybody on the ship to  protect their health so that they could continue up the Bridge,  and continue to do their Fourth and Third Dynamic missions.

Looks like a different story, doesn't it ? Not what you've  read in the books, huh? Some omitted data. Those same people,  that in their missed-withhold state contributed to those books,  would probably have been dead by now if Ron hadn't taken care of  them all the time they were in the Sea Org. And for those of you  hearing this tape that are only stuck on their First and Second  Dynamics, I will say, "How would you like to have a  "family" of fourhundred men and women to take care  of?" Figure it out!

Bill together with LRHAnd just a short ending here: Ron was looking over the side of  the ship one time the Apollo - leaning on the rail, you know,  just looking out, and I came up and leaned on the rail and said: "Good  evening, sir, how's it going?" And we were out at sea  and it was early night-time and you could see the stars out  there, an over, very clear. And he said: "You know,  Captain. I have a lot of work to do out there" (pointing  to the stars). And he said: "I only have one  problem." And he said: "This body" (pointing to his own body), and said: "It's become a  symbol." He said, "I have to figure out some  way, where I can go do my job out there and leave the body so  that nobody would be too sad about the loss of a symbol". And I looked at him and I said: "Well, that's something I  couldn't help you with, sir. I mean, I couldn't figure out  how..." And I said, "But I understand it." And he said: "Yes, that's why I'm talking to you, you  would understand it." But he said: "I'm not  ready yet, but in a few years I will have to do it, because there  are situations out there that I have to handle."

And it was shortly after that that he must have figured out  exactly how to do it, because that's when the ships were sold, he  moved into the US, made the technical films, the movies, the  books that he wrote, and then he went off to do his job.

And if you've been keeping up with the Sector 9, the  Teegeeack, the music albums and so on, you will know that Elron  Elray, formerly the body of L.Ron Hubbard here on earth, but  Elron Elray is now the president or the chairman of the Grand  Council of this Galaxy, in Sector 0. And I tried to explain the  strategy of what is happening, galactic and intergalactic, in the  UFO videos, which you can buy if you haven't seen the lecture.  And in the "Intergalactic Decree" you see one of  the results of his work, so that there can be control put in on  the "grey invaders"- the Andromedans that are  working with the implanters. Because these are things and events  which are occurring off of this planet but which have a great  effect on the future of this planet.

So I want to tell you that there are many more Dynamics, that  LRH, Ron, Elron Elray, operates on, and he is still doing so and  STILL CONTINUING HIS MISSIONS.

Thank you very much.

(End of Lecture - given on 21 Oct 1990 at the OT Convention  near Paris, France by Capt. W.B.Robertson)

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